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Posted 5 years ago2014-10-27 21:51:59 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #322135
oh heh my bad, but yeah it would be helpful. also, is there any way to make sledge not be so sluggish when a lot of wads are being used? i use a good number (granted maybe more than i should) and it takes a good...4-5 seconds to open the texture browser sometimes.

EDIT: what else might be kinda nifty is a shortcut to rotate a texture 90 degrees when it's highlighted
Posted 5 years ago2014-10-24 03:26:02 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #322131
yeah i mean that could be a possibility, or just automatically move the grid to the size of the bounding box created by selecting all the entities. the more i think about it the more useless that would be haha. however, being able to select multiple entities in that Entity Report box would be very helpful in and of itself

also it would be handy to be able click on the grid/3D views when the check for problems box is up so that you can quickly edit/fix things and go to the next one without having to close the box, then fix whatever, and then open it back up (just to save time)
Posted 5 years ago2014-10-23 20:18:44 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #322124
suggestion: when using the Entity Report box, it would be great if you can select multiple entities (for easy deletion purposes) and even highlight them all if you hit "go to".
Posted 5 years ago2014-09-03 14:50:18 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #321609
edit darn my comment was already explained.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-29 02:30:22 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320868
lol i was being totally facetious. how do i allow the DL though? i added sledge to the list of exclusions but it still gives me the "threat has been detected" dialogue box and i have no option to ignore or DL it anyway D:
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-29 00:01:36 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320861
yeah same here. getting an avast block. Y U MAKE VYRUZ ON MY PYOOTER?!
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-14 14:32:34 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320299
is there a way to limit each error popup to 1? its sooooo annoying when 400 pop up in 2 seconds, causing me to either have to sit there and click each one closed or close sledge altogether.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-11 19:43:02 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320238
i only use 25 on the whitelist but i have hundreds in all the folders that sledge checks. and yeah i had to type them in but its no biggie
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-11 13:04:48 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320230
awesome heh. for some reason it takes a really long time to open the texture browser now that the new system of detecting wads has been implemented. i use the whitelist feature so im not loading hundreds of wads, but even then its still slow. is it just cuz it needs to filter out all the unused ones everytime? or is it something else slowing it down.

also, i mentioned this bug in an earlier post but i figured out how to consistently recreate it i guess: if you select a texture directly from the texture application tool box and try to apply it to a face (whether with alt + right click or just right click) it will apply ONCE then revert back to either a previously selected texture or no texture (if none was selected).

sorry if it's already on your list of things to fix but i just dont want it to be forgotten cuz its pretty annoying.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-11 06:13:49 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320224
vmf for this particular instance, i dont recall if this problem occurred with rmfs
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-10 20:38:42 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320212
sledge also has a nasty habit of forgetting your "map properties" settings. i just finished a map


and when i set the skybox texture, it would revert back to some default one everytime i closed and reopened sledge.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-08 14:58:10 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320168
yeah i know exactly what textures it does it on cuz its the same ones everytime (with the exception of a new one that i tried to use later on in the map).

so far only 3 textures have done it so far.

my card is a gtx 570. im not sure what you mean by what renderer am i using in sledge :z

ok here are the screen shots

these 2 show the texture as it SHOULD look with normal dimensions.

DOOR (48 x 96)

BULLETIN BOARD (96 x 64 - i gave you the wrong dimensions in my other post, sorry)

here are the textures misaligned with the wrong textures displayed in the TA box



here are the normal textures in the browser, note the highlighted sizes



and finally, the incorrect textures with incorrect texture sizes


i opened sledge to take the screen shots and the textures were fine and normal. when i closed sledge and reopened it, they were incorrectly sized and stayed that way UNTIL I RESIZED ONE TO FIT THE BRUSH IT WAS APPLIED TO. only then did it revert back to normal after reopening sledge. i made sure to open and close sledge multiple times without fitting the incorrect texture (with no change) just to make sure that refitting it was indeed what causes it to revert back.

both of these textures are from the default halflife wad file so you should have them somewhere in your arsenal. there may be other textures that behave this way as well, there was one other for me but i stopped using it when it gave me other errors.

