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Posted 1 month ago2024-04-19 22:22:00 UTC
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
It's another revolution! Of Earth around the Sun...

Not much has happened in my life since last year. I'm continuously trying to come to terms with some emotional parts of my life and move on. Acceptance is the hardest thing in life. Taking care of your spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to call it (having a connection with something bigger than yourself) is harder than going to the gym. Constant negative news from the world, new wars, the war next door in Ukraine.... is sometimes taking a mental toll.
Yet, I find myself prepared better than ever to cultivate a positive outlook. Maybe life does get better in the 30s, who knows.

This year marks my first time I went snowboarding outside my country, and I visited the French Alps, specifically Les Trois Vallees! Here's a picture of me on one of the tops! I was constantly in awe at the landscapes. They're breathtaking! (especially at >3000m :biggrin: )
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Last year I've also exchanged my Hornet for a Tracer, and now I'm timidly planning a hypothetical trip to Italy on 2 wheels. But I'm not sure yet, I think I need to find some partners. I did a 1000km trip last year and apparently it's not as comfortable as a car trip, who knew :)). I have second thoughts about all this stuff. I dream of spending a summer with a girl in my father's countryside orchard.

On the gaming front, I have very little time to play new titles, especially single player ones. I mostly play some CS2 with a couple of regulars now and then, and recently I played a few matches of Helldivers 2. I'm only level 10, but I think this game is a bit overrated. During the Christmas break I played and finished Talos Principle 2. I heartily recommend it, but to be played in order (so Talos Principle 1 -> Talos 2).

On the cinematic side, I guess everybody saw Dune 2. Other than that, haven't seen many new films. Maybe I'm out of the loop but most of the Hollywood stuff, with few exceptions, seems like the same series milked to death, same universes... it's growing stale and tiring. So for some reason I'm shifting my attention to European cinema. Recently I've watched Close (2022) and it was heart breaking. It's a dramatic coming-of-age story, it kinda reminded of some lost friendships, lost childhood innocence and being carefree, and relationships without closure.
I've also started watching The Three Body Problem, I think it has potential.

On the books side I recommend "Scattered minds" by Gabor Mate and books by Carlo Rovelli (ex: "White Holes").

How's everyone doing?


Commented 1 month ago2024-04-20 12:04:46 UTC Comment #106147
Ah, a fellow snowboarder! 😃
Those mountains look lovely! I bet that slope was fun!
Commented 1 month ago2024-04-20 14:46:08 UTC Comment #106150
Heya Striker! Good to see I'm not too alone in maintaining a bit of positivity despite the times.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-04-30 10:53:09 UTC Comment #106168
That view looks amazing! I'd love to go back to the snow sometime, especially a place like that!

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