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Posted 9 months ago2022-02-26 00:52:16 UTC
in Problem with water reflections in 3D Skybox Post #346297
I'm not sure! But I've actually found the problem I believe... I think the map was too open and rendering too much?? The problem seems to have just gone away (but pops up sometimes when I'm noclipping around and too much is being rendered). So if anyone else stumbles upon this post, make sure your map isn't rendering too much at once! I found more effective spots to place hints and area portals to get a tighter control on visibilty.
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Posted 9 months ago2022-02-12 20:12:37 UTC
in Problem with water reflections in 3D Skybox Post #346278
Hey all, I can't seem to find a straight answer to this by searching the forums or Google in general. Basically, the water in the 3D skybox seems to be reflecting the whole underside of the level.

Here's the problem:
User posted image
Some points to consider:
  • The water texture is nature/water_canals03 (expensive water)
  • my water LOD control is set to transition to cheap water after 30000 units (just to prevent cheap water)
  • There is a cubemap strictly tied to each water surface, including the one in the skybox
  • The water appears at the same level in-game. 3D skybox is above the map
Here's the 3D skybox in Hammer:
User posted image
Here's the top-down view of the level in relation to the origin in Hammer:
User posted image
Let me know if I can provide any more screenshots or info. Any help would be appreciated!!
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Posted 1 year ago2021-08-09 19:35:37 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #345869
Count me in! Finally made an account on here to join in on the fun.
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