oh and one other bug thats been, well, buggin me is sometimes when i group brushes into a group, it turns them black in the 2D views and no matter what i do they never go back to normal color. ungrouping them does nothing, even copying the brush with shift click (or whatever) doesnt help. you can actually see an example of this in the first screen shot, there is an area in the TOP grid view, its off to the left where it looks like entity brushes are just out in the void. the brushes there are black from being grouped ages ago and still have never fixed themselves.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-08 04:31:34 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320166
one annoying bug ive been dealing with is a weird texture one where sometimes when i open sledge, certain textures will mysteriously change size/dimensions. for example, 1 texture (a bulletin board texture) is 96 x 48. however, after closing and opening sledge, SOMETIMES it will say the texutre is 128 x 64 and therefore be misaligned (in sledge AND in game after a compile). it happens with a few other ones as well. at first i thought it was because there were duplicate texture names and sledge was just choosing one but i checked and rechecked and found no duplicates. im not sure what the cause of this might be but it just seems to pic textures to mess with at random.
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-03 22:30:22 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320099
goodie gumdrop!
Posted 5 years ago2014-07-03 14:52:57 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #320095
i had the texture problem as well (the misaligned one) jeff. its because sledge takes the decimal points too far and thats what makes it misaligned.

you need to make sure to only take the decimal point to the hundreds place. so in your case ".43" and ".33" and it should be fine.
Posted 5 years ago2014-06-20 13:48:17 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319906
something i noticed when using the vertex tool lately is sometimes when you select a brush and select another one (not both at the same time), the first brush becomes invisible. its still there and selectable, just invisible. eventually it comes back after a few times selecting and deselecting it but its still a strange one.

also im still having this weird texture issue. any time i want to use a "recent texture" on the right hand side of the texture application tool box, i have to continually reselect that recent texture after every single face that i apply it to. for example, if i used Null recently and i wanted to select it from the recent textures and use it to texture a brush, every time i select it and apply it to a face, sledge reverts my selection back to whatever textures are in the 'main' area of the texture app tool (the one that shows what textures are active on a given brush).

it even does it if NO textures are in the 'main' area. i hope im making sense, its a rather strange bug but its annoying enough to note since it didnt used to do that before
Posted 5 years ago2014-06-13 17:46:34 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319768
perhaps you have already noticed, penguin, but a new issue that ive been having when using the texture application tool (since the new update that kinda messed things up a bit), is that when i use the ctrl + right click function when applying a texture, the texture reverts BACK to a previously selected texture instead of keeping the current texture. not sure why this happens, it didnt used to. just something to be aware of! cant wait for the new release/fix so that i can start really using sledge again (a few projects had to be put on hold because of the wad black/whitelist being broken)
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-28 13:30:39 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319580
oh wow that new sprite brower is neat! and yes the entity sprites do indeed show up in the sprite browser, but still not in 3d view.

here is the main fgd that i use as well as the files you requested:

and cool! i was hoping i wouldnt have to go through and re-add my favs. good to know :)

on the subject of browsers, is there a way to make the models browser remember your last location in a folder instead of defaulting back to the main mod directory folder? too bad browsing for models cant be as easy as the way you have it set up for sprites now D: that would probably require a screenshot of each model huh (unless of course theres a way to render them in the browser :o )
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-27 14:59:48 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319577
also ONCE AGAIN my stupid entity sprites arent working _____ (ambient_generic, etc etc).

can you add an option to manually browse to the folder containing the sprites in addition to the "Load sprites and models from FGD directories" check box?

no matter where i put the entity sprites they still never want to work and maybe having this option to point sledge DIRECTLY to the folder containing them may help.

edit: sledge seems to be running rather sluggishly for some reason. a half-to-full second delay sometimes between clicking objects and especially selecting textures. it cant be because i have too many wads active because, until the white/blacklist is fixed, i moved all except for the wads i was previously using out of the mod folder (24 total in use, which ran perfectly before the update).

