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Posted 1 week ago2020-05-29 09:03:48 UTC
in Is it possible to add motion blur to GoldSource? Post #344316
Kind of... It's quite limiting though as it relies on exposing the engine's hall-of-mirrors effect of the void, and thus the entirety of the map. I think you just null texture the world walls and add a transparent brush-entity within the level in front of the null'ed walls. More transparency = more blur. The game tries to render both the hall-of-mirrors and the transparent brush, creating a motion blur effect that can be altered by changing your fps.

You might could get some decent results by limiting view distance and building the map with that figure in mind.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-05-17 18:13:41 UTC
in Player collision with angled walls (sticky walls) Post #344226
So, I guess this includes a 45 degree wall with the floor? Cause that can cause issues also. Your explanation suggests that this wouldn't happen when moving along a single, steady angle but I have had this happen before on older maps. Maybe before -cliptype precise? I'll do some more testing and report back if i find anything interesting.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-05-17 05:56:27 UTC
in Player collision with angled walls (sticky walls) Post #344224
It's been years since I recorded Half-Life videos. I'm using a 2012 MacBook and downloaded some stuff for these (I've been wanting to get back into video editing so this is a good excuse) and they came out really poorly and I didn't feel like fixing. But you can still tell what is going on. - This was recorded using 250 fps and +back/+moveright. - 100 fps and same movement. I even managed to avoid fall damage in each video!

It's hard to see a difference between the videos but higher fps does make a difference. At max_fps 30, I'm not sure I've ever got it to happen and with what I can get from max_fps 999, it's a nightmare. The map is a new, experimental thing I'm working on meant to find a balance between the limits of the GoldSrc engine and TFC gameplay in 2020. That pit I'm in has 72 faces.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-05-15 18:29:18 UTC
in Player collision with angled walls (sticky walls) Post #344221
Wow, thanks for the effort. This community always surprises me with the lengths you're all willing to go to help out. I'm using VHLT with -cliptype precise in hlcsg.exe just as you've done. In TFC. With fps_max 250. That first example would have been trouble in TFC, where the players can regularly move at 400+ u/s. It's more common when wall strafing. I think this is a common problem in CS surfing also. fps_max 100 mostly, if not entirely, eliminates the issue but also affects other aspects that TFC players have grown used to (yes, a few still play!) such as high-precision bunny hopping and frictionless ramp sliding.

I'll see if I can get in on video to show. Time please!

*After testing, speed has nothing to do with it and fps_max 100 helps but doesn't fix. I'll record a video later today to show it and I'll include what keys are being pressed and what fps is being used.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-05-15 08:32:14 UTC
in Player collision with angled walls (sticky walls) Post #344218
I'm guessing this is an issue with all GoldSrc games? Wherein a player can randomly clip a flat wall that doesn't follow the editor's grid. The issue tends toward greater pronunciation with a higher fps. It's one of the many reasons we stick with predominately right angles. But I'm curious if anything at all can be done to alleviate?? I'd prefer an organic fix rather than something like a thin trigger_push along the wall that pushes perpendicular to the wall. (I haven't tried doing this so it might not work but a "fix" like this is where my head is at currently) Maybe there are some compile settings that can help? Maybe certain angles are more troublesome than others?
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-05-11 02:41:20 UTC
in item_antidote in TFC Post #344200
Was thinking maybe the TFC developers were considering its use but decided against it. Thanks for the thoughts and the code.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-05-10 07:54:56 UTC
in item_antidote in TFC Post #344190
So as far as I know, item_antidote is one of three planned collectibles unused in Half-Life. The other two didn't get as far before being cut. I've read that the antidote can be used in Sven Co-op but it's also found in the TFC .fgd. Personally, with extensive TFC experience, I've never seen it in a map. And when I put it in a map, it can be picked up but does seemingly nothing. I was wondering if there was a way to give it some functionality without needing to code. Maybe to cure infection from enemy medics?
Posted 8 years ago2011-11-03 01:29:40 UTC
in Owning Half Life Vids Post #300450
what i mean is you can capture .bmps directly from that .dem file using only half-life. this method offers optimal quality and customization at the expense of some extra time. using hlae, the amount of customization is nearly limitless. works in all mods of the hl1/2 series as far as i know.
Posted 8 years ago2011-11-01 23:02:23 UTC
in Owning Half Life Vids Post #300425
in case you didn't know, half-life has a built in method of capturing footage. it's significantly better than any 3rd party program too, albeit a bit slower. during a demo, startmovie <filename> <fps> (endmovie to stop) and the bmps will save to your half-life directory.
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-27 19:10:52 UTC
in billie jean effect Post #295018
very cool, many thanks to you all.
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-27 13:44:21 UTC
in billie jean effect Post #295015
sure i can wait, thanks a lot.
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-26 17:24:03 UTC
in billie jean effect Post #295005
what if the 2 players were on seperate teams, or carrying different items? could i then make 2 sets of triggers for each tile? if this could work as a viable solution, do you think i could use a multisource to ensure a tile doesn't go out when player b enters a tile occupied by player a?
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-26 15:54:41 UTC
in billie jean effect Post #295002
right, it's not svencoop. could you elaborate a little more, rimrook? are you sure the system wouldn't fail with 2 players? also, i'd like the tile to visibly change, not just the area around it being brighter. thanks for the replys so far.
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-26 01:23:39 UTC
in billie jean effect Post #294993
hello everyone. i've not learned much with mapping and i'm trying to include some unique lighting, but having trouble. basically i want each tile (i do not have many tiles) to immediatly light up when stepped on and fade back to normal when stepped off. i've tried using trigger_multiples and buttons, they don't work like i want though. the effect needs to accomodate 2 players. any ideas?