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Posted 1 month ago2024-05-06 16:48:42 UTC
in Help me with trinity renders Post #348773
First we'd need to see what error you're getting exactly to be able to help. At least provide a screencap.
To be more precise, trigger_relay allows you to trigger entities in a specific mode. Normally all triggers trigger using "Toggle", but with trigger_relay you can specify "On" or "Off", not just Toggle, which is useful if you want to make sure you trigger, for example, an env_sprite off in a specific case, regardless of whether previously it was turned on or not. In such a case triggering with "Toggle" will turn it on, but triggering an env_sprite that is already off with "Off" mode will not turn it on.
Posted 6 months ago2023-11-26 20:22:28 UTC
in How do I override engine (*pfn...) funcs? Post #348099
I don't think you understand how this entire messaging system works. The structure in eiface.h defines the server-engine API, which is a set of functions provided by the engine to the server in a struct when the dll is loaded. This means, you can't modify these function calls, otherwise you'll break the entire API and your mod will be non-functional, possibly crash.

Also SVC_TEMPENTITY is a message that is handled inside the engine, so you cannot modify the contents of TE_TEXTMESSAGE to add your font size parameter: the engine will not understand how to process it. It'll still try to read the message contents as if that new WRITE_SHORT wasn't there.

Also I believe Half-Life's text renderer does not allow for custom font sizes. The font size used to display game texts is of fixed size, and cannot be altered. You'd need to add your own text rendering code to allow for custom font sizes, and you'll need your own client-side message function to send this info to the client.dll.
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-23 13:20:13 UTC
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Boring generic backgroundBoring generic background
Posted 3 years ago2020-09-25 07:34:02 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344737
That is some really solid work Plan, good job.
Posted 3 years ago2020-09-11 08:33:25 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344718
Unfortunately I don't know what the link to the forum was, and I can't find it on any Google searches. However I just remembered: A mod called Overturn was using a custom audio engine, and they opensourced everything.

Their sources are available on moddb:

It shouldn't be too hard to move the sound engine into a clean SDK.
Posted 3 years ago2020-09-10 19:54:58 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344716
Unfortunately, you can't just change the sentences limit, because as you said, it's partly in the engine. Same for using custom sentences files per map, it's not possible because you can't change how the engine loads sentence definitions. Using a custom audio engine can help you get around it, but I don't know where you can find one that's open-source. There was one made by a programmer called MrNameless, but the forum it was on has since become defunct.
Posted 4 years ago2020-06-18 13:53:29 UTC
in MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES Post #344418
With VHLT you can use -nohull2 on hlbsp to reduce clipnodes, if your map is too complex, and the cause is not a leak. Hull 2 is solely used by large monsters(Gonarch and Gargantua), so if you don't have monsters like that in your map, -nohull2 can help. Otherwise if you have a leak, fix that, or if you are using a skybox, get rid of it.

Surrounding more complicated geometry with clip brushes can also reduce clipnodes drastically.
Posted 4 years ago2020-05-14 13:25:33 UTC
in Problem with water - Trinity renderer Post #344214

I am the Trinity developer. Can you try adding this in your cdll_int.cpp file, in the Initialize function?

gEngfuncs.pfnClientCmd("_set_vid_level 1");

If you can't modify the code, try adding this to the liblist.gam file:
commandargs "-nofbo"
Posted 4 years ago2020-04-12 17:46:07 UTC
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Remember when I said pizza could have almost anything put on it and taste great? Well that doesn't include you, you dirty pineapple pizza eaters.
Pineapple pizza is the shit.
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in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #344011

About You

Name: Andrew Lucas
Age: 27
Hometown: NA
Relationships: None. I was never in love my whole life, ever.
Occupation: CPP Programmer.
Current goal(s): Publish my first two books, finish writing my three planned books, finish my Half-Life mod.
Politics: I've lost faith in this long ago.
Religion: I have my own beliefs in and relating to God. I pray to God to show me the way, whenever I feel the presence of evil or I feel lost and confused. God has saved my soul numerous times and helped me atone for my sins/misdeeds.

Favourite Things

Food: Beef, pancakes, fried eggs with bacon, apples, bananas, milkshakes, chocolate.
Hot drink: Decaf coffee, yogurt drinks, green label tea.
Cold drink: Water.
Snacks: Potato chips, cheesecakes, nuts like hazelnuts and peanuts.
Movies: Dark City, The Thing, Alien, Jacob's Ladder.
Videogames: Half-Life and it's expansions, Half-Life 2 and it's episodes, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank.
Music: Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Temple of the Dog, Cathedral.
Other: Exercise, reading books on psychology and science fiction books. Re-reading the works of Silvano Arieti. Trying to do right by God.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Ironically enough I love a lot of foods I can't eat.
Hot drink: Anything with too much sugar in it.
Cold drink: Anything with too much sugar in it.
Snacks: Again, I love a lot of snack foods I can't eat.
Movies: Shitty remakes of classic movies that don't need remakes, and the dumbest movie I can remember hating is Legion of Fire: Killer Ants.
Videogames: Raven City
Music: I can't stand modern pop music, or most rap music either. Love songs are particularly annoying for me.
Other: Loud noises and constant noise that wrecks your concentration. Large crowds of people in cramped spaces, because that activates my agoraphobia even more than just going out for work every day. Being tired most days beyond just the normal tiredness that comes with the burdens of life. Accidentally eating some food that end up making me feel sick or even worse. I greatly fear Soul Murderer-type people and narcissistic predatory types who have a sixth sense for sensing people who are vulnerable to their manipulation. The HD packs for Half-Life. Oh, and the original MP5 view model from Half-Life 1. And the original shotgun's arm.