i wonder what could be slowing poor sledgy down D:

also it kinda sucks that the update deleted all my favorites :( will it do that every time or just this particular update?
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-26 18:07:55 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319567
no worries penguin. there are a couple little things that i feel can be improved upon now that im thinkin of them:

the first being when using the VM tool on the default setting (IE white and yellow vertices are present), the selection box, when trying to select multiple vertices, should only select the white vertices. i didnt find it inconvenient at all having to manually select the yellow boxes to split faces (i NEVER use them to actually move or adjust the position of the brush).

so if changing that is possible or having it toggleable, that would be great. i know i brought it up before but maybe it got lost in the sea of suggestions.

the second thing is the, for lack of a better word, tolerance for sledge to select new/different brushes while in VM mode. what i mean is when i try to use the selection box to select a vertex/vertices of a brush, sometimes sledge will think im trying to select a totally different brush, highlight said new brush, and now i have to now go back and re-select the brush i was trying to edit before and its just a big pain in the butt and rather frustrating.

if there is a way to turn that off or toggle it in options that would be great. i cant think of very many times where ive even tried to select a brush in 2D mode (im sure i HAVE but its very seldom), i always like to select brushes in the 3D view.

and i guess a third thing, still going with the theme of the VM tool: it would be much more convenient if the box that pops up when selecting the VM tool would be defaulted to the right side tool bar because having to maneuver around that box while trying to edit ur map is just a pain. again ive brought it up before but you get so many suggestions, i get if things get overlooked!
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-26 13:32:01 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319561
well my sledge works now but theres yet another little snafu heh...

the whitelist only lets me load 1 wad at a time. i added like 15 or so but only the first line works. the rest disappear after applying and either reloading the map or restarting sledge altogether.

the same seems to be true for the blacklist as well, only the first wad name on the list gets excluded (for blacklist).

at least i can load my map now! lol but yeah theres evil afoot here :o
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-25 22:35:35 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319551
i did find a wad (a 1 kb wad called null) that gave me an error but when i removed it, same error, for some reason. ill keep digging and see. and it didnt take nearly as long to go through all of them lol, just opened like 50 at a time.

edit: also tried renaming any wads that had spaces or dashes (not underscores) in the name. no dice. tried moving every wad except the ones i KNOW worked before out of cstrike, but with no success.

i wonder if one of the textures in a wad has yet another undiscovered bad character in the name? not sure. curious to see if you come up with anything later on tonight/tomorrow
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-25 22:16:57 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319549
ahhhh ok i see. so the update uses ALL wads in the directory? good thinking, ill report back! (this may take a while...311 to go through heh)
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-25 21:09:33 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319545
Well im getting an error with this new update (which sounds amazing btw!). I sent the error report with my name attatched but just to give you an idea, here is a SS of the message (as much as i can fit on screen since i cant scroll down in the error box):

not sure what it means and i havent tried anything to fix it (adding wads or anything). i wanted to get your opinion first.

Posted 5 years ago2014-05-02 17:02:56 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319149
ohh ok thanks! i shall use VMF from now on! on a side note:

is there a way to implement an "export again" (alt B in Hammer) option? It would remember your last export and overwrite the (in my case) .map file and you wouldnt have to go through the whole export - overwrite file? process.

always thinkin about savin steps!
Posted 5 years ago2014-05-02 12:51:34 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319145
i have sort of a noobish question: is it more beneficial to save as a vmf rather than an rmf? i saw your post about

[quote]Loading an RMF file (saved by Sledge or Hammer): RMF saves FP values, which are approximately accurate to only 6 or so decimal places. That should be plenty, though.
  • Loading a VMF file (that wasn't created by Sledge): By default, VMF only stores the planes of a solid, rather than the vertices. Sledge needs to perform the plane intersection algorithm to get the actual vertices back again, which may cause slight imprecision and off-grid vertices due to Hammer saving the value as a FP number. After fixing any errors and re-saving, the errors will not return (unless you open and re-save the VMF in Hammer again).

