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Posted 8 months ago2020-05-24 08:20:41 UTC
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Abbadon ..
i would like to answer : YES at your question : will make run my mod at 60 fps if I use the OpenGl32.dll from paranoia?
but first i am not Magda the Gypsybot : without playing your mod and testing "settings and files" : i have no idea how to make it perform better [and i give not false promise by the far far away web...]

if i were you : i would first create a free account at Mega file so you have 50 Go for free and a solid backup..
that can be nice to have few backup [ that interests you [only] ] ...instead of loosing fifteen years of work...
[ do not take that for vitriol : it is humour with vitriol inside..that hurts but less than losing files ..]
as you are not either the Don Abba of "files mixing" [ sadly.. ]
[i prefer original band songs but actors are looking cute.. ] and fear a lot about VAC... like anybody..
VAC is a tool or system that "secures" a server from people using tricks that help being a winner using cheats tools
he never removes any game ..if you get "vac banned" that means you will not be able to connect a vac server again : called also : secure server ..
but a server not using vac can be ..
most of the time you find cheaters / vac banneds... on "cracked server" aka warez half-life / no-steam
cheaters tools i use sometimes when i rework a mod ; like these last days ; mostly because i do not need to start steam and wait to be connected .. plus if you load and stop the game after each tests , steam gets longer to connect you : may be because they fear of an attack or else ..
xash3d is perfect : it is able of using recent mod and "compatible with latest files from steam hl and also won hl ...
for me it checks only the won key.. and not steam.. that also helps keeping secret my "giant mod..." there are too much "stats" server and websites and steam checking servers...for stats [ server officials legits or cracked either..]

the best thing you should do is to try to make the "right pak" file for your mod.. and check in steam if you are in good standing .
vac status in steam ..vac status in steam ..
then reread the previous posts..
if i were you i would create a new svencoop account on a new steam account to check my mod and see if "engine updates" they made are working with your work..

like i said , to solokiller... or solo killer ? is that not a kind of snipper ? a solo-killer ?
there is nowhere than svencoop where is the famous snipper ,,, while outside of the forum a hudge number of fans are acclaiming solokiller.. : at least where there are fans of svencoop like mobdb website..
can that be a one & single "man" ?? using multiple accounts .. like "personalities" ????

i wonder why he does not "kick the snipper ass by publishing "his own made" svencoop dlls for svencoop : he was banned "sadly" by this "sniper" to steal his script angel engine .. ??? am i wrong ???
helping me that was banned because palitos and snipper wanted to steal my work on they-hunger and svencoop 3 [ not 3,5 and made without any original files of they hunger.. ] [ only sc3 that was public and the largely distributed files and maps from they hunger mod : how can ib called a leaker ??? and banned for publishing that at svencoop forum : where members and unknown visitors can read post.. ?? ]

i posted image above ; that were recently deleted at mopdb in the svencoop page..
showing that i can be "in game and out game" at the same time with a server svencoop .. VERY STRANGE ??? is it not ??
you see that the server considers me as an observer and i am having guns.. but not the hub counting weapons or health...

like in this other album :
with superman in bonus .. the player was able to stop falling the antenna... he was surely using some "specials dlls : like described by solokiller" than standard ones delivered and protected by windows [ in some folders like windows/system32 for signed files like opengl32.dll ]

i wait more comment from himself on this bugs .. that in my mind and opinion : shows a "lagging program" : i mean : with the angel-script, plus badly programmed added routines plus too much instructions to do ...; the software server can not operate fastly enough to keep in realtime all the players
the cpu is able of [for example : 100 instruction per seconds] but there are so much instructions he has to do : that it should be a cpu capable of doing 300 instructions per seconds.. it is very bad "programming" and it hard to say if that is solokiller or snipper faults..
except if solokjiller is able to give dlls to all that are no longer bugging like that.. of course with source code published at github ..
that would help so many non devs like the one making xash3d ..

like he says :

Using custom opengl32.dll files will not improve performance.
Using custom graphics code will improve performance if written properly.

i wonder what that means.. "custom graphics code" and where that should be "inserted" : in opengl32,dll ? this dll looks a lot "graphics" by opening the 3d world like she did with svencoop , half life .. even half-life 2 and its episodes.. counter strike sources.... dods ...

