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Posted 2 weeks ago2021-10-02 16:55:56 UTC
in eXperiment HL horror mod Post #345967
Posted 1 month ago2021-09-19 17:30:33 UTC
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Posted 1 month ago2021-09-03 10:49:26 UTC
in eXperiment HL horror mod Post #345914
First thing i would love to thank everyone who helped me on this forum :) bean workin on the mod for some time and just now i'm making the public :)
Started a mod db page few screenshots and a short simple teaser, there will be more since the mod is in beta now and all of the maps are don.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
and a teaser ;)
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-19 07:29:07 UTC
in Source 2 hl Alyx workshop maps Post #344233
Yeah it's basically a modeling tool now with everything you need XD
And i love the new fast texturing how it can auto snap to grid or trim texture (still i dont know how it recognizes the trim texture)
User posted image
BTW they are porting cs go in the next few months right? he is so might get back to mp mapping :>
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-18 07:56:47 UTC
in Source 2 hl Alyx workshop maps Post #344228
Well we go it officially available now XD So anyone playing around with it ? ;] any thoughts and comments on the new tools ?
Here's my test :> first time was afraid it will take me super long to get use to it XD but its really intuitive and powerful in my opinio still not going to far from the original editor feal.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-03-27 19:18:42 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343967
ok so the non vr version is in the game just sux XD
Posted 1 year ago2020-03-22 17:36:15 UTC
in get steam VR source 2 VHE? Post #343937
Anyone played around with this yet?
Posted 1 year ago2019-11-22 11:13:12 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343383
Yeah .. im more hyped about the editor and what people can do with it >:3 since there is everything for a SP game now, almoust 100% sure you can run it like a traditional fpp just for dev purposes but that's not official XD
lol the min requirements 12 GB RAM + GTX 1060 / RX 580 - 6GB VRAM Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600 good think at least its not Core i7 and a RTX card for minimal XD
Valve really thinks someone will get on this and creat a sticky type of vr experience, hmm

btw how long do you think until someone will create a non vr version mod ? XD
Posted 2 years ago2019-06-02 17:11:55 UTC
in monstermaker scripted_sequence Post #342686
Anyone tried spawning chain of monsters with monstermaker and using scripted_sequence to set the position and spawn animation?
Trying to do a simple mechanizm where zombies spawn from the ground using "ventclimb" and "ventclimbidle" animations for infinite time until something disables the monstermaker. But cant rly get around it ;/
Posted 2 years ago2019-04-09 07:46:34 UTC
in Turning ladders on and off ? Post #342439
Thx for your reply guys ;] so at least now i'm sure there is no standard way XD with is surprising since by pure logic i did think it will work just like a func_wall_toggle 0o. But yeah woud need to do some "redesing" and move the ladder in to a room corner or by the wall ;] heh so yeah workarounds as usual in vanilla XD. Ehh sometimes i regret not starting a mod on Spirit XD. But i just really need to finish this on the base game ;]
Posted 2 years ago2019-04-07 20:16:42 UTC
in Turning ladders on and off ? Post #342427
Hi, this might be really a basic thing but i cant rly find a way to make this ...
So simply i wanted to turn on and off func_ladder, i do manage to remove ladders with killtarget but is it possible to start a lvl with a disabled ladder and then enable it ect ?
I have this scenario of rope you can climb being dropped down in the mid of a room by a certain event and i don't really know how to manage it.
Posted 2 years ago2019-04-06 18:14:27 UTC
in Improving decals, detail textures for decals ? Post #342423
Was thinking how to improve blood decals in my project since using detail textures doesn't work and scaling up te resolution just makes the decal bigger. Any suggestions for that ?
Posted 2 years ago2019-03-22 21:08:05 UTC
in half life steam update? mod weapon issues. Post #342307
cool ;] heh this might be as close a it gets with valve releasing something for Half Life XD
Posted 2 years ago2019-03-22 13:55:11 UTC
in half life steam update? mod weapon issues. Post #342302
Yeah i got the Invalid file type...skipping download of events/ when i used the old empty files XD but looks like it work fine when i replace it with one of hl default ones.
Posted 2 years ago2019-03-22 11:51:08 UTC
in half life steam update? mod weapon issues. Post #342298
oh so there was a update ?
hmm stumbled on this looks like there is something going on ? XD
Still..why Valve is doing something like that? going back to the gold source engine??
Posted 2 years ago2019-03-22 11:40:26 UTC
in half life steam update? mod weapon issues. Post #342296
Are the cl_lc and cl_lw cvars set to 1?
hmm looks like when i set cl_lw 0 seems to work fine but there is a strange "stuttere" in the melee weapons and my new weapon still doesn't work.

