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Posted 3 months ago2019-03-03 13:48:22 UTC
in Can't Test Blue Shift Mod Maps Post #342127
' fallback_dir "bshift" ' does not work. I just tested it. Also, I'm not using an SDK, but the DLL files from Blue Shift. I don't care if that counts as copying, I just want to see if it works. I'll try Malorite's SDK; but if it turns out to be incomplete like his Opposing Force SDK, then forget it.

Actually, wait. There might be another way. I heard about a mod called Blue Shift: Unlocked. Someone from another forum on this site said that he used it to make his Blue Shift formatted maps to work in his mod directory. Of course you'll need the latest version of Unlocked, because the old version will keep asking for Blue Shift's GCF file, which I understand does not exist anymore. I am going to give it a try.

Posted 3 months ago2019-03-03 03:24:09 UTC
in Can't Test Blue Shift Mod Maps Post #342121
Well, I tested it just now, and my map now works. Thank you for your help.

Another problem. I can't get the map to work in my custom mod directory. The fixer worked, but the map will work only in the Blue Shift directory.

I came up with a trick by creating a .bat file and placing it in my mod directory. Inside the file is the following text:

@echo off



start hl.exe -game mod_name


My custom Blue Shift map now works in the mod directory, but now the mouse input is stuck and the player character can only turn 90 degrees left and right. I know of the raw mouse input settings. I tried those already, yet nothing seems to work.
Posted 3 months ago2019-03-03 02:47:19 UTC
in Can't Test Blue Shift Mod Maps Post #342119
The title of this forum topic is self-explanatory. After finding an FGD for Half-Life: Blue Shift and using J.A.C.K., I create a map for a mod that I am making for Half-Life: Blue Shift. Unfortunately, the game will not let me test run any maps that are of Blue Shift format. I am doing everything right, and yet I can't get the map to work. It just doesn't load the map once I start new game, and the game just shuts down.
Posted 5 months ago2019-01-08 18:01:08 UTC
in Project Genesis Post #341591
Well, I'm doing a build; and I keep getting an error file talking about a missing file called "vminmax.h". What is that file, and where does that go. That doesn't seem to be a file that goes to a HL project.

Nevermind. It seems that Norton 360 is deleting files at random, and none of them are corrupt.
Posted 5 months ago2019-01-07 18:48:54 UTC
in Project Genesis Post #341576
There has to be something I can use. It's not like I can open and edit Opposing Force's DLL file. That can't be done; and according to many Half-Life fans, such a procedure is forbidden. I'm not making an entire SDK from scratch. I wouldn't know where to start.

Also, putting some things from one source to another, they may not be compatible with one another; and the mod may not run.
Posted 5 months ago2019-01-07 15:38:19 UTC
in Project Genesis Post #341572
I like the idea of using the Spirit of Half-Life code. I've been reading about it, and it sounds like it has some promise. Some, if not a lot. Meanwhile, I found this:

I also found the .7z download link in the main folder. With bad internet, it's all slowly downloading as we speak.
Posted 5 months ago2019-01-07 11:59:41 UTC
in Project Genesis Post #341571
I always thought the vortiglores were annoying anyway, but that’s just me. As for getting permission from Cybermax, how do I contact him? Does Gamebanana have a private message system? I will of course give him credit. I don’t want to be like that guy who made Hunt Down the Freeman, who frequently denies the fact that he stole other people’s mods and assets without giving anyone credit.
Posted 5 months ago2019-01-07 00:46:59 UTC
in Project Genesis Post #341567
My project is on hold for now until I can get a fully fixed and operational Half-Life: Opposing Force source code engine. Here are the details.

I don't have a name for it right now, so let's just refer to it as Project Genesis. Like Blue Shift and Opposing Force, the story will take place parallel to Half-Life. You will play as a scientist in an HEV suit fighting for survival against the alien invaders and the HECU grunts and assassins (both the male and female ones).

Now, question you're probably asking is, "Why this being an Opposing Force mod instead of a mod for the base HL1 game?" Well, because of the weapons, monster types, and other assets I want to include. I can do a few changes to the HUD, while trying to turn the night vision goggles into the flashlight, and getting the suit to talk and make sounds like the HEV suit instead of quiet like the HECU one. For the weapons from Opposing Force, I found the right view models for changing the player character's arms. Credit goes to someone called Cybermax:

I'm also looking to give Dr. Rosenberg a cameo somewhere in the intro part of my mod. I also have some characters of my own I would like to create, one of them guiding and helping the player character survive. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will hint that this supporting character may be a scientist in a lab overcoat, maybe with a different face. Will you travel to the world of Xen? Why yes, you might.

To be honest, I think something similar was done when Half-Life: Echoes was made. I looked it up on Mod DB, and it says that it's an Opposing Force mod. While I am uncertain, I think Residual Life is also an Opposing Force mod.

Sounds big, right? This may or may not happen. I hope someday it will. In the meantime, I have other projects, specifically a DOOM mod. Let me know what you all think. If you have questions, ask them. If you have modding tips and advice, lay those out as well.
Well, problem solved. But now, there's a new one. While playing it through the HL launcher, it keeps crashing. And the mouse will only rotate the character's view by 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees. And yes, I am running it with Opposing Force's maps for testing. Why is this happening?

This bug is only occurring in the mod. The games themselves aren't having these problems. So, it's an isolated event. Must be in the source code, but I don't know where. Please note that the "uncompleted-compilable" source code was not edited nor additions made before building.

In the intro, remember when Shephard sees one of the choppers being destroyed by one of those weird flying sting rays? Well, the game crashes before there's an explosion. And the title in the intro says "Half-Life" instead of "Half-Life: Opposing Force". Yes, I followed the instructions from GitHub and copied Opposing Force's asset files into the mod's directory.

It looks like I'm going on GitHub and will be addressing the issue to Malorite.
Nevermind about that second step. I got it figured out. The main DLL (opfor.dll) worked fine, got it built; but the client one gets an error and will not build. It says "LNK1104 cannot open file '..\..\utils\vgui\lib\win32_vc6\vgui.lib'.

How do I fix this error? Where do I go?
This link:

What am I looking at? Doesn't "uncompleted" usually mean "incomplete"?

Well, I'm going to give it a try. Good thing it comes with instructions.

And now I'm stuck at Step 2. I'm not understanding it. What am I doing in those three things? I can't seem to visualize it in my mind.
Hi. I'm new to your site, and I registered for TWHL so that I may seek out helpful information from any of the best and most brilliant modders of Half-Life. It's a compliment, I mean every word. Originally, I was trying to get helpful information from Steam forums; but no one seemed to have helped nor want to help me in any way.

Anyway, down to the point. I found this source code from something or someone called Malorite. Supposedly, someone recreated source code projects for Blue Shift and Opposing Force. Here's the link for the one to Opposing Force:

The code for Opposing Force is in the folder titled "gearbox", and there are files in the "projects" folder called "gearbox_cdll" and "gearbox_dll". I decided that I want to use this source code instead of the other one in Github called Opposing Force Rebuilded, because that one appears to be incomplete. However, I am getting a lot of errors while trying to build and compile the code through Visual Studio 2017; and I think I know why. When you open the two project files I mentioned, you'll see that the .h and .cpp files are out of whack. The project files themselves were poorly made; and the source code, which is unedited by the way, keeps getting errors. Was this source code not finished as well?

I'm going to say the same thing that I said to the boys and gals in Steam forums. No, I do not want to copy and paste the opfor.dll file from Opposing Force to make my mod. I want to start with a template source code and add a few extra things.

If anyone has used the Malorite source code for Opposing Force for their mods, how did you bypass all of the errors and mishaps?