Continued absence

Posted 2 weeks ago2024-06-02 17:59:14 UTC
Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that the reason Pathos updates have been so dry and that I haven't been around, is that I've been dealing with health problems as of late. I had a gastrointestinal infection that, coupled with my autoimmune liver disease, has wrecked my health for the past 2 weeks. I've been mostly away due to not feeling well and needing to(slowly) heal. Once I am better I will be more active. Hope you are all doing fine, and I'll see you around.


Commented 2 weeks ago2024-06-02 20:49:36 UTC Comment #106194
Take the time you need, your health and wellbeing very much comes first, you have no obligation to us.

Take care of yourself, and hope you get well soon!
Commented 1 week ago2024-06-05 19:54:00 UTC Comment #106195
Thank you! I'm slowly recovering now, hopefully for good this time.
Commented 14 hours ago2024-06-18 13:31:01 UTC Comment #106206
Good luck! Autoimmune stuff sucks 😬 hope you'll feel better!
Commented 8 hours ago2024-06-18 19:20:23 UTC Comment #106207
I’m sure we don’t care about Pathlos as much as we care about you. :) I wish you a (rather late) speedy recovery.

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