Anyway it looks like the problem was with one of my new weapon sc files with was empty for some reson 0o just copyd and renamed one of the base sc files (dont even know whats the purpose of those rly .-.) weird since i didn't do anything to those files for years and everything worked just fine ;/

THX Solokiller this gived me a lead to it XD

Still... don't really know how did this happen 0o there wasn't any updates/fix to the game recently right??
Posted 2 years ago2019-03-22 10:28:03 UTC
in half life steam update? mod weapon issues. Post #342294
Honestly i don't really know how to address this... for some reason now when i start my mod all the weapons except the shotgun fire without the sounds sprites decals and animation but still do damage to the npcs ;/ dont really know what could cause this ..

The only thing i did recently was make a svn repo for my files but everything works just fine after that for few weeks...
Did not compile my mods dlls for few months now i was just working on maps so was thinking this is some sort of game update ? honestly i have no idea .-.
So i recompiled my dlls and no error but i have the same issue in game ;/ Did i accidentally change some file in my mod folder??

heres a vid
Posted 4 years ago2017-10-05 16:35:16 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #337706
Was doing a concept sculpt of a character for my mod ;]

User posted image
Posted 4 years ago2017-10-05 16:31:38 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337705
Goint at it today ;] btw was it difficult to release it on steam like this?
Posted 4 years ago2017-08-31 18:16:36 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #337194
It's a pain not knowing the hotkeys yet, but the tool set is surprisingly well-featured and makes more sense IMO than 3ds max in some ways.
HEH XD personally i'm moving from max to blender after 10 years working on max -.-, after 3 months workin on blender i can tell it's a good decision. And there is a definite future with Blender since its evolving dynamically compared to max.

There are some issues especially with animating overall i like it.
But it can be a pain for a previous MAX user XD

Nice model and render BTW ;]
Posted 4 years ago2017-08-27 09:00:28 UTC
in HL2: Episode 3 Post #337090
hmm i wonder how much employs work at Valve now ?
Since updates for Dota 2 or CS:GO don't really need a huge amount of people to be involved, the core dev team i mean (not mentioning TF2 or L4D).

Just curious how big is the work force and how are they assigned.
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-23 22:04:14 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #333716
HeH XD still those type of reviews can build character :>
BTW could add some screenshot if possible to give a idea of the map, oh well.
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 22:12:12 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333688
heh good thing it's just one of my maps XD can just move that part :>
Another prof not get to ambisius with 1998 game mod ;]
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 18:35:07 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333685
Eh nope doesn't look like it helps :( everything still doesn't spawn over the 4096 border :<
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 18:22:49 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333683
Eh yeah forgot about this since did use JACK set to default unit size 16384 ;p
Probably this:
Im not much of a coder XD but just changing all the positions from 4096 to 8192 and compiling the hl.dll will fix it?
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 17:09:33 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #333679
Why just limit to FPSs?
heh this could be really cool idea for a competition ;]
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 16:59:32 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333678
Ok so i think i know what's causing it...

Looks like im working out of the 8192 grid in editor and those func_breakable dont spawn gibs over position -4096 ;p

So i guess that's what can cause it ?
Posted 4 years ago2017-02-21 14:35:38 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333671
Hi, i run in to a strange problem -.- my func_breakable (vent cover) 16x16x64
dosnt spawn metal gibs (any of gibs wood, glass ect even custom ones) in some places on the map ... in some places it works fine but in other it just disepers on brake ;/
Looks like placement of it has some influence, i use same func_breakable
everyware ..did try everything ;/.

