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Hello there,

I have been a long time admirer of the work and knowledge shared on this forum; and now I find myself needing some expert advice.

I am working on a Half Life mod using the Goldsource engine; and I am focusing on creating custom textures to give my maps a unique look. I’ve managed to create some basic textures using Photoshop; but I feel that they lack the professional touch and detail that I see in many community projects.

What are some advanced techniques or tools you use for creating high-quality textures? Are there any particular brushes; filters; or plugins in Photoshop that you find indispensable?

I am struggling with making my textures seamless. Despite using the offset filter and trying to blend the edges, I often end up with visible seams. Are there any tips or tricks to ensure perfect seamlessness?

How do you add details to make textures look more realistic and less flat? For instance; adding dirt; wear and other imperfections. Are there specific resources or tutorials that you recommend for learning these techniques?

Once the textures are created; what are the best practices for optimizing them for use in the Goldsource engine? I want to ensure they look good without negatively impacting performance.

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

Lastly; if you have any favorite tutorials; websites; or books that have helped you in your texture creation journey; I would love to hear about them.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-10 09:12:02 UTC
in What was this mod? Post #348858
I think the mod might be Paranoia. It featured unique weapons, including a powerful cannon, and allowed players to summon creatures.
But as you described I found it interesting. I am also going to try this, at least once.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-08 09:22:05 UTC
in Car™️ Post #348857
Don't worry, everyone starts somewhere! With more practice, you'll definitely get faster. Just keep at it and you'll see improvement soon
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-06 09:11:01 UTC
in Hurt trigger in map changes gravity!!! Post #348855
I am getting confused about the discussion, can anyone explain?
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-05 12:47:19 UTC
in Is GoldSource still cool Post #348852
Yes, this is a masterpiece.