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Posted 5 years ago2015-01-08 19:39:18 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #323155
Ola people. I came across a bug when using V.Manipulation.

Idk what is actually causing it, but here is what happened.

I was making a building with quite a few parts, and grouped the brushwork together for easier selection when it needed moving, and finally when placed, I needed to change one of the buildings brushes which was a house (5 points) shape "[]>" into a cube again, but every time I tried to move the top vertex into another for merging, the error message would pop up.

Now, I tried the same thing on a different brush, which wasn't grouped at all, and it worked like a charm. So naturally, I ungroupped the building, and tried again. To my disappointment, the error popped up again. In the end I cut the top off as it was the only solution. So I'm in the shadow as for why this happens, but here is my exp with it. Also, there were other bugs similar to this one, but I couldn't find the connections.
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-18 15:20:35 UTC
in Geometry compiling question. Post #312686
No TJB, it will affect the whole brush.
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-11 12:04:39 UTC
in Geometry compiling question. Post #312571
Well, tetrahedron is messy but does the job very well. I use different techniques for making terrain and complex structures. I might make a tut about it, but dunno when...
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-11 10:57:54 UTC
in Geometry compiling question. Post #312569
Look, both of them work. If u use null texture on the sides which the player wont be seeing in-game, you will have the same w_polys in both. The bottom wont be viewed by the player just like the middle split and the sides (I assume u want the top to be viewed only). About VIS, well that is not that much of a difference. But, if u are going to use this in a larger quantity it might affect the compile time a bit, that is for example with 2 brushes, example 3, but the w_poly should stay the same.

1 thing tho, if u are using VHLT compile tools (for hl1/cs1.6... the source tools already have them), all those weird shapes u make, u should convert to func_detail. It is quite an awesome function when it comes to optimizing. But be careful when using it so u dont get a leak.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-01 05:00:29 UTC
in NRA blame video games Post #311975
Stojke, my thoughts exactly. It is the peoples choice if they are gonna use weaps. or not. I personally think a small injection of air, or a muscle relaxant is the best way to kill a human. Or animal hihihi >:3

O, and I hate those who act they are sad when people get killed. A dozen of people get killed in eastern countries every day by the same Americans, why doesn't he cry for them? You know who I'm talking about, right?
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-31 22:17:30 UTC
in NRA blame video games Post #311968
Skals... everything is a weapon... you just have to know how to use it.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-31 21:44:09 UTC
in NRA blame video games Post #311965
"guns killed those kids, not video games"

I can kill you with a video game. Just brake its cd and slash your throat xD

Ok, nuf of that. Violence in video games has been present like 4 ever, I mean the earliest games, even pacman, were about good VS evil and killing, some maybe without killing, but 95% are. For gods sake, even chess is violent, my pawn kills your pawn...

And as said, we see violence everywhere, news, movies, books etc... but it is our own decision "are we going to use it, or not".

You must remember, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people".

If a person goes insane, or gets so angry that he would kill someone, there is no way of stopping him try it, with guns, or with any object, even his own limbs.

The thing is, people are different, they think differently, and come to conclusions in different ways. Maybe someone did commit a murder because he was inspired by a video game, but then, some get inspired by what they see on tv, or in their school, the street, or even their own home. What then, should we do about those things? Ban our eyesight and hearing?

The conclusion is, they know their society is screwed up because of them, America is as screwed up as it could be, and the leaders of it are the responsible ones, they who call the shots on what is going to be in the news and what not, those who instead of helping their poor, push them to the brink till they go into crime just to survive, but pay jails loads of cash, etc... (They basically want that [violence], but don't want to tell you normally, so they find a scapegoat). If video games didn't exist, they would go for movies instead, that is the hard boiled truth.

To the thing I said "they basically want that [violence]" I can explain with - Profit, control, fear.

How? Go watch V for Vendetta or Fight Club, or some quality reading like Brave new World or Nineteen Eighty Four if ur the type, and use ur head, its meant for it.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-25 14:58:18 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #311859
that is why I love GS engine. No one can screw around with it, and its tools, but me!
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-24 05:44:03 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #311836
I just had an idea which would make u piss your pantalones, so I might even try and make a map for this comp.

