Ho Ho Ho

Posted 11 years ago2009-12-24 21:41:51 UTC
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Merry Christmas from all your friends at TWHL!

Several of TWHL's members combined their efforts recently to make "Rooms", a series of unrelated rooms showcasing their various skills and ideas. Captain Terror even went out of his way to connect them all and give them to us in one convenient mod! So what are you waiting for? Get you some!


Commented 11 years ago2009-12-24 23:22:10 UTC Comment #99500
Right back at ya
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-24 23:38:41 UTC Comment #99501

...Yeah.. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 01:00:19 UTC Comment #99502
Happy Presents Day!
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 03:23:03 UTC Comment #99503
Hopefully merry.
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 06:47:58 UTC Comment #99504
Ho Ho Ho
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 08:05:27 UTC Comment #99505
Merry Christmas !

I hope you all got a lot of presents, I haven't got any :(.
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 08:32:56 UTC Comment #99506
Merry Xmas!
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 08:42:40 UTC Comment #99507
Private Sub MerryChristmas(ByVal sender As Jesus, ByVal e As Earth.HolydayArgs) Handles Christmas.Spirit


End Sub

Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 16:07:22 UTC Comment #99508

Merry Christmas y'all.
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-25 18:49:27 UTC Comment #99509
...and God bless everyone!

(coming from an atheist)
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-26 08:04:20 UTC Comment #99510
Well, at least not all of our faith is lost. God bless you too.
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-27 10:54:43 UTC Comment #99511
Merry Christmas!
(a few days late, but still)
Hope you all had a good one.
Commented 11 years ago2009-12-29 22:59:40 UTC Comment #99512
So this is what a news post looks like when the post content is shorter than the sidebar info. I always wondered.
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-08 01:03:44 UTC Comment #99513
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-08 01:28:30 UTC Comment #99514
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-13 10:17:06 UTC Comment #99515
I just shat on ZL's parade.
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-14 01:36:17 UTC Comment #99516
Good for you.
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-14 15:04:44 UTC Comment #99517
I've never felt so dead inside...
Commented 11 years ago2010-01-14 16:13:47 UTC Comment #99518
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-14 16:46:22 UTC Comment #99519
It's November. Any new news yet?
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-14 18:18:12 UTC Comment #99520
No, so let us pollute the news post!

Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty! Take me home!
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-16 10:00:54 UTC Comment #99521
That's not how that song goes... >X(
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-16 11:24:40 UTC Comment #99522
Copy and paste into your browser's address bar and press enter:

javascript:var t="transform:rotate(180deg);",d=document, l=d.styleSheets,e=d.createElement("style");e.type="text/css";d.body.appendChild(e);l[l.length-1].insertRule(":nth-of-type(2n){-moz-"+t+ "-webkit-"+t+"-o-"+t+t+"}",0);void 0
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-16 22:14:10 UTC Comment #99523
Lol, that's really wacky stuff there Potatis. hey! I'm writing upside down!! Woohoo!!
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-17 04:13:24 UTC Comment #99524
If it isn't, then it's close enough for me to not give a shit.
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-20 21:22:24 UTC Comment #99525
Black and white (Firefox only):

javascript:function M(E,A,V){E.setAttribute(A,V);return E}function X(P,N){return P.appendChild(d.createElementNS("http://www.w3.org/2000/svg",N))}var B="foreignObject",d=document,fob,H=d.body.parentNode,h=d.styleSheets,D=d.childNodes,g=D.length;while(g--)d.removeChild(D[g]);M(M(X(g=X(d,"svg"),B),"width","100%"),"height","100%").appendChild(H);M(X(g,"style"),"type","text/css");M(M(M(X(M(M(X(X(g,"defs"),"filter"),"id","f"),"filterUnits","objectBoundingBox"),"feColorMatrix"),"type","saturate"),"in","SourceGraphic"),"values",0);void h[h.length-1].insertRule(B+">*{overflow:auto;width:100%;height:100%;filter:url(#f)}",0)
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-21 02:17:33 UTC Comment #99526
Rather laggy.
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-21 03:50:25 UTC Comment #99527
Doesn't even work for me, and yes I'm using firefox
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-21 15:01:24 UTC Comment #99528
The latest version, 3.6?
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-21 21:25:50 UTC Comment #99529

EDIT: Upgraded, now works. Still, like PB said, laggy
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-21 21:47:34 UTC Comment #99530
That's because it embeds the page in an SVG image with a colour filter which removes saturation.
Commented 11 years ago2010-03-15 14:15:22 UTC Comment #99531
Merry St Patricks Christmas!!
Commented 11 years ago2010-03-26 07:59:55 UTC Comment #99532
It's a little late for Christmas now...
Commented 11 years ago2010-03-26 08:12:37 UTC Comment #99533
Not much news this year.
Commented 11 years ago2010-03-27 23:53:57 UTC Comment #99534
No, the world is quiet on the TWHL front
Commented 11 years ago2010-04-08 09:43:39 UTC Comment #99548
if sum1 writes another comment well have 13+37 news comments1.
Commented 11 years ago2010-04-11 20:14:19 UTC Comment #99549
Please don't ban me.
Commented 9 years ago2011-08-20 19:09:38 UTC Comment #99922
It's never too late for Christmas.

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