Single player mod in progress!

Posted 1 month ago2024-01-22 13:32:41 UTC
I wanted to upload a screenshot but now I'm confused as to how to do so...


Commented 1 month ago2024-01-22 13:51:04 UTC Comment #105915
the image problem was being discussed today in the shout box so that's probably why you couldn't, anyways I'm very excited to hear there's a single player mod in the works since the multiplayer maps I've seen from you are amazing so I can't wait to see what you come up with for SP : )
Commented 1 month ago2024-01-22 14:37:57 UTC Comment #105916
You can simply copy and paste image files into your post, assuming they're in a web format. Otherwise upload the image elsewhere and then post an image link.

On topic: Always happy to hear about more single player content in the works. :D

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