O and 1 question, is it just the looks/design of the map that are being criticized or is it the gameplay as well?

I mean, does a 1v1 map count the same as a 16v16 map?
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-10 09:01:37 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #311463
Tatu Eugen from Gamebanana did this sort of map for the Twisted Reality contest, and it is for cs:go

Go find him on GB and find that map of his (I cant remember what it was called...), it might give u some inspiration :)

I think I wont be entering this one since Im quittin' modding, but I have a whole lot of ideas for this sort of thing. Maybe I change my mind, but nothing is certain. This actually reminds me of Bioshock Infinite, so go check it out if u haven't allready.

Anyways, Good Luck!
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-29 23:18:45 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311236
Good point xP
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-29 22:01:19 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311232
Good :)

O, and edit what u said. The symptoms are also Render FX jumping to 255 (max) and the sprites render mode swiching to aditive.

Anyway, good of u to add that in the def.

Hope it helps people with the same prob. :P
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-29 11:29:17 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311227
SOLVED!!!! I was messing around today and finally found the cause.

This is the problems cause: This sprite bug happens when there is an entity (brush based) near by, whose Render Mode is set to Pure Color.

Solution: The solution is to put the entity to ether Glow (sprites only, this will cause the console to go mad in game unfortunately, but it works) or to Texture Some light (but ull have to make the texture on that brush into the color u want it to be) or Aditive (but it will be transparent :S).

So if anyone had/has/will have this problem, this is the solution.

Posted 7 years ago2012-11-26 19:23:07 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311188
Well, the idea I had for dystopia was to be strange, that's why the stairs are weird, and the structures are a bit freaky :P

Alas, I will try to mess around with the sprites to see if I can fix it, and Ill post a solution here for anyone (if anyone had or has this bug too) to read.

Ill contact u through a chat system called (it is great actually) because I don't have skype... nor facebook.

Thx for the time :)
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-25 20:57:39 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311155
Also, Stojke, Im from Srb too :P

Kikinda to be exact
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-25 20:48:34 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311154
That new engine the russians did? I know about it, I like that the engines limits are now wider, but if I map for it, people will have to have it to be able to play the map I make. I think that it is better for mods, and I dont think Ill be making one any time soon for various reasons...

About me saying sorry, well, I know that most of the comunity on GB dislikes long posts it in a way, because they dont care what others have to say instead they just w8 for there turn to say something (mostly nothing creative or helpfull, with an exception of a few). It's worse the youtube!

Now, about dystopia.

Well I first had a dream, and built de_dreamer by it, and a few months ago, I saw that dreamer was a sucsess, but the map is reletevaly small (excuse me if I spell some words wrong) and I wanted to make something bigger, and more complex then dreamer, something that would blow away everyone that played it, and wanted it to be my last map, and I mean it, I want to stop mapping because of a lot stuff that is currently happening in my life, from my job, my family, and all the way to love.

So I had an idea, of a dystopain city with a meaning in it (as I said in the maps descripiton, how it became that way), and started drawing the concept of it. When I finished it, I started working my ass on building those structures I had in my head (changing everything over and over again untill I saw it fit), and it started taking shape nicely(Also, just to mention this, I didnt have a Graphic Card untill a month ago, so I had to play in D3D mode and I had really bad fps. And 1 more thing, I didn't compile the map fully, I did the fast compiles and Shash7 did the longer ones instead of me, because my PC was overheating).

