The Orange Box is upon us.

Posted 12 years ago2007-10-10 06:01:00 UTC
Strider StriderTuned to a dead channel.
So it's finally arriving, and what better way to celebrate than by NOT SPOILING IT. Some of us want to (or have to) get it retail, which isn't for over another week. Spoil it and we might just have to bring out the gimp... have fun!

Oh, and I hope among all those portals you won't lose track of what's really important - the new compo!


Commented 12 years ago2008-03-21 09:57:37 UTC Comment #98443
I wonder if anyone will ever actually see this...
Commented 10 years ago2010-09-05 15:35:47 UTC Comment #99630
I will. You spoiling bugger. :D

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