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Posted 7 months ago2023-11-13 10:22:44 UTC
I have a plan I have a planDeleted Scenes is the best CS!
Hey there,

Finally another journal, and it is of the lighter kind this time around. I have finally got the courage to start moving the information about Deleted Scenes towards the TWHL wiki!

This is pretty big for me as generally I don't feel very comfortable writing things up in the proper, professional way. I feel as if I am not good at structuring things. But, I do understand that this needs to happen eventually, even if it is just one wiki entry a week or a tutorial a month on the weird stuff that Deleted Scenes can do.

I started with the special items in Deleted Scenes, like the "Tools" and the brush entity that is required to use them, that being "trigger_usetool". I hope that I can stick with this for a bit and migrate all the knowledge that I have in my head to a more stable and helpful place, which is in the TWHL entity guides section.

Anyway, that was all I wanted to write about.

See ya later!


Commented 7 months ago2023-11-14 09:14:07 UTC Comment #105638
Good job, I made some minor improvements and fixes to the existing pages :)
Commented 6 months ago2023-11-24 23:14:21 UTC Comment #105652
Kinda cool to see people updating and improving old pages.
Commented 6 months ago2023-11-28 08:50:47 UTC Comment #105665
@Shepard62700FR Thank you for the help, friend.

@jamie yeah, I like checking the recent changes page and seeing a lot of edits. Makes me more curious to check out stuff I don't normally use.

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