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Posted 5 years ago2016-11-06 13:27:06 UTC
in Competition 34: HL Re-Imagined Post #332214
If map from base/layout, I think it would be better to let each individual mapper to choose their own theme. I think it will give much more varied results that show more creativity by how they chose to make their theme fit the layout.

I have a few ideas for compo 'theme':

Map from other media. I know its been done before. Recreate a level from another game or a level based off of a tv show or movie. (Remake SP level from goldeneye (new layout), halo mp map (similar layout, different theme), the megacity from Dredd, that one water village in the Desolation of Smaug (Hobbit 2))

Map from real life location but in an altered state (futuristic, wartorn, post apocalyptic, medieval, alien civilization). Include pics/video of what the original location looks like (if its not a common public place people can google). Example: Eiffel tower as a landmark (or secret alien comm facility) on an alien planet.
Posted 5 years ago2016-10-31 02:55:45 UTC
in Competition 34: HL Re-Imagined Post #332162
Latest news is from Feb 29th... I can't remember when the last time (before now) that I've been on this site. I've been wondering if there would be any new compos. Yeah, lets have it. (Like I really have any time, though... :( )
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-24 08:10:25 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #301007
I keep getting AllocBlock: full. :( ... and my maps are not too big for goldsource (3072 x 2048 x 172)... so now I've got to go scale down the textures in the wad and then go back into hammer and scale them up so they fit! (and then I have to finish building my maps... :lol: )
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-18 01:44:39 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300863
I just tried out my idea, and it looks like it's not going to work. But anyway, it was the c31_metal2a, and maybe c31_metal3

has there ever been this many questions about the rules of a compo???
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-17 06:37:57 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300840
I think I remember seeing on this thread we are allowed to make duplicates of the light textures so we can use different light values in our rad file... right?

Could we also make a copy of one of the textures and rename it to make an additional !liquid texture????

I want to make one of the textures animate like the liquid textures do (in goldsource).

And no luck with running hammer 3.5 (or 3.4) on win 7 still. I'm stuck having to use 3.3.... : and then use XP virtual pc to run 3.5, but using the mouse to maneuver the camera is all messed up... :(
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-11 05:38:50 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300663
Anyone else having the same problem as me?

Just started today, I just installed a windows 7 update for 64bit, (shutdown and restarted) and now I can't open Hammer 3.5 (or 3.4). I even uninstalled the windows update and restarted, and it still wont open. It shows up in task manager, then the entry in task manager disappears before opening up the program interface.

I also tried running in different compatibility modes... nothing... :(