When the beta was finished, I sent it to a few folks who I know, and asked them for there thoughts about it and got possitive reviews, and they told me about the bugs it had (those pesky sprites). But the thing was I wasn't sattisfied with a lot of things in the map back then. So I threw a lot of stuff out and rebuilt it into what it is now(also after the beta I changed from ZHLT to VHLT with hopes of it making my map better, and its new functions like func_detail etc... and just then I realised that I had that Ambiguous leafnode content err, and it was everywhere, so I did my best but havent cleaned them all up). But with me being pressed with time about the competition I didn't have the time to fix a few things that u might see (some sprites being lower then the lights - my fault - and shash7 while editing my map, changed the windows to block light and forgot to make them glow like in de_dreamer but didn't see that they were connceted to the lights inside of some buldings like the tunnel, so ull see that the tunnel is dark and the lights not working), and released it unfinished. Now I want to come back to it and do it properly, but Im stuck with that tunnel and the sprites being buggy, and everyone I asked about it doesn't have a clue about how to fix it... It seems Im the onlyone who ever had this kind of problem, lucky me... O and I didn't use bevel at all, I think it might be that the tunnel is too complex for the compiler :S

Ill follow ur advice and try out a few things with those pesky sprites, and tell u if I got rid of that problem.

Thx for ur time :)
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-25 17:34:00 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311151
I use VHLT v 2.9 (the newest), but as I said b4, the prob. isn't in them because I had that prob. with ZHLT also.

Then, Light env. is also excluded as the bug was happening way b4 I added it.

The sprites are set to Glow while some are Aditive, but both have the same problem

The Ambiguous Leafnode Content as I saw vluzacn (the creator of VHLT) explain it this way:

This is actually the warning that is called "mixed face contents" in previous versions.
It is often caused by two planes or two vertexes that almost coincode with each other but leave small gaps (less than 0.1 unit). Open the .map file, not the .rmf file, then go to that coordinates, zoom in and see if there are tiny gaps between lines, like in the picture. If there are, remake the brushes in your .rmf file.
If you still can't fix it, try to convert the brushes to func_details, which will eliminate the "ambiguous leafnode content" warning and minimize its consequence (but it won't fix the gap). If what has the "Ambiguous leafnode content" problem is an entity (such as a func_wall), you can also manually add keyvalue "zhlt_detaillevel" "1" and "zhlt_clipnodedetaillevel" "1" to the entity, so that it takes the advantage of detail brushes.

Idk if its consequence is that sprite bug. I don't think it is the case here, I think its consequence is the cracks u see when playing, but I said I had it just so If I'm wrong. Ill try dealing with that err asap.
What Im thinking is that maybe, just maybe the light_spot entities are guilty here. U see, every light in my map is light_spot and in the place it is in there is a glow sprite also, so maybe they don't go well together or something... But the thing that is bugging me here is I did the lights the same way in my previous map de_dreamer (u can find it here in the Vault) and I didn't have this kind of problem with it...
O and 1 more thing: I experienced a new bug while testing my map (this wasn't happening when I compiled with ZHLT but when I switched to VHLT). It is in a curved hallway I made (quite awesome feat of mine). The prob is there seems to be an invisible wall blocking me from walking through it, so I thought it might be I put clip texture there by mistake but that wasn't the case, there was nothing there... It might be that it is due to the complexity of that hallway or maybe the Ambiguous Leafnode Content err. (but I fixed that err there with func_detail as vluzacn said)

Im running out of options here. If u want to see the map go here and see for yourselves.

Thx, and sorry for the long post....
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-24 12:11:55 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311118
That doesn't seem to be the prob. either, because in the map there are blue and orange sprites and they both have this bug... but thx for the sug.
Posted 7 years ago2012-11-24 11:52:32 UTC
in Anyone familiar with this bug? And how t Post #311115
Ok, here is the problem of my CS1.6 map:

As u can see, the sprites are changing there color and render mode from different angles for no aparent reason, and I don't have a clue why. I have tried different compilers first ZHLT then VHLT but that problem never seems to go away, and it is really bothering me, while Im helpless to sove it.
Also, when I swich from OpenGl to D3D mode in CS, the sprites are functioning normally, thay dont change color nor do they change render mode, so it seems to be a rendering problem, specific to OpenGl.

Btw. Everyone who has tested the map had this bug, so it isn't my computer nor is it my CS that are the problem.

So if anyone has any suggestions, Im open for anything.

O and 1 more thing, there is an error message when I compile my map with VHLT, but idk if it is relevant to this bug, but here it is: Ambiguous leafnode content (cords)

Thx for reading, and please leave ur suggestions/thoughts.