The Time When One Of My Screenshot, Got Into Twitter ( As of 3/18/2021 )

Posted 4 months ago2021-03-17 18:09:40 UTC
John Pot John PotIt's Me, From Discord
If you go to the user @halflife_txt on twitter ( The account who responsible for upload many image with no context )
You can see his last post, with my screenshot of it ( Hanged Scientist ) for my mod.....
And the picture is used for a roast to the user who do not activate windows.

Few days ago, i remove the hanged scientist and replace with a dead scientist due to the scene not fitting
Please note that the reply is funny and i hope the post don't get viral.

His twitter post:

Sorry if this Journal does not make any sense, i writing this post at 12PM.


Commented 4 months ago2021-03-17 18:36:24 UTC Comment #103427
I had something similar, minus the Windows activation thing...
Commented 4 months ago2021-03-17 23:24:31 UTC Comment #103430
That is just.... weird?
And also, why do people always asking me for activating windows?
Is that a some sort of running gag or they just annoyed to see the watermark?
Commented 4 months ago2021-03-18 00:27:49 UTC Comment #103431
You should probably activate Windows
Commented 4 months ago2021-03-18 03:56:52 UTC Comment #103432
I will.
I'm not sure that i been like this since... 2018, i think
Commented 4 months ago2021-03-18 16:23:08 UTC Comment #103435
People aren't annoyed, it's just a meme.
Commented 4 months ago2021-03-19 06:16:56 UTC Comment #103440
I knew it

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