have luck making your xash3d using your gpu.. think of updating your video driver.. before testing or not "opengl32" or anything else.. don abba ;']
and of course listen cool songs from ABBA ;']

like i also wrote :
i love their : DON ' T DON 'T DON'T : BELIEVE THE H.... Public Enemy-Don't Believe The Hype - YouTube :
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-23 03:22:20 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344280
Vulkan is the daughter of opengl... it is made for dx12 and above cards...
i am glad to "face" the famously banned "solokiller" [ if only he could "do it" with the sniper at sovietscccp... ] that invented the wheel metamod-amx mod inside the dlls...
by now svencoop is so bloated and so slow that it makes connection impossible.. more other if the have a little LAG... [ ask at moddb about my deleted post in the svencoop page.. made in 2020 ]
solokiller and his "pet" are looking like the no-stars [wars] dogs of they-hunger.. always biting...fresh flesh.. of my butt..

i love their : DON ' T DON 'T DON'T : BELIEVE THE H.... Public Enemy-Don't Believe The Hype - YouTube :

are you sure what they talk about .. concerns you so much.. ?

first of all paranoia uses xash3d and this "opengl32.dll" .. the mod is very old and really a file from them is not a "word at the stars"
then you talk about using xash3d.. like me .. that uses : WHAT ENGINE : the "old fucked WON" that is public domain...
so you can use it with any opengl32.dll even those made for wallhacking or cheating...
VAC WILL NEVER GET YOU OR BAN YOUR ACCOUNT... they only VAC-connect & protect with STEAM ACCOUNTS and halflife-accounts LEGITS with a CS STRIKE ACCOUNT legit ... that puts you AUTOMATICALLY OUT OF THE "VAC BAN" .....TO PLAY WITH XASH3D....

thinking vac will ban your account is only possible in some poor "out of service" minds...

then i will show the famous result of "solokiller" and its "script engine" with my pc that is not so up to date but not an old one either :

there are a lot of images.. you ll see that on most of them : i have no hub...beside i play [ that was a miracle enter game respawn because i was a bit late at each round starting : so i was in observer team .. ]
he and snipper bloated so much the dll that it would requires a black-mesa-all-intels cpus to be able to do all the calculs so i could connect "on time" may be..???? having the source code of svencoop can only help to say so or else..!!!!

then my computer playing and recording echoes mod .... that so much users at moddb find so LAGGY ..
a gt230 with a 1,8 ghz i7...not the last choice..for gamer..a gt230 with a 1,8 ghz i7...not the last choice..for gamer..
here are two video recorded by it using fraps ..

beware youngs boys and girls : these links above were deleted from the echoes topic at moddb : THEY ARE TOXICS ... for some EGO ... doing as easily 60 fps with such old computers is a crime..

says your parents : i can sell you a new computer .. with XASH3D PRE-INSTALLED .... that is only very expensive..
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-22 18:11:07 UTC
in Competition 39: The Buddy System Post #344278
you can use custom models as much as you want if you place the model in the subfolder model , you make it as a mod with a liblist.gam and the steamappid.txt ... plus your map in the map folder..

the "root" of the file is here :

after a hl update with 70 for valve folder as main after mod : so the dlls loaded
if you use 50 : then loaded dlls are those from opposing force...
same with cs or dmc ... that is not bad but killed a lot of mod not having it..

here is another new file that will apply to hl sooner or later :
xash3d is generating it...
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-22 09:31:30 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344269
in the case of xash3d.. that is a tool made to render an old game : half-life that is made to use the screen using the " opengl32.dll & glu32.dll" [ that are included with windows and installed in the system32 folder for all games to be able to access the internal : functions & operations that are listed in the H files used by the programmers with all names.. that is a text file... and the lib file : that is added by the compilator after the "programmers code" so when the programmers call a opengl32 function ... the program looks in the programmers files : then the lib file that has the function and operate it [ that is a static lib ] or does not the function and go read the dll opengl32.dll it finds first : in the folder or in system32 folder...

here is the link to the gallery of pic so you can read them "full size" and not destroyed by zoom+jpg .. :
here are the files from a nvidia opengl kit for dx9 cards and abovehere are the files from a nvidia opengl kit for dx9 cards and above
then let compare the recent opengl that comes with the latest paranoia mod : made to be played with recent xash3d
1 Mo against 56 ko1 Mo against 56 ko
the change is Big...
may be because xash3d is more based on the hardware of the dx9 and above cards.. wqith the opengl32 of windows : the dll "emulates" function not in the vga cards.. it does like hl : render in software mode : then there is no use of opengl32.dll : but the cpu does all calculations of the images : that decreases the fps.... and the speed of the game..
as the file is in the folder of the xash3d : that does not break others softwares that can only use the windows files

another example is the fmod.dll : that renders the audio : and mostly mp3 .. one of the first mod using it was poke646
it is in the root folder of the mod .. it can be "updated"
fmod in the mod folderfmod in the mod folder
when a mod does not start .. that can come from a dll beside the fmod one : in the mod folder that has to be installed in the half-life folder : like the opengl32.dll .. as this folder is always changing of name [look at steam.. and compare with the famous c:\sierra\half-life.. of the won edition : the first.. ]...they put it there for the distribution of the zip..

we are far from the pak.. world but may be this tricks around files will help you having mods working.. : it is not always evidence for all 8"]
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-21 19:22:13 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344263
i was already banned from sovietsccccp .. cs is and was highly popular years ago.. valve killed it .. at least they killed with too much boring breaking little updates...
like bms did with its famous "port to hl2" .. these motherfukers are recruiting using steam news..
that is killing funny... they were so friendly and so best above others with the source engine.. they finished badly their "story" [ like would say instagram members.. ] i think more and more the same about the famous "steam boss: gab-enewell"
they aere two to make hl ... and the "artist" was the other that left quickly after steam was launched.. gab-enewell was only the programmer.. and he is not an artist but more a motherfucker like bill gates : that only think about making more profits more billions.. but never pleasures or happiness ..
i asked several times valve and gearbox.. to help my super project .. no one except a young writer coming from disney-star-wars has shown a very little interest... despite like sierra : i am french...
in the nowadays usa : it seems to be the rule to forget who are friends or not ..
like in europe these days .... the uk had made its brexit without paying its debts to the europe and its members.. they simply "flee" back to london... i wait the days they ask to re-enter...

your version of xash3d is not very old.. one thing i discovered is the use of the opengl32 .dll that comes with the russian mod paranoia can help .. [ i installed it in the sierra root folder ] i use it with my Latest xash3d .
while the other xash3d 4344 runs well with the windows opengl32.dll i did not tested with the other opengl32.dll
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-21 15:42:28 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344260
may be your mod could run better with single player..
the mod is hyper bloated by the "famous" script engine .. so an average player with a half second of lag is unable to join a server..
i made few post at moddb that were deleted ..
but in single player - use a game with two to be able to use cheats.. like noclip.. you should not feel the prob moreover if you use listen server..

the names are a real prob for server owner... you should try to be as much simple as possible..
i made a mod that runs svencoop 4.7 linux and big mapcycles because i also reworked that part..
if a mapper uses a file named mine.mdl , then call it Mine.mdl ...and so on .. when the server loads it [the map with the same model used twice.. but with different names.. ] : that counts twice...
that is one of the first details you can try to fix : use the hl regular and type mcache to see listing of loaded files.. with condump to have the content wrote into a txt file..
same with name of folders.. if you write c or C that counts two...
try to post more info about your bugs : with the mod files .. i ll check what can be done ..
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-21 13:26:51 UTC
in Compiling dll problem Post #344257
of course .. i mean that i used this name in others forums..
it is cool to restart from zero ;'] i read your profile..
may be you can program my dlls ?
as you are an old hl lover : you should play echoes 1.4 beta ...
i debugged it a lot , 1.5 should be a real master piece ;']

i agree that compiling "correctly" the hlsdk is important .. but doing it with the code of valve.. means bullshit.. they could start to offer code from gearbox mods or even first hl2..
they could also help to pick parts of "dlls" .. i mean that in some mods.. the programmers / modders create entities...,, these entities are in the fgd and the maps.. may be picking them by "block and reinserting them in a new dll" could help create good games..

i hope you ll help me building the dlls i want.. may be with the help of solokiller.. but like i said before : he tries not to meet me... i dot know why.. i think i never really saw him there : at sovietsccccp forum ;'] i wonder why he does not publish old code of svencoop .. like the 4.7 ? or even the 3.00 .. these coop friendly player of hl ...
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-20 18:01:11 UTC
in Compiling dll problem Post #344251
i made a topic about my search :

i tried to get working with the famous solokiller... that is like me a famous "sovietsccccp" BANNED member... at github or elsewhere.. i saw he is roaming here.. but i never been able to discuss about dlls for me..
at github i was able to repair "the" opposing force code made by maillortie... that was not compiling [ i learned vc5 few days.. with the student edition.. that was incomplete and already unable to well compile vc4 [ or so : older ] project ...
the prob of maillortie or sollokiller code is that is the same from "valve" and like with svencoop or bms.. all the "texts" is about development.. that means future.. so you do not find the full opposing force dll in github .. but a code like half-life..

my vc that "works" is 2010.. but i am unable to do elaborate things in programming..
the human are from thousands years ago living in cavern and painting in them.. [ like making maps... ] but programming is very much "harder" mostly because that protects those who sell it : like microsoft or intel...
they sell the gpu or cpu 40 Billions transistors.... but they do not make a mainboard as easy to program as my old hardware calculator from school.. that was able to use a basic...and do complex operations...
i think that with the EFI SECURE PROMPT : it should be the right place to be able to program the cpu-gpu... by the way .. all cpu made by intel are buggy from the day they made their first pentium.. by now they can not pass the pci 4 speed either.. amd is having it from nearly a year now in his chipsets...

