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Posted 4 years ago2016-03-25 17:23:19 UTC
in Info_player_start identified as a leak Post #329550
Ok found the problem. It was sledge. I loaded the map using Jackhammer and everything worked perfectly.

For some reason, sledge never works for me, even when I set it up 100% correctly.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-25 16:37:21 UTC
in Info_player_start identified as a leak Post #329548
Also, the info_player_start is within walls. Checked even without complicated stuff in the way, the compiling still doesn't work.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-25 16:36:15 UTC
in Info_player_start identified as a leak Post #329547
Hello! I have tried compiling my map, but it seems, that it doesn't work. I have tried to make another map, but it didn't work either. Logs show, that there is a leak. The entity "info_player_start" is shown to be the source. I have manually checked every single corner of the map, but there is no leak.
I have tried to install the compiling tools again, but it also, doesn't work. I also tried to use a batch compiler, instead of sledgehammer's compiling, but that also didn't work.

Here is the log file:

It's one of those days I guess..
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-29 16:21:22 UTC
in Unexplained compiling error... Post #326879
I actually never had this problem. I made huge maps, but they all ended in the "Brush outside world" error.

I dont know what the hell is going on with you, but best of luck!

PS: GoldSRC is a 16 year old engine. If you want to make the lighting as good as in the picture, either invest in another engine or learn to code and change the engine.
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-28 09:40:05 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326857
Ok so I got it! I think I got it...

Nope, still crashes on start.

Basically im just doing some special "weapons". No copypaste needed, because you wont kill with it.

I think that at the end of autumn Ill do a demo video.
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-24 05:23:37 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326817
Yeah, but they are based on weapons that are already in game, except their values have changed..
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-23 08:26:03 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326811
Thanks bruce! You saved us some time!

Now off to read and work on animated keycards!
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-21 15:44:39 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326790
Bruce, what webarchive? Theres tons of them! A name would help.
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-21 12:10:48 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326788
Yes, I will ask the devs if I could use their knowledge to publish a guide on weapon building...

Off to filter the 10k mods out there!

EDIT: On the note of mods that contain custom weapons, there are not that many. Even then they are mostly re-skins. I found a few mods that contain custom weapons, that obviously needed coding, but I got around sending only two PMs on moddb because there is practically no way of contacting the authors (Either gone or dont have contact details or speak russian which I do not understand).
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-21 10:23:51 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326786
Well then Ill have to contact some of the devs behind weapon mods.

And I cant do copypaste the closest weapon, because the weapon is a pile of books :)

So yeah, I need to learn how to code the weapon from sratch..
Posted 5 years ago2015-08-20 14:01:30 UTC
in Weapon creation guides? Post #326780
Are there any good guides that shows how to create weapons? Like normal guides, not websites made out of C++ copypaste? And I do not accept copypaste as my weapons must work in a specific way that I will code later.
Posted 5 years ago2015-06-14 09:11:43 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #325943
Thanks! I really liked the scrollbars because they were very precise.. But, those will work..
Posted 5 years ago2015-06-13 15:07:30 UTC
in SoHl Is it better than base GoldSRC? Post #325933
Oh ok! Thanks!
Posted 5 years ago2015-06-13 13:04:36 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #325928
Ok and another bad thing:

Anytime I try to move the blueprint, I always deselect. Really anoying when you are trying to do something very fine with huge things.

Maybe there is an option where you add the sliders back? They really help out. At least for me.
Posted 5 years ago2015-06-13 10:36:29 UTC
in SoHl Is it better than base GoldSRC? Post #325925

So I got an idea to use SoHL as a better engine. Does it add anything else besides the added physics and the pretty clouds and mirrors? I think the clouds and the reflections are good.

If it is good, then please, tell me how to add it to the mod and configure hammer/sledge to use SoHL instead of the base GoldSRC.
Posted 5 years ago2015-06-10 17:58:35 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #325877
For some reason, the steam configuration doesn't work.

I think its because of the changes in the directory, where all the games from [username] gone to common folder. So now I can't do the steam config.

But does the special steam config affect the editing, or is it ok to use the normal config?