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Posted 1 day ago2021-02-23 02:58:50 UTC
in Redemption Map Transition Issue Post #345365
I can't find how to delete this thread but I just figured out it was cause I didn't smash the tank holding that weird particle LOL
Posted 1 day ago2021-02-23 02:41:05 UTC
in Redemption Map Transition Issue Post #345364
Hey all! So I decided to make a post on here cause there is no physical way I'm going to be able to resolve this issue on my own. Anyways I hit the end of Himalayan Madness, but the level isn't advancing to the Fun Times at the Carn'evil one. This version of the game I just kinda found a folder of and put into my half-life steam one. I'm not missing major elements of the next level as far as I can tell, but there could be some files I am missing since they came from the internet. Thank you to anyone who attempts to help me on this one! :biggrin: