Hey hey. I just wanted to say sorry and also wanted to say why I get mad.

Yes, I was acting like a child back there, yes I was being a douce. But I had my reasons. It's just that I don't wan't people to grow like this. I want people to be better than to sit on their PCs playing games and nothing else. I want us to be more productive and less hate-able. Basically, PC is ruining humanity, and no one cares or see's it ruining everything. Life is too serious. Someone has to be serious. Memes aren't everything and are infact just ruining our production.

In Half-Life we see what is a strong human being. We play as him, just play. But we aren't like that. We only play a character in a video game that happens to be strong. The player isn't that strong and will always not be that strong if the player continues like that.

This might sound wrong to you but I see it differently. I want to have meaning and I want everyone else to have meaning rather than be in a dark room making jokes about immoral things on their PCs.