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Posted 1 week ago2020-09-17 20:56:21 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344722
also ontop of Coder were looking for a very professional mapper to optimize our map1 since it has begun to lag with to many entities in visible packet list
*scientist screams STAHP**scientist screams STAHP*
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-09 14:48:33 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344711
just as a note since this was a desperate search the Coder Job is a PAID Position.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-09 13:46:27 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344709
nice, are you on discord? :)
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-08 12:42:51 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344704
Hello, i though i already made a post but doesnt seem so, so here ill present the newest mod that i tried to push the limits of RP in Half Life with

Delta City 2155 - Cyberpunk mod


Current Features: (code based on Half life vanilla)
8 maps you can go back and forth between
  • Main Town with Police Department, Cafe of the 80s, Ship Seller, various weapon and ammo Sellers, Hospital, Teleportdevice and Town/mission hall
  • Main Train System
  • Redlight Destrict
  • Zoo full of Escaped Animals
  • Reactor Room and Power Plant
  • Outside District
  • Underground Base
  • Battlefield
Enemies drop money when being killed
shop System with purchasable items
3 new plasma weapons
Mission System (just a basic text board)
IFF System to sow infos about enemies
damage counter when shooting enemies

Planned Features:
Deployable Sentries
Bounding Box System for objects
Respawn System

Screenshots can be found on the forum but ill post some interesting ones here:
Reactor RoomReactor Room
Redlight DistrictRedlight District
Main Town with ShopsMain Town with Shops
Hey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a PepsiHey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a Pepsi
cMain Town Neon SignscMain Town Neon Signs
Underground TrainUnderground Train
Underground BaseUnderground Base
what do we need?

Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
Posted 3 months ago2020-05-27 20:50:36 UTC
in Delta City 2155 Recruiting Modeller Post #344312

Latest Devblog:

Latest Videos Showing Neon Texture Technology:
we Currently have a coder and me the Mapper /part time texture artist / part time everything else

what do we need? a Modeller Experiened with Goldsource engine for Various Jobs or even a few of them depending what you like
  • rigging new hand textures to models
  • rigging barney/hgrunt animations to a few models
  • create W models out of V models
  • turn playermodels into Hrunt/Zombie models
if needed i can pay a bit for this but not much PM or post in TWHL for info, i can also send you the package so you can decide if you want in any of this.
Posted 11 months ago2019-10-04 20:41:14 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #343190
forgot to update this in some time

This was the Beta Arrival news, mind ita outdated while i hope to release Beta2 soon once more bugs and gameplay things are fixed

we were also featured in "This week in mods" \o/

this is the latest news

just check trough it, it has some amazing changes to recreate the Resident Evil Feeling, like inventory look, ammo HUD etc....

Beta2 still requires some Mapping, Modelling and Coding work but were hope to find more ppl for that soon.

edit: also a second mod i worked on being bored and not able to continue on REV due to missing stuff
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-26 10:42:36 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #341844
Fog is easy to fix - if you look at the latest SDK code there's an extra fog function in the TriangleAPI that needs to be called
i already fixed fog with the latest tutorial that solokiller fixed and his help, but it still wont appear.

his fixed tutorial:
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-21 20:19:31 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #341771
yep i know the fog is broken, thats why im finding someone payd to fix it along other issues :)
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-20 21:04:44 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #341746
got Bored of of Standard Ammo Display Today so i changed it to something else..... but only on Paper aka Sprites, it hasnt been implemented yet so i gotta find a Coder (i did put up a PAYD job offer on Source Modding community)

First Aid
User posted image
Red Herb
User posted image
Green Herb
User posted image
.357 Magnum
User posted image
Hand Grenades
User posted image
M202 Flash Rockets
User posted image
Grenades of Launcher
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
9mm Bullets
User posted image
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-20 12:37:48 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #341730
lol thats it, i played Redemption and though thats what u need so i had someone help me do a 100% reconstruction of the rollercoaster of Redemption and just added the rest from head, only thing that would make it look good is Fog but even after i implemented fog it doesnt show up so thats gonna wait,

also i had no Circus tent but decided to add it after playing Thimbleweed Park by Ron Gilbert and seeing Ransom the Insulting Clown.
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-19 22:44:04 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #341725
News Update, some new Display Videos of the Themepark and the Final Lab
meanwhile we had someone Testplay the mod in BETA and noticed a few bugs including a Crash and had a bit of Coding help from Shepard, Solokiller and Jamberoonie/RuMpl from RECB fixing a Crashing Bug and various small things also thx to Admer for help with the Themepark Rollercoaster.

Mappingwise we should be 98% Finished, just finish the Lab9, Fix a broken entity in most maps and were good to go for another Beta Test

Meanwhile i tried to implement something i saw at RECB
but after hours of trying i gave up

(my result as a basic beginner coder lol)
i wish i had someone to polish the Intro more or beautificate/Optimize some maps but this will do till were in new beta

oh and for the curious i had my mod working on a Video Projector in BIG Screen just for display (

Watch the Videos and enjoy the show of a Great Themepark (just alone the circus tent took about a day to build)
Posted 1 year ago2019-01-19 19:34:44 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #341722
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-17 14:50:00 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #340903
Huuuge new Devreport at HL-Creations

from the bottom of the pic/text madness...

now you might think... how can i participate in this awesome stuff?

what we need:

1x Modeller,
  • take the Zombies and others (6 zombies or try to convert to 1, Grunt, Barney, Survivor, Scientist) and decapacitate there Bodygroups like in a sample model attached
  • relocate a MP5s Hands cuz it looks really wierd
1x Coder:
  • Produce a Bodygroup Decapacitation System for Models in wich you shoot them and depending on Hitbox (left arm, right arm, head, chest, left leg, right leg) they lose a bodypart
  • might have guessed it... even MORE blood
  • make the game randomly select a zombie at the placement of a monster_zombie or monstermaker from zimbie1,zombie2,zombie3 etc..
  • Fix a bug in monster_grunt_repel
we need a PROFESSIONAL mapper to take a few of our maps and beautificate them and if it doesnt look to good recreat the intro based on re3.

also one for Completely Creating Map9, needs to also have Professsional Experience and imagination to completely recreate a Huge Umbrella Laboratory (Screenshots as exampl e will be provided)

PLEASE NO BEGINNERS i had a guy come up to me saying hes Expert and Professional then questioned when he couldnt find leaks or build huge Skyboxes around maps so please dont even try im not the best mapper but not that dumb or delusional.

we offer a nice spot in the Credits and the Game Intro/Offtro as payment and our everlasting gratitute (for the coder i could also offer a bit cash but it would be really really low like 20-30 wich is basically a insult).
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-01 19:27:34 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #340370
yep, MinuiT gave me something similar
*Cool. You can do decapitation in a few lines of code. What you want is to add something like:
void YourZombieClass::TraceAttack(entvars_t *pevAttacker, float flDamage, Vector vecDir, TraceResult *ptr, int bitsDamageType)
// Check which hitgroup we shot
switch (ptr->iHitgroup)
// We hit the head. Hitgroup number "1" in the qc file
    // Check if we did enough damage - Change 50 to whatever you want
    if (flDamage > 50)
        // Play sound of head exploding. Maybe you want to use a channel other than chan_body, as I believe footsteps and bodydrop use this channel
        EMIT_SOUND_DYN(ENT(pev), CHAN_BODY, "YourDecapitateSound.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM, 0, 100); // Don't forget to precache this sound
        pev->health = 0; // Kill it
// X is the body group number (check the QC file) - Y is the submodel in that bodygroup to change to (check the QC file)
SetBodygroup(x, y);
// Call baseclass function
CBaseMonster::TraceAttack(pevAttacker, flDamage, vecDir, ptr, bitsDamageType);
Haven't tested it or anything like that, but it should work close enough for what you want
Every time you shoot your monster, it will run that code. If I remember correctly, melee weapons might not run TraceAttack, I can't remember. But guns do
SetBodygroup is the thing actually changing the submodel to your headless version
Make sure you setup your hitboxes correctly in the QC too, to determine where the head hitbox is*
but even tho i managed to chjange a few lines in code im not really a experienced coder to implement such things,
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-01 18:53:34 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #340368
haha well its just a basic storyline, it works out.
Posted 2 years ago2018-07-16 18:14:41 UTC
in REV - Resident Evil Valiant Post #340157
Name: Resident Evil - Valiant
Mode: Singleplayer
Mod: Half Life 1 / Spirit of Half Life
Content: Custom Code/Models/Maps/Textures/Sounds
Levels: 8 so Far as Storyline and 5+ as Defense Maps
Finished: Soon(tm)
Style: Zombies and Grunts
Team: 2 Mapper and a part time coder and many generous help like Modelling and Texturing.

Story: This Modification takes place in the Resident Evil Universe, you're part of the Raccoon City Police Department when hell breaks loose and zombies invade the city. The police helicopter is flying around the city when being hit and forced to land.

We have 2 Gamemodes

Storyline: Just a Regular Storyline

Defense Maps: you play trough various Maps with a Timer that you have to Defend and Stay alive for a Time and/or collect stuff helping you Defend.

Special Features:

Remember this From Resident Evil?
caption textcaption text
THIS is a system we use to Fake this in GoldSource
To have a More Resident Evil Feeling we decided to not let you pick up items by running over the but by pressing the USE button
caption textcaption text
THIS is how our Hud Looks
theres many new Weapons, most notably the Green Herb, Red Herb and First Aid Spray

yes... WEAPONS, you pick them up and have them as weapons to heal you for either 25 50 or 100% whenever u feel like needed
caption textcaption text
The Healthbar has been Replaced by 3 Animated ECG Sprites for Fine/ Causion and Danger Health (going below 70% and 30% also reduces speed)
caption textcaption text
also this Badass change wich took many time to find out for Coder and Modeller the Human_Grunt now has Rapidfire in wich he shoows the whole clip of 36 until he reloads or goes into Thinking State

[youtube:|caption text]

This is a UBCS Soldier made for us by someone
User posted image
caption textcaption text
and THESE are our Zombies, basic recreation from L4D1 altho currently bugged
caption textcaption text
HERE: on our Moddb Page u can see someone Recreated for us the Whole RPD Raccoon Police Department from Scratch.

what we looking for?

Firstly and most impotzant a Modeller that can decompile and change then recompile all 6 zombies, the hgrunt and the officer thzen decapacitate the model into different bodyparts

Secondly AFTER first(seriously else it has no effect) a Coder to implement a Bodygroup decpacitation system on hit detection and probably a sprite for the ammo system

Mapper: a single VERY Experienced mapper to help beautificate stuff and Make a big lab as last map 9.

id love Feedback and Comments.