i hope here will be a place where i ll find devs for my dlls... may be solokiller will publish his svencoop dlls files ..
i promess to republish my "they hunger 3 .00 for svencoop 3.00" that was made with anything from sc3.5 or others than 3 , and no rmf from mister manke... [ that is "known" to have gave them to sven..[?] ]

i hope either that valve or gearbox will publish gearbox mods source code : they were good .. and reading decay or op4.. can help devs...
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-20 17:26:10 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344250
i have no idea [yet] about xash3d .. [ i recently had a row with him at] his rendere has few bugs.. but has some great things for the "way" i like to play or create mods.. ;'] [ like my giant one coming soon .. ]
but according to my knowledge.. you must not put all the files in the paks : like the "famous dlls" of the mod..
it is very good for single player maps to use the pak for example ..
try to check with sierra-won mods like azure sheep . pov and others opposing force.. the pak system is also cool for "updates" i mean it loads the files in the pak with highest number ..

by the way try to check with "official" half life instead of xash ..
Xash3D_build4344_with_extras works well and shows no bugs...
xash3d-fwgs-win32-0.20 is making strange crashes sometimes [ rarely ]
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-19 13:23:00 UTC
in Compiling dll problem Post #344238
compiling dlls is "quite hard" and "some at valve should do that " ... for a little amount.. that would take them minutes to do it.. will for noob not knowing c or c++ it is nearly impossible... for those knowing c++ : it is very hard to have : the right os + the right visual studio + the right hl sdk ...without making a "very big expense" .. at the same time we can "use" unreal 5 or hl2 source 2 "for free" ...
these fags are dumbs.. and do not go github.. they are dumbasses either.. they "talk" about coding .. but no one tests [from the website] them...
even me i was able to fuck "some famous hl programmers from moddb .. they publish a lot of "project" that compile the same code from half-life valve hq..

i asked gearbox and valve to publish the code for opposing force.. but this one : they do not want...
same with the famous "sovietscccp" mod team .. why they do not open source the dll coding.. ???
they are promoted by steam that gave them the code for maps and engine... but nothing is gave to "customers" ; scandalous attitude..
good luck finding the needed help ;']
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-19 13:11:01 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344237
THE BEST I KNOW is called pakexplorer 1.2 .. it was made before hl was published ;']
all others softwares [ i tested ] are not able to "extract" correctly the pak files ..

the software seems to be there :
programmer name is the one i read in mine when i "about box" .
i hope it compresses well
Posted 8 months ago2020-05-10 09:28:23 UTC
in Competition 39: The Buddy System Post #344192
the "best" one for such a championat : seems to be decay... sadly the authors are hiding with their codes ...
i joke .. but i hope you will publish the source code .. because in my giant mod : i plan to use the "dual player" system as a friend or as an enemy .. i mean with a giant xen battle with the king-pin and the not very famous tor [from sovietscccp mod]
i also plan to make the "heart of evil mod : hearts of evil " with the barney becoming the second player or staying a bot ..
will you ask or publish some source for hl to do that ? coop for 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 ... and sometimes 1 or more against 1 or more..
that makes a lot of week i try to find someone able of building the dlls ...
i am making a giant mod that mixes or compiles a lot of maps from good old mods , most of them are around the hl story .
like i did in the mod assault - strike with the hl coop story.. sometimes there are "holes" so you can change map or mods without "hurting" the player..
here i think of the part where freeman should get the surface ; that i replaced by the one from azure.. where barney is able to get "free" of there..
my mod is around 200 maps for the main story.. and i hope to add the same amount with 2 x 100 maps extended mods ..
like i want to use "heart of evil and they hunger ep3" in one .. for this one nothing very hard : the connection is when percy freeman finds barney in the space station freezer .. then he wake up in the hospital of they hunger..

by now i am finishing of selecting maps and models .. i need the developers to create a first dll [ that i will "update" with new files or weapons ] then at end ; he or she or the team will have to rewrite and optimize it..
there is also some maps that could be "remade or re-edited" to make the mod better..

i also hope to use maps from a lot of others mods : like invasion , echoes ....
beside selection of maps and models.. i also have few zip of source code of mods .. i tried a lot of times to have the one of opposing force.. but gearbox and valve are real bitches.. ; may be someone knows a "leak" of these dlls .. as well as those from decay .. [ the pc ports is not that kind with ripenters.. and there are big "3d errors" in maps .. i mean that for exemple : when the gina and colette are scanned .. they have to come out by the way they entered.. or i would prefer them to get in the room where the other barney is blocking the door next to the scanner..