but im not sure what it means in terms of which is better :o
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-30 16:11:00 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319063
the new grid layouts got me thinkin, would it be possible to implement a picture background thing? where you can maybe right click on the grid and it gives you a choice to "import image" and it sets that image under the grid if you were maybe tracing something. kinda like how milkshape lets you do it. i dunno how useful it would be in the end but it might help for some stuff :o

err im not sure why it double posted me, but sorry about that D:
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-30 16:10:35 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #319062
the new grid layouts got me thinkin, would it be possible to implement a picture background thing? where you can maybe right click on the grid and it gives you a choice to "import image" and it sets that image under the grid if you were maybe tracing something. kinda like how milkshape lets you do it. i dunno how useful it would be in the end but it might help for some stuff :o
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-26 14:08:22 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318919
can you explain how to set up the sprites to work in the 3D view? dragging and dropping the sprites into the sledge sprite folder does not seem to do anything.
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-22 13:44:50 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318869
Oh one thing ive been meaning to post about is the fact that any time i decompile a map, i get an error when loading up the .map (or even .rmf if i open it in Hammer first then save it to rmf format). but only when its pretty much a fresh decompile; if i fix it up then it opens in sledge fine but i have to do all the editing in Hammer.

i will send an error report with my name on it so you can see it for yourself peng, as well as a sample file that you can use to recreate the error if you wish.
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-19 05:30:02 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318805
you are a peach lol
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-19 02:41:14 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318799
well im getting another uh oh :z this one i swear isnt my fault!

ive done it a few times just to be sure but anytime i try to delete an entity (without moving it to world first) sledge freezes and i need to task manager out (no report).


oh and another suggestion, let pressing CTRL + E while you using the brush tool take you to the brush creation box in all 3 2D panels instead of having to find it manually. a minor inconvenience but every lil bit helps!

geez i cant stop thinkin of things! a customizable 'undo limit' would be really helpful too, i think.
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-19 01:08:26 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318796
oopsies i guess it got deselected somehow (i swear it was checked before). so nevermind!

and lol yeah i have a bzillion textures o.o glad to be of service!

are any of my other suggestions up there possible, just outta curiosity?
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-19 00:51:50 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318794
wuh oh :o yeah here u go:

Oh and maybe im dumb and just missing it but is there a way to NOT have the 2D view "nudge" over when i try to move a selected brush/vertex with the arrow keys? didnt seem to do that before the update
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-18 23:41:41 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318792
ahh yeah i saw those. heres one:

and okie doke ill try deleting them and running sledge.

EDIT: alright it works now! thanks for the quick response :)
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-18 23:23:23 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318790
oh sure no prob, ill put my name on it as well in the notes.

im not seeing a sledge.vdf, i see a settings .vdf though if thats what you meant
Posted 5 years ago2014-04-18 20:30:43 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318779
the favorites addition to textures is amazing! one suggestion to it i think should be a feature that lets you filter out all your favorited textures so that you dont have to sift through them when categorizing your non-favorited textures, if that makes sense.

Oh and maybe (if possible of course) the ability to alphabetize or freely move the favorites folders up and down on the list. Also perhaps have a 'slide up and down' feature for the actual favorites box, so you can make it as tall or as short you want (not super necessary but hey, you always want people to say "wow he thought of everything!")

Another edit: is it also possible to put in a duplicate texture name...thing? like if you accidentally put a texture with the same name in the same fav folder itll alert you and ask if you want to add the duplicate texture or not. And the ability to rename existing folders would be useful too!

amazing update!

----------UH OH UPDATE----------

So i just spent like 3 hrs setting up the favorites folders and i got this error after closing sledge and re-opening and also when i tried to load any map (new or existing):
User posted image
not sure what it means o.o
Posted 5 years ago2014-03-26 18:57:08 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318425
oh and speaking of vertexes, could it be possible to EITHER put the dialogue box that pops up when u select the vertex tool on the right side panel OR have a "snap to side bar" feature when you drag it over to the right? i almost never use any of the other features on it and it just gets in the way :(
Posted 5 years ago2014-03-26 03:43:55 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318407
i get the same problem as instant. my brushes are on grid, not rotated at all, and almost every single one has these little gaps. sometimes it even causes my maps to leak. i wanted to post about it but didnt get the time. in the end its only been a problem once in terms of leaks but it gets to my slight mapping OCD sometimes heh
Posted 5 years ago2014-02-25 15:52:51 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318118
I was just trying to add an ambient generic into my map and there is no way to browse to get to my sounds, the "path/filename.wav of WAV" just has "key" and "value" next to it with no little "..." button like in hammer to browse your computer. im sure putting the shortened path in the box will work but having the browse button is, naturally, a lot more user friendly.
Posted 5 years ago2014-02-22 16:22:21 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318063
yeah, as tsaras says, the ignore group thing is a bit wonky.

