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Posted 2 years ago2020-05-23 06:12:40 UTC
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Looking nice so far.

Echoes VR when? :walter:

Just kidding.
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-02 19:29:51 UTC
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So this is the mod which I am currently working on.
The model screenshots you guys would have seen are all for that.

This will be updated with pictures later.

Plot (Barebones)

You play as a technician and radio operator newly assigned to the journalism department of Black Mesa. You along with a group of other people discover that a faction of the FBI along with some paramilitary forces plan to raid Black Mesa and destroy all scientific equipment to make easy their increasing expansion into New Mexico, without government knowledge.

The main aim is to get out of New Mexico. You and your team are aware of a safe place nearby, one of the many auxiliary bases, the most famous one being White Forest someone in Eastern Europe.

It has enough supplies and is hidden enough to avoid detection for a while.

Getting to the airfield offers an escape route, but is made harder by the hostile forces.
The old lab transit system could work, but might be too dangerous given it's age.
A jeep might do the trick, but offers little against tanks.

What might feature?

  • New weapons, currently 3 are planned.
  • New enemies....more like variations of pre-existing ones.
  • Voiced protagonist, but barely.

Why this article now, at such an early stage?

I'm basically looking for mappers. Reason being, I cannot map easily, due to certain personal reasons, as well as technical ones.
I will still contribute via models,sounds,textures and more. Infact, I will show some of the stuff off later.

Mappers are not required atm. I am just informing you guys.

It may be required in a few months.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-13 10:35:44 UTC
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I mean, if DooM 1 were to be made now it would have glory kills, because technology!
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-12 12:02:10 UTC
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claps from doorstep
I second this.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-09 05:39:33 UTC
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Cheese lover gang here.
I have lost all respect for you,Archie.
I'm not playing the Core.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-02 13:00:42 UTC
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Chennai? It is South India.
My mom won several cooking competitions in Kerala.
Be jealous,Archie.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-01 18:00:15 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #344001

About You

Name: Ijaaz Ahmed,no last name for you guys.
Age: 16
Hometown: Somewhere south of India
Relationships: None so far
Occupation: Student,trying to get a part-time job
Current goal(s): Get into a good college and get my parents to stop complaining,then move to the hostel and work on my life
Politics: The fuck is this? No comment
Religion: Islam,although similar to Admer,but very close to neutrality

Favourite Things

Food: Whatever my mom cooks
Hot drink: Coffee,every once in a while
Cold drink: Milkshake. Chocolate with chunks or strawberry with some icecream
Snacks: Anything fried,nuts,cheesy stuff,apples,oranges,watermelon,mangoes (in increasing order)
Movies: Haven't watched that much,but almost any decent movie will do.
Videogames: HL series,Urban Terror, PUBG Mobile
Music: House, K-Pop(some of it)
Other: Shotguns

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Fuck sapodilla and fish and mushrooms
Hot drink: Congee
Cold drink: nothing so far
Snacks: Sometimes,my mom makes this steamed pie-like things that turns me off,even though her cooking is awesome
Movies: Porn. Time travel and sci-fi to a certain extent. But porn? I hate it completely.
Videogames: none so far
Music: Old tamil/malayalam(dislike)
Other: Whoever reads this(dislike with zebra piss/Zima in your face)
Posted 2 years ago2019-10-31 16:49:19 UTC
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a = "TWHL Tower 2?"
print(a,"I'm in!")
Posted 2 years ago2019-10-27 12:37:00 UTC
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I want a cat,but all the chickens would then become lunch.