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Posted 2 months ago2019-04-15 09:14:33 UTC
in VHE's crashing Post #342473
So, I found it out, it was some model that was crashing vhe. It even explains reason why it worked on other people computers and my other PC - they haven't got that model.
Posted 2 months ago2019-04-14 13:46:36 UTC
in VHE's crashing Post #342471
Where can I download newest vhe from?
And downgrading gpu driver didn't help. :(
Posted 2 months ago2019-04-14 11:45:45 UTC
in VHE's crashing Post #342468
So probably downgrading my gpu driver will help?
Posted 2 months ago2019-04-14 08:49:15 UTC
in VHE's crashing Post #342466
Thank you for reply. Yep, I tried to run map inside JACK, although it works I would prefer to complete this one map inside VHE. The thing is that maybe something is wrong with my computer, because on every other PC it runs just right. Btw the reason why I use 3.4 is because I'm making map for counter-strike 1.6.
Posted 2 months ago2019-04-13 23:20:32 UTC
in VHE's crashing Post #342462
Hello, I want to ask for help. Everything was working correctly but suddenly my gpu driver crashed and vhe as well. When I try to open .rmf file of my map in hammer now it immediately crashes. I tried to open .rmf file on other computer and it worked perfectly, I sent it to friend as well and it worked on his pc too. I updated my GPU driver but it didnt help. I use hammer 3.4 and my GPU is geforce gtx 960.

Thank you for any help. :)