EDIT: nevermind! the little "x" in the middle of the brushes is already a toggleable feature xD i should have looked before asking for it
Posted 5 years ago2014-02-22 00:46:36 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318035
one thing thats still an issue/annoying is when you have the object properties box open and you CTRL + T to tie an object to entity, it opens a separate box as opposed to JUST changing the original OP box.

also, it may just be sometimes or im mistaken, but object properties only saving when you hit "apply" is a bit inconvenient, as is the fact that you have to hit "change" when you switch an object's properties (this one isnt a huge deal but its just one extra step).
Posted 6 years ago2014-02-20 16:02:25 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318016
wow! you rock AND roll sir! hammer is becoming a distant memoryyyy.

oh and i like the new icons! very spiffy
Posted 6 years ago2014-02-19 16:55:12 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #318007
Not sure if this was proposed yet but is it possible to get the dimensions of a block to show up in the grid views while you are resizing brushes (just on the block that you are currently editing)? as of now the size in the bottom right does not change until you are finished sizing a brush and it can be annoying to have to keep stopping so you can see what size your block is.

also can there be an option to turn off the selection of the yellow "middle" vertex squares when highlighting vertices? it makes things much harder to have to weave around those little buggers when trying to highlight the white squares (normal corner vertexes) because moving the wrong yellow one can really mess up your brush if you accidentally move it
Posted 6 years ago2014-02-10 21:26:24 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317873
thank you for being so quick with the updates! and for taking my suggestions into account ^^ everything is great again!
Posted 6 years ago2014-01-25 20:42:05 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317633
i see, and what about a "mark" feature for textures like hammer had? you know, the one where you select a texture and it will highlight every instance of that texture. or is that buried in there somewhere and i just overlooked it
Posted 6 years ago2014-01-25 20:24:02 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317631
are there any plans on making func_water brushes transparent in 3d view? i think it would be nifty to have whatever 'FX amount' you set it to be how transparent it is in 3D view. not sure how possible or easy that is to do but it'd be helpful (for me anyway)
Posted 6 years ago2014-01-20 13:18:49 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317558
ahh ok cool! i thought i messed something up and was getting really frustrated heh good deal, keep up the great work!
Posted 6 years ago2014-01-18 17:42:40 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317551
Hmm im not sure if its an error on my end or perhaps something overlooked but every time i try to export to map and then compile (regardless of compiler) it never goes through and i get this error:

Warning: ::FindTexture() texture ROPE not found!

but there is one for every texture in the map. i know it means that the wads arent located in the correct spot but thing is they ARE, and ive moved them to different locations and made SURE every path is correct in all programs.

now when i googled it, someone mentioned that the paths for all used wads are included in the .map file that is exported from hammer. i checked .map files i know work and indeed i see the line at the very top that names all the wads used and their paths.

however, when i open the .map file exported from sledge (via the new "export" function) in notepad, the wads are not there at the top like in the other .map files. i wonder if somehow this was overlooked? that the new 'export' function somehow doesnt write the wads into the .map file? "save as" DOES include these wads but now that doesnt work either when i try to compile. i didnt change ANYTHING before trying to compile with the updated sledge :z
Posted 6 years ago2014-01-18 16:39:44 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #317548
perfect timing on the update PB! thanks for listening to some of my suggestions ^^

Edit: one thing thats still plaguing Sledge is the fact that your cursor goes invisible and all crazy when you open any other window (object properties, texture application, etc) while you are already in fly mode. ive found that it DOESNT do this when the other box is already open and THEN you press Z in the 3D view; only when you press Z FIRST....strange.

but yeah im not sure if this is a complicated problem to fix and you just werent able to work it out by this update or if it slipped your mind. just a friendly reminder!