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Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-04 18:53:45 UTC
in Critical HELP -> Changing dialogue times Post #345506
Thank you, this helped a lot
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-03 22:35:30 UTC
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So the best case scenario would be to get help from a mapper, you say?
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-03 13:09:31 UTC
in Critical HELP -> Changing dialogue times Post #345495
Hi, i hope everyone is doing well in these...Troubled times..

I'm developing a mod now for quite some time, to localize Half-Life to my language, and i got someone in my team who said that he can adjust the times in all dialogues, moving or delaying entities as needed

I don't know how that works exactly since he is the one that was going to do it, i only know that it was adjusted through the .bsp files

Now i'm investing in a better microphone etc, really diving deep into the project, and this guy is just giving up and is not answering me anymore, like don't even want to explain how he was going to do it

I have some prints "kind of" explaining what should be altered to change the gman dialogue times, but i have no ideia on how to do any other ones, like the hazard course(which is what we will begin recording) or the test chamber scene which should have a lot of entities...

Can someone give a little hand?
I was left in a sh*tty situation

OK so i have a final question

These numbers and letters between the phrases,what do they mean? "(P120) (e75) (s5) (t50)
Uuh i think i can delete this post, but i don't know how D:
Here comes the big big question i was saving for last because i was afraid to ask

How do i change the dialogues from the hgrunt and vox from single words to full sentences like in the other languages edition,like spanish?
I haven't done the math yet counting all the sentences in the sentences.txt to see if just replacing each of them with a full audio will work
Posted 4 months ago2020-12-02 03:31:03 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344995
I know right niteTnine,this makes me very curious
Posted 4 months ago2020-12-02 03:29:53 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344994
Thanks guys..i think i gathered enought information to form a text for the flipsign
Posted 4 months ago2020-12-01 14:16:39 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344990
Lots of heads think better than one
Posted 4 months ago2020-12-01 14:02:20 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344989
Yea but the high tech weapons are classified, so it makes no sence to have advertising about it xD
Yea i know it's up to me man, i'm just asking for some clue about the lore
So i'm currently developing a mod, and i am trying to replace these blurry yellow mess representing letters with real readable texts

I have done them all except the helicopter one...i can't come up with anything,i did a lot of research, also, what are the military doing in black mesa at the beggining and why is black mesa advertising them?
I could use some help.
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-30 17:30:32 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344980
What is the military doing at black mesa before the incident?
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-30 08:30:47 UTC
in [Help] Half-Life Flipsigns Post #344977
So,i am working on a translation for half life, and there are a lot of Flipsigns with very small letters
There is one known to hide a easter egg ( )
If you can figure out the very small texts,they read "If you can read this shit then you are really fuckin strange... with good eyeyeS / I need text of interest here. no really go ahead and picture something cool in your mind eye make something up of what you would like for this to say".

But the other ones...

There is no way i can figure these ones out,if that is even possible
i searched all over the web and it seems like no one is interested in knowing what they are trying to say, or if it is just gibberish and the security one is the only exception

So,i don't know if i just skip these blurried words,or what do i do.


. ok,so i did a little bit of improvising,a little bit of research (ex- with the image about the black mesa Hydroelectric dam, i talked about Hydroelectric dams,and where it is located in the hl universe etc)

but i am stuck at the chopper aka APACHE image
what the hell am i supposed to talk about it? any hints?
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-30 05:47:27 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344976
it worked. thank you very much
i hope this was the only texture missing
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 15:04:21 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344972
There is no way to restore the old texture?
Because if that is so, i'm going to have to find a replacement,some tileable texture
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 14:55:55 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344971
So i just Discovered...
Having a file named "trrrm_vat" in your wad makes it appear instead of the missing texture
But it doenst fit
I tried changing to all possible sizes
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 13:47:14 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344970
so uh
i just tested something out
i downloaded a fanmade halflife,wad to see what would happen
and this happened
so yeah
istead of missing texture,now it is a textured with wrong size
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 13:45:03 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344969
you can see it at training levels at t0a0a
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 10:38:44 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344967
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 10:38:28 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344966
So,i couldn't sleep so i checked,yea the r_wadtextures is set to 1
i'm sending you the maps
oh another strange thing i forgot to mention,when messing around with the halflife.wad for modifying textures, the same thing happened
These textures even thought i didnt touch them,became like that
some people said i broke the wad,i don't even know exactly what that is supposed to mean, but i found strange that is always this texture that gets corrupted
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-29 06:41:50 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344965
Thanks for answering livewired
I'm pretty sure r_wadtextures is set to 1
But i will double check
I am answering this through my phone, i am very sick now and i am struggling to do simple tasks
So just wait a few days

If you figure out how to fix this mess i'll make sure to give you credits in the mod
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-28 16:01:05 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344963
Hello,how can i send you the bsp's?
Posted 4 months ago2020-11-27 12:28:02 UTC
in [Help] with bsps and included textures Post #344959
So, the half life bsp's has the textures directly included into them.
And i'm working in a mod that is going to replace some textures
Without removing the included textures in the bsps the game freaks out and merge the two textures
So okay,i removed the included textures
But then, some textures appears missing now
More especifically these ones

They are still present in the wad, but in the game they appear like this

Can anyone help? I don't want to release my mod like this :( but i'm not experienced in map editing
Just audio editing and texturing

Is there a way to just put back these textures into the bsp?
Or is there a way to just modify the textures instead of removing all of them? Which is best? And how do i do it?
Posted 5 months ago2020-11-21 22:49:31 UTC
in HELP with DETAIL TEXTURES Post #344918
Okay so i just figured out how to make detail textures, i made one and it works, i tested it
But when using on xash3d, which i do, instead of the detail texture staying on top of the default texture,which i made translucent in the wad, it somehow mixes with the default texture even though it is not present in the wad anymore

Can anyone help?
Posted 5 months ago2020-11-19 04:11:32 UTC
in HELP editing decals.wad Post #344887
Yeah some guy just helpws me had something to do with the palettes..thanks!
Posted 5 months ago2020-11-18 18:50:44 UTC
in HELP editing decals.wad Post #344881
So i was trying to translate the half life decals..
But i can't edit decals using wally..whenever i try to compile it, the game don't recognizes it
At first i tought the problem were the edited images
But then
even if i just export and recompile the original vanila decal files,the same problem happens

In the normal half life engine it just becomes invisible
In xash 3d all the textures loses its transparency(meaning its as big white box)
And i can't find any apps like wally to edit wads
I see a lot of people can edit decals no problem
Any ideas on what i am doing wrong?