Competition 23 Created 13 years ago2007-01-10 22:01:32 UTC by AJ AJ

Created 13 years ago2007-01-10 22:01:32 UTC by AJ AJ

Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 10:09:24 UTC Post #211917
You guys are getting slow I've already done quite a bit of mine ;)
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 10:36:58 UTC Post #211918
I'm having some trouble with mine. Try creating a refractive+reflective+bumpmapped+transparent+scrolling waterfall and you will see what i mean :(
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 11:16:15 UTC Post #211919
Didn't that 'Return to Mana' mod have a waterfall as you described? Well I'm not entering because I didn't have much time to map. Goodluck.
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 11:27:55 UTC Post #211920
Haven't seen that mod...
The part I'm having trouble with is the transparency and cubemap reflections. Even with an alpha channel or changing the rendermode, I can't change the transparency. The scrolling and refracting effects work fine. I actually managed to make it look like something is flowing. It just looks more like glass than water atm.
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 11:30:15 UTC Post #211921
I haven't started mine yet, but we still have an entire month to go :)
Well I'm not entering because I didn't have much time to map.
Um.. so let me get this right. You're in the top-10 or top-5 for user logins and profile hits all the time, but you're trying to tell us you have no time to map? This besides the fact you still have a full month to go? :

Seriously, come up with a better excuse like you sprained your mouse hand or you've become allergic to the Hammer, or something!.. christ on a raft! ;) :P
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 21:57:23 UTC Post #211947
yea well like i sayed myself im soo busy right now but ill still have plenty of time to make the map in time-well atleast hopefully...anyways thow ive never had a computer good enough to run hl2 little alone hl1 so im making mine in half life... my ideas morphing together slowly so as long as i get it done itl be great:)
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-08 22:14:11 UTC Post #211948
Yeah habboi, you lazy turd. :P
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-09 07:47:11 UTC Post #211976
Fine you caught me out...I am too lazy...Plus my hand hurts from the snow.
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-09 08:10:10 UTC Post #211977
Or something else you're too embarrassed to tell us about.
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-09 09:11:53 UTC Post #211983
I've made my map.... BUT............... it has tonnes of bugs :(
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-09 19:52:59 UTC Post #212034
well....fix them ;)
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-12 22:34:26 UTC Post #212330
I'm starting my entry tonight! I have 3 ideas I may go with, and I'll make 3 simple test maps to see what works best before I proceed.

Who's in this one?
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-13 06:58:02 UTC Post #212355
Me............ yeah!!! Be afraid......... be very afraid! EVIL LAUGH
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-13 18:15:15 UTC Post #212392
i made a lot of my entry but am way too busy to finsish right now.WILL force myself to finish thow besides its turning out great...
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-14 09:06:55 UTC Post #212453
Only problem with my entry is that it uses the hl1 engine which I'm sure will be a big disadvantage in comprision to the source ones :
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-15 02:21:45 UTC Post #212526
They'll be judged in the two seperate categories, source and hl1. you'll be up against the other hl1 engine maps, not the source maps.
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-21 11:00:20 UTC Post #213234
I've got an idea - a pool race where you touch the finishing block at the end and that kills the ompetitors lol.
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-21 11:15:42 UTC Post #213237
I've finnished 20% of the map... I made pretty much all the custom textures, all the textures will be custom. It's gonna be soo sweet! :D
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-22 10:39:17 UTC Post #213346
ok i just finished my art sculpture last night "so that i can put it in the vase competition" so ill finally have some time to get working on my map again...
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-22 15:37:05 UTC Post #213381
finished the archtitecture. Now I need to add a few statues, texture it and I'm done. :)
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-23 09:25:25 UTC Post #213449
I've done about 40% of the architecture in my map. After I've completed my architecture that I have the easy job of textures and entity work :)
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-27 11:03:42 UTC Post #214154
I couldn't solve the problems with the waterfall material, so I'm out of this one. Source materials have so many parameters that it's hard to know where exactly you have made a mistake.

I could do something for HL1 instead, but I'd rather concentrate on my minimod now that my singplayer inspiration is at an all-time high.
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-27 11:23:47 UTC Post #214156
Go Kasperg! Good luck with the Single-player.

My compo map is nearly complete. I still have some minor light issues to deal with, a few more windows, and it should be complete.

I'm saying it should be done by Thursday or Friday, hopefully.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-02-27 16:08:49 UTC Post #214184
Done making most of the textures, archtitecture is now really finished, only problem is that I can't find modelers for me statues. I might be able to submit it without them and in someplaces replace them with poorly textured and built replicas. But when I'll get these models I'll repost me map in the vault, or if seventh would be kind enough to replace the map since this compo is concerend with the mapping not modeling.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-02 06:48:41 UTC Post #214587
I'm fearing I might of made my project to ambitious :D

so I may have to release a cut down version of my map lol
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-02 07:52:46 UTC Post #214594
Sheesh texture creating is annoying. I rearly map now, only create textures and sometimes place them and get ideas for more textures. :tired:
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-04 20:52:52 UTC Post #215000
sheesh ive been so busy lately. Ive already made a lot of the map thow so im going to try and force myself to finish because i got a pretty neat idea but itl just take a lotta work...
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-05 09:21:18 UTC Post #215040
I think I'm going to have to cut my map in half to get it finshed in time. I went overboard with the mapping and now the entity set ups and texture creations are going to take an eternity to set up : /
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-06 10:43:45 UTC Post #215164
man only 5 days left...ive been so busy that i havent been able to work on my map. Well if I realy put a lot of time these last days into it, I just might be able to finish it...
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-06 20:50:05 UTC Post #215208
I have a tiny problem, I have a test on the 11, in mathmatics. Could you let me submit it a little later, I'd like to finish this map and I'm sure it'd would be a shame if I wouldn't finish it but I don't want it to intefere with my studies especially mathmatics. :cry:

Please give me another two days, in which I will fill the days I will study, please don't make this little map ruin my grades, I love this map very much, it is the very first one I'm proud of. Please I'm begging you seventh.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 05:16:32 UTC Post #215216
I don't see why not since the compo needs a lot of entries :)
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 05:19:22 UTC Post #215217
Yeh, if I'm going to enter I'll need a bit more too, any chance of an extension all round?
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 05:34:54 UTC Post #215219
... The competition was already like, double the length of normal ones. Stop being so lazy.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 05:58:06 UTC Post #215220
There is a 0% chance of me submitting a map for this. Sorry for the empty promise early on. I had some really great ideas for this, but I never took the initiative to bring them alive. Oh well. :(
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 06:19:52 UTC Post #215222
My map is like singleplayer one and its architecure like 70% done I beleive I'd need another week or 2 to finish it :nervous:
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 08:09:00 UTC Post #215226
Stop being so lazy.
Go to hell! :x I told you why I wanted a day or two more, I've got a serious test on that very day. I'm sure you'll feel the same about a map that you invested so much time in and that you love so. It only has a single room with 1782 brushes, that might give you an impression of what kind of room it is. :furious:
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 09:05:46 UTC Post #215239
It only has a single room with 1782 brushes, that might give you an impression of what kind of room it is. furious - :furious:
A giant fish tank :o
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 09:08:24 UTC Post #215240
The only reason I need so much longer is the only times I have to map are weekends lol and I made the map to big....well I may just make my entry the equivalent of a demo or something lol :cool:
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 10:59:03 UTC Post #215243
a little extra time would be helpfull to me too but if i just force myself to finish i could , i mean we have this whole coming weekend thats like 48 hours alone :)... well i also want to ask a ? ive tryed this b4 but couldnt but is it possible to include your wad file in the bsp using hammers original compile tools? i couldnt get it to work...
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 11:11:54 UTC Post #215248
i mean we have this whole coming weekend
You have it, I don't. ;)
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 12:13:18 UTC Post #215255
The only way hammer 3.4 doesnt lag is if i run it with flat shaded polygons :(
I miss my textures :confused:
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 19:58:51 UTC Post #215304
Appears you need to upgrade ;)
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-07 20:17:47 UTC Post #215305
He actually has a pretty high end laptop, but he's running Vista, which slows it down significantly. So, what he really needs to do is downgrade. ;)
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-08 05:27:37 UTC Post #215321
hehe I guess so :D
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-08 19:36:27 UTC Post #215378
Do I have to create a minimod if I have costum textures, sounds and models? : I remember what happened last compo I entered, nobody managed to get the mod working so in the end their placed everything in the Hl1 directories. I fear it might happen again though I use steam now.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-08 20:29:11 UTC Post #215383
Yes, you do have to.
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 03:46:01 UTC Post #215395
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 05:37:39 UTC Post #215397
so any extension? begs :aggrieved:
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 06:33:02 UTC Post #215400
Yes till next thursday
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 10:35:45 UTC Post #215406
this is so great. I would have been able to finish in time but now I will beable to finish for sure. I would have had plenty of time if i wasnt such a procrastinator.
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