I have completely lost my imagination

Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-22 22:47:39 UTC
I am bored + Have no map ideas + Feeling a bit bad today = Give me you map ideas!

Just give me any map idea you want and i will do it!


Commented 2 weeks ago2022-07-22 23:08:32 UTC Comment #104680
I was considering writing up an unofficial mini contest where people design a map from a written brief / walkthrough. Maybe I'll pitch that officially tomorrow.
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-07-23 01:30:59 UTC Comment #104682
Make a king of the hill map. You just need a good setting. A city park with a statue or a gazebo?

Here is a template:
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #5433
and an example:
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #5425

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