Rezzy DVD

Posted 10 months ago2022-07-11 17:09:32 UTC
Meerjel01 Meerjel01I want to be a Meerjel
I made a DVD with the Rezzy videos in it so I'll give it out here now. Take your old DVD player, blow away the dust and see!

Also excuse me for 2 journals in a row. Tho it's not like they got made in the same day.


Commented 10 months ago2022-07-11 22:16:20 UTC Comment #104642
That paperwork level design was pretty cool
Commented 10 months ago2022-07-12 06:43:52 UTC Comment #104643
Thank you
Commented 10 months ago2022-07-12 22:48:33 UTC Comment #104647
How did you made this? This is so cool!
Commented 10 months ago2022-07-13 06:50:01 UTC Comment #104648
I used a DVD maker on my MacBook. I thought it wasn't that impressive since I did it a couple of times already.

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