Hello TWHL community! I got stuck on making sawed off shotgun, i tried to modify vanilla one but it has different mechanics so i decided to make it from scratch.
I have a model (view, world, player) with few animations (idle, draw, holster, reload, shoot&reload combined (unused now)).

the model itself

I think i already 'imported' it to the game, i can place it on a map and it has place in hud, it has its own class, MAX_CLIP/CARRY, DEFAULT_GIVE, but it has broken animations, its almost a copy of vanilla shotgun, i want to change its mechanics to simpler, to write it from scratch in few words =)

with my knowledge i can probably make a joke version of it with infinite bullets to place it as secret, but thats silly, i want to learn how to make weapons =--)

i want it to simply shoot using two barrels and then reload two shells using shoot&reload animation
also how do code interact with model animations?

help me please

(my english is a bit clumsy btw, sorry =)