Posted 3 months ago2024-04-04 06:00:03 UTC
Went to a hike. It was agonizing, but the view was worth it.
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Commented 3 months ago2024-04-04 06:39:57 UTC Comment #106110
That's a nice photo!
Kind of reminds me of the mountains in southern Spain 🙂
Commented 3 months ago2024-04-10 09:58:53 UTC Comment #106123
I love a good hike. My family and I have a National Trust membership which gives us free access to those sites all over the country. Mostly just stately homes and old castles, but the grounds often reach far and wide have offer some stunning views. Waiting for the late spring/summer months to kick in so that England is a little more photogenic. Haha.

Hopefully the sun comes out for us at the end of May when we tackle the Wrekin again. You can see a good portion of Shropshire from the top.
image source: Tripadvisorimage source: Tripadvisor
Commented 2 months ago2024-04-19 22:34:42 UTC Comment #106143
Mountain hikes are always agonizing, but somehow always worth it. The inner peace you get having that view at the tops is unique.

@Urby: What do you mean "gives us free access". Do you have to pay to go on hikes in UK? :O

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