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Posted 2 weeks ago2022-01-14 19:46:29 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346199
Here's one I found a while back :)
Wow, already discovered new unique prefabs with author's textures! So many prefabs :) Although it's unlikely there are all 1500+
Thank you very much for the find !
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-01-11 22:29:28 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346197
This contains many prefabs:
There's lot of places to look for. alone contains a huge amount of stuff, it's just a little buried sometimes.
Very grateful for this gift! I must have looked in the wrong words. If you find something else, please post it in this thread.
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-01-11 19:48:07 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346195
Hi, I would be interested in that too. I think I'm witnessing some kind of an archival phenomena recently, everyone seems to be interested in collecting and preserving things, maybe it was always like that, not sure. Maybe it's natural... Have you found anything interesting yourself? Did you look into
I think the desire to collect and collect rarities has always been there. But the value of virtual things such as old maps and prefabs, or even games come with time, when you understand what contribution it made to the mass culture. It would be a shame if the creations of the people who put their efforts, time and soul into them would simply disappear. I think creativity should not disappear without a trace, it carries some value

Unfortunately I did not find anything on the site Now in general it is difficult to find something, many links are dead. But luckily I found ftp with a copy of some archives from popular modding sites:

I think there may still be something on the web somewhere from those collections of prefabs in the archives under strange names on pages not indexed by search engines. Even on this site many years ago were interested in prefabs, I think someone must have kept something
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-01-10 17:59:21 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346191
Hi, has anyone from the community saved large collections of prefabs from famous sites like for Goldsource? Or at least packages of prefabs from 3d_mike. I would like to collect both a collection for history, and for mapping in oldschool style.
If anyone has it on their hard drive, please upload it to a file sharing service