For those asking about reverse Map2Prop...

Posted 8 months ago2023-07-23 20:39:55 UTC
For those asking about a reverse Map2Prop, or Prop2Map if you will,
I did some testing to see how it'd work out...


User posted image

...I suppose I better not. The world isn't ready for this.


Commented 8 months ago2023-07-23 20:45:19 UTC Comment #105439
So what I was testing was vertex coordinate rounding (to keep CSG happy, of course) and while it worked okay enough on certain other models (they had relatively low poly densities), HD Barney from SC had a higher poly density which was dramatically affected by the coordinate rounding.
Commented 8 months ago2023-07-24 06:19:43 UTC Comment #105441
I look forward to your success. I'll use it for func_tank entities because entities don't pitch properly when using models.

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