I use
JACK 1.1.1064
Vluzacn's ZHLT v34 x64
Posted 4 years ago2016-12-01 18:00:37 UTC
in Detail textures,easy swapping? Post #332507
Yeah im using ZHLTv34 for some time now those are the best comilers now right?
And i moved from VHE to JACK few months ago.
Anyway it works just fine ;] i got prev of textures in editor and compile with grey textures at the same time :>
Posted 4 years ago2016-11-29 21:25:59 UTC
in Detail textures,easy swapping? Post #332486
You could keep two wad files in separate places. One containing low-res textures to map with, that Hammer loads, and another containing white dummy textures in the mod folder. This way you don't need to swap the .wads all the time at least.
Oh cool, didnt try this o_o thought i will get some sort off errors since different WAD files are used ;] heh nice trick, this definitely helps THX!
Posted 4 years ago2016-11-29 14:59:45 UTC
in Detail textures,easy swapping? Post #332484
Yeah, at this stage im sticking to the base source.
Eh so it looks like i need to manually switching the WAD files,
So mapping using 128 pix texture in WAD on 128 units and 512 detail textures
(i use this dimensions on the screenshot) seems ok? did they make it like this in CSCZ? i dont have a copy of it so i'm just guessing XD
Posted 4 years ago2016-11-28 12:16:52 UTC
in Detail textures,easy swapping? Post #332479
Hi, i was thing is there some way to improve workflow with detail textures replaced with main textures?

Now i just use WAD file with rescaled detail textures (512 to 128 ect)
and replace it with WAD that contains same textures but greyed out
this task starts to be a bit tedious..

Can i somehow disabled the WAD texture and enable detailed textures in game without the file renaming thing?

Previously i did use 512 textures in WAD maintaining around 1000wpoly but got Engine Error: Out of Memory .-. too quickly...

Using detail textures like this on whole project is a bit time consuming and repetitive ;p

User posted image
image ru
Posted 4 years ago2016-11-02 13:56:40 UTC
in zhlt_noclip blockes bullets? Post #332192
Oh, shame it needs code editing :(
Eh XD i dont like to edit the code since im a bit of a noob with it
(just doing minor editing) ;p
usualy i end up with some bugs ect ...

But yeah did do as you suggested with a minor difference

if ( FBitSet (pev->spawnflags, SF_TANK_PASSABLE) )
	pev->solid		= SOLID_NOT;
	pev->solid		= SOLID_BSP;
in FGD

@BaseClass base(Targetname, Target, RenderFields, Global, Angles) = BaseTank
spawnflags(flags) =
	1 : "Active" : 0
	8 : "Not Solid" : 0
	16: "Only Direct" : 0
	32: "Controllable" : 0
Since might need to be solid sometimes i made it switchable.

Im not sure... if its the right way? but seems to wrok ;] ..or will it? XD
Posted 4 years ago2016-11-01 22:43:37 UTC
in zhlt_noclip blockes bullets? Post #332189
I needed to make func_tank not solid and i achiwed it by adding zhlt_noclip 1 but still to my suprise the brush blockes bullets and shows bullet decals :(

I use Vluzacn's ZHLT v34
Posted 5 years ago2016-10-11 13:33:00 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #331980

You can control the light position on the models just by adding "zhlt_copylight" in SmartEdit
so the models in map dont rly contsrain you and fit as you need.


Heh XD im now redoing some of my own old work for a mode i whant to finish
Got smilar isues now with lack of color wariations with the textures i made;p
User posted image

trying to use some color on light but at the end i will need to do more color variations and more textures.
User posted image

The more i work with the mod the more i whant to fix ;p
strted with character that is ..6 years old 0-o since i dont have the source files but i go the mdl with all animations ;p
just trying to retexture it with prerendering the light, did a base test with no colors just the shapes and light.
User posted image

User posted image

Posible will redo as more as i can since it seems to work ok in game?
Posted 5 years ago2016-10-09 10:07:46 UTC
in Bone rigging issues in 3ds max. Post #331950
Skin wrap if for assigning mesh to a different deforming rigged mesh,
think of it as auto rigging a clothes to a working body.

Skin is just a recent modyfier made after physique sometime ago, so just use skin since it always updated.

Attach function?

Just add a Skin modifier on the mesh, pess "Bones: Add" and fix the vertex weight, 1 bone per vertex with Weight solver-Abs.Effeckt:1
for goldsrc

this might help
Posted 5 years ago2016-10-04 21:58:59 UTC
in Bone rigging issues in 3ds max. Post #331895
What i ment is working on max 2012 Jeds plugins didnt change the smd files on import, so you can decompile a mdl import the reference mesh rexport and it recompiles with other non modified smd files.
And no the 2012 plugins dont work with 2016.
As i said Jed is planning to release plugins for 2016

With wallworm i dont know why on import i get isues like aditional bones, unwelded mesh renamed materials so you need to do some cleaning up.

