Annual vita log 0x0014

Posted 9 months ago2022-02-23 10:32:10 UTC
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Hello, population of The Whole Half-Life. It is a good day today. Speaking of halves and lives, I feel that a good chunk of my life has passed.

0 to 8 was kinda cool. 8 to 11 had some bad moments but it was okay. 11 to 13 was awful.
However, 13 to now has been awesome, so let's just say, it has passed in a pretty good way.

So yeah, life has been kinda good. I made pizza last night and that was good too. Pretty good actually. In the last 6 months, I've started doing some things I really like:
  • making food because I got bored of Mum's cooking
  • throwing spears with my cousins
  • cutting down thorns
It's a way to enjoy life for me, and it's kinda cool. Especially cutting down thorns.

I could talk about some other plans I have at the moment, but I'm lazy, so I'll leave that for another journal maybe.


Commented 9 months ago2022-02-23 10:35:12 UTC Comment #104164
happy birthdaye
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-23 11:13:09 UTC Comment #104165
Hppr bfrdi
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-23 13:14:34 UTC Comment #104166
Happy birthday Captain
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-23 15:44:36 UTC Comment #104167
Happy Birthday Admer!
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-24 06:36:06 UTC Comment #104170
Happy 20th :) You have reached the age when a lot of people first realise that adults actually don't know what they are doing most of the time
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-24 09:22:20 UTC Comment #104171
Thanks everyone!
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-24 09:37:15 UTC Comment #104172
Bfrd brfd
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-27 13:38:37 UTC Comment #104189

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