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Posted 1 year ago2023-01-16 13:31:36 UTC
Meerjel01 Meerjel01I want to be a Meerjel
I have a confession that I have a part of me that I'm not proud of. I also am dearly sorry for what I did to people on the internet, not just here. The pain I caused made me a demon in my mind that might as well come out in the future fully. That's one of my major fears that I wish I could undo. I fear it not because of it today but it's later appearance. As I said, I'm NOT proud of it.

I thought over something whilst listening to a song and it moved me and I want it to be true. I want to be a good Meerjel. I'm extremely unfocused and might try to go over again but I need something to think about to keep away. Or receive something to stop being sad, cause when I get sad then it will harm more than myself. Hopefully one day I can break free and be what I want to be. And I hope everyone else has something to win that is worth it.



Commented 1 year ago2023-01-17 13:17:26 UTC Comment #105004
This is what I heard
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-18 17:04:36 UTC Comment #105006
Do I talk bad?
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-19 11:41:11 UTC Comment #105009
You don't talk bad. You're fine.

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