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Posted 2 days ago2021-12-05 20:39:53 UTC
in Source animation root bone Post #346109
Thank you.
Making a cartoony total conversion in Source might be easier than I thought.
Source is quite easy to make mods on. As long as no one takes it too seriously and do what they can.
Posted 2 days ago2021-12-05 09:57:14 UTC
in Source animation root bone Post #346107
It sucks that I can't publish the model. Toxic people exists everywhere (Not saying this place only have bad people again cause toxic people are everywhere on the internet) so I'm more lucky with 2D sprites in 3D worlds and Unity made games. Tho I never have the will to work on any.

I'm still a 3DS developer and had a game in mind but can't stay focused on it. But it's better with no toxicity from nothing than toxicity from something I guess.
Posted 3 days ago2021-12-04 12:47:36 UTC
in Source animation root bone Post #346104
I got it to work with a root bone. Very great :)

Updated with a video of Gift (An oc of mine) walking in Sweden.
(Can C++ but can't understanding TWHL site code in comments)

Don't know how blending in Source works but I did some gestures for Gift. Also her model needs to be remade.
Posted 5 days ago2021-12-02 11:05:51 UTC
in Source animation root bone Post #346098
I tried making an animated model with a walk cycle and got stuck in the root bone process. It can be cause the original root bone (Or bip01 that is the father of all bones) merges with the pelvis when the model compiles right?

I could get a model to walk to a destination in the beta engine but in the retail the model teleports to its destination even with 1 forward walk animation. It's the older engine yes but it might not have changed as much with the current releases.

Just some interesting discoveries to share here.
Posted 1 week ago2021-11-27 21:13:55 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #346077
I have a DVD player that I use to view my burned DVDs.
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-11-17 15:13:26 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346068
Civo isn't the only map series that I had planed. There's also something called Maran which is (Obviously) Marathon related/based.

I can't make custom entities so I had to skip enemy combat all together for this one and go over with puzzle solving instead.

Civo's 4 directional spriteCivo's 4 directional sprite
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-15 09:27:42 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346060
Here's Civo in my style. Might turn this project into a 3DS game in the future.
User posted image
(Being in a Doom House for over 5 years can give you an itch)
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-14 16:04:54 UTC
in Cowboy Up! Post #346057
I made a cowboy mutant for some sort of Lovecraft related mod.
User posted image
(The mouth bone is completely wrong tho)

When I go back to the mod then I'll replace this guy with something more original.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-12 20:56:39 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346051
Ok so the CIVO project files wasn't gone and I can go back to where I ended. If someone has something to say about my mappack then go ahead and comment on the vault item, I'm eager.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-11 11:54:59 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346048
Apparently I lost the vmf's for Civo so I have to remake the thing. Gives out some possibilities but I'm also very lazy. Can someone please find the Xbox tools for me? I know some of the homebrewers names.

tjd2 and chipsnapper is the only ones I know tho. Maybe toothpaste-hair as well.
Posted 4 weeks ago2021-11-09 15:12:22 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #346045
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-07 11:33:40 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346039
HL2 custom maps are possible cause of Valve's mod friendliness. No matter what platform they would possibly keep the game moddable.

The compiler tools had Xbox 360 specific commands even. Heck, even the PS2 Half-Life 1 was modifiable.

Well custom mapping on the original Xbox is more limited when one have to depend on old or custom compilers.
Here's one of the modders doing progress on this.
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-06 14:57:59 UTC
in Sum Un-Downloaded Maps Post #346037
I'm gonna show my Source maps that was meant for the Xbox version here. I'm not gonna upload them (Maybe not yet) but I'm gonna show them to people anyway.

A custom map running on the Xbox hardware

Old story mappack played on computer meant for Xbox
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-05 17:47:27 UTC
in One of my first maps Post #346035
What will happen to this thread/topic then?
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-05 12:27:15 UTC
in One of my first maps Post #346032
Can't look up the map in-game cause this probably demands ep1-2. But the screenshots shows that it looks nice.
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-01 20:29:37 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #346024

Bugs Bunny wants Marathon tutorials.
Posted 1 month ago2021-10-25 11:12:05 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #346000
Also white fox with a giant forehead.
Posted 1 month ago2021-10-24 19:49:15 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #345995



Also white dog with a giant forehead.
Posted 1 month ago2021-10-23 19:18:42 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #345992
Hey I also use DaVinci Resolve! :walter: :walter: :walter:
Posted 1 month ago2021-10-23 19:16:10 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #345991
feature this in their map
Posted 1 month ago2021-10-16 07:34:16 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #345975
Make a Source 2004 SDK tutorial. At least how to compile it.

(I have one of those thanks to the HL2 Xbox community)
Posted 1 year ago2020-03-06 09:23:04 UTC
in Hello Post #343858
Hey hey. I just wanted to say sorry and also wanted to say why I get mad.

Yes, I was acting like a child back there, yes I was being a douce. But I had my reasons. It's just that I don't wan't people to grow like this. I want people to be better than to sit on their PCs playing games and nothing else. I want us to be more productive and less hate-able. Basically, PC is ruining humanity, and no one cares or see's it ruining everything. Life is too serious. Someone has to be serious. Memes aren't everything and are infact just ruining our production.

In Half-Life we see what is a strong human being. We play as him, just play. But we aren't like that. We only play a character in a video game that happens to be strong. The player isn't that strong and will always not be that strong if the player continues like that.

This might sound wrong to you but I see it differently. I want to have meaning and I want everyone else to have meaning rather than be in a dark room making jokes about immoral things on their PCs.