And if i understand correctly you have some basic problems with rigging in max? so first question do you work with skin or physique modifier?
how to get the skeleton and the mesh on the same level
I don't really understand what do you mean with this one.
Posted 5 years ago2016-10-01 08:14:24 UTC
in editor clipping 3d view Post #331851
Wow you guys are giving a lot of interesting information, never rly did try to expand on map over the 4096 ^^'just needed to see the additional 512 units in my 3d view XD But now i'm getting some new ideas >:3
JACK has an integrated option of choosing your world's size limit
Oh? thot its just to expand the 2d grid but looks like it works on the 3d too ;] cool thx, im a bit new to JACK ;p i recently switched since i got a sub model preview in editor and some other useful features.

Overall thx for the quick replies XD
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-30 21:38:02 UTC
in Bone rigging issues in 3ds max. Post #331834
W8...So both smd can store bone influence weights per vertex over 1 ??
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-30 20:40:51 UTC
in editor clipping 3d view Post #331828
I went over the 4096 map borders and surprising the map did compile with the extra geo outside 0o but in the 3d view geo if pivot is out clips ;/
In the config i got clipping up to 6000 so i gues the 3d view clipping is a norm if pivot position is over 4096?
(same thing in VHE and JACK)

User posted image
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Posted 5 years ago2016-09-30 20:02:42 UTC
in Bone rigging issues in 3ds max. Post #331824
Wallworm for importing goldsrc smd?
dosnt it just imports source engine smd?
those smd dont have the same data, i tried to import a character but the vertex weight was broken base mesh unwelded and bone hierarchy different.

He specifically made a option just for exports "Goldsrc Format SMD"
as s check box in the exporter. Never did find any info on imports.
You can mail him, its possible he will answer.

So yea didnt find any importing and reexporting goldsrc smd on
max2016 atm. Prev i did use Jed for max2012

btw Jed announced a re release of his importers and exporters for max2015up What i remember the 2012 version did work perfectly for both imp/reexp of goldsrc smd
Or you can try max 2012 import and export with Jeds old plugins ;]
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-29 15:14:59 UTC
in What are you doing? If you work at home. Post #331803
Eh i remember when i use to do paper models XD shame i dont have any to show ..everyone of them brake rly ezale :(
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-28 21:49:28 UTC
in Bone rigging issues in 3ds max. Post #331797
Noxxx i might help but first thing, what max you use and what plugins for import and export of SMD
some max smd exporters/importers change the structure of the file and the new exported smd dosnt compile with old ones
(you dont get this with milkshape)
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-18 13:29:29 UTC
in DUSK retro 90's fps for 2017 anyone? Post #331718
Would be rly great to paly a stylized 3d pixelart with alot of work put in to, DeadlockedPrime looks sweet XD
Once i did a character basing it on this art style ..took more time and effort then i thot ;p
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-17 19:01:30 UTC
in DUSK retro 90's fps for 2017 anyone? Post #331709
I was surprised it's getting so much attention since it looks like a mediocre quake 1 mod and usualy you can find more interesting stuff on MOD DB.
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-16 21:37:44 UTC
in DUSK retro 90's fps for 2017 anyone? Post #331700

yeah i stumbled on this anyone heard about it?
Posted 5 years ago2016-09-14 20:27:09 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #331678
hmm looks really decent, maybe add a dark green light in the middle of the trees? will be a bit brighter and could support the color of the trees.
BTW what mod is it?
Posted 5 years ago2016-08-23 17:34:07 UTC
in vis noclip brush entity ? Post #331394
No you can't.
eh ;/ that what i was afraid of :(

I think valve made it for hl2 right?
Oh well, will have to do somesort of a visual portal to hide it.
Posted 5 years ago2016-08-23 15:22:07 UTC
in vis noclip brush entity ? Post #331391
Is it possible to create a brush entity that will block vis?

I use NOCLIP texture on a regular brush for optimization but was it posisible to disable and enable it?
Posted 5 years ago2016-08-23 13:11:49 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #331390
those models seem to be just thin detail on top of brush pillars
yep, its just that
you can do some funn things if you use some tricks with models
User posted image
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