The Quest of Lord Bratty Created 12 years ago2007-06-12 10:59:54 UTC by BrattyLord BrattyLord

Created 12 years ago2007-06-12 10:59:54 UTC by BrattyLord BrattyLord

Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 10:59:54 UTC Post #224987
heh, I found this going through my old files.

I do believe I was high...

[12:32] <BrattyLord> I give my welcome to you, the people of TWHL!!!
[12:33] <Marvin> Lord Bratty has come!
[12:34] <jaardsi>
[12:34] <jaardsi> Hail, Lord Bratty
[12:35] <BrattyLord> Bow loyal subject!
[12:36] <jaardsi>
[12:36] <jaardsi> You are not the man I serve, lord.
[12:36] <BrattyLord> Who is that that you serve then peasant?
[12:37] <BrattyLord> I shall challange him, TO A JOIST
[12:37] <jaardsi> High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey, sire.
[12:37] <ZombieLoffe> And Superior Praetor Andy
[12:37] <jaardsi> And the Great Lord atom
[12:37] <ZombieLoffe> I bite my thumb in contempt of thee, BrattyLord!
[12:38] <BrattyLord> Take this message to him with great head: "Lord Bratty Challanges him to a duel by sundown!"
[12:38] <jaardsi> Will do, sire.
[12:38] <BrattyLord> Do you bite your thumb at me sir Loffe?
[12:39] <ZombieLoffe> Aye!
[12:39] * ZombieLoffe draws his longsword
[12:39] <BrattyLord> Then I shall kill your lord in contempt
[12:39] <BrattyLord> Throw down your weapon foolish tyrant!
[12:40] * ZombieLoffe strikes at BrattyLord
[12:40] * BrattyLord blocks and throws down sir Loffe
[12:40] <BrattyLord> I am not the one that you want
[12:41] <BrattyLord> I shall fell your superiour by nightfall!
[12:41] <BrattyLord> High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III
[12:41] <BrattyLord> That is my prey
[12:43] <ZombieLoffe> You shalln't prevail, thou beast of darkness
[12:43] * BrattyLord gets down on one knee and recites the Lord's code
[12:44] <BrattyLord> I, a Lord, shall not fall when it tis' dark, but prevail with honor and valor with a strike of my staff
[12:44] <BrattyLord> For I have been given the power held within my heart to challange tough that defys me
[12:45] <BrattyLord> High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III, your days are numbered foolish Tyrant of the Hoard
[12:45] <BrattyLord> I will Prevail
[12:45] <BrattyLord> For that Is my destiny
[12:45] <BrattyLord> my honor
[12:45] <BrattyLord> my valor
[12:45] * ZombieLoffe summons Loki
[12:45] <BrattyLord> my life
[12:46] <ZombieLoffe> Loki, attack!
[12:46] * BrattyLord jumps onto his horse
[12:46] <BrattyLord> AWAY!
[12:46] * BrattyLord rides off through the village
[12:46] * ZombieLoffe mounts slepiner and rides after BrattyLord
[12:46] <ZombieLoffe> Dude, my horse got 6 legs, it's definately faster
[12:47] <BrattyLord> Foolish sir Loffe, you are not the one I hunt
[12:47] <ZombieLoffe> I must protect our master!
[12:47] <BrattyLord> If your master has any bit of honor, he will not send a sire to do a Councler's job
[12:47] <jaardsi> Thy, lord ZombieLoffe, can't count.
[12:48] <BrattyLord> For he is but a fool
[12:48] <jaardsi> Your trusted mount has 8 legs.
[12:48] <ZombieLoffe> 8, 6, same shit
[12:48] <BrattyLord> You speak in dialect foreign to me
[12:48] <jaardsi> I believe you mean shite, lord?
[12:49] <ZombieLoffe> Um, yes, squire
[12:49] <ZombieLoffe> Now clean my boots, slave
[12:50] <jaardsi> I'm sorry my lord but that can't be done.
[12:50] <BrattyLord> For the time draws near where my quest will be completed. High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey draws near. Only time will tell when I will strike him down
[12:50] <jaardsi> I'm all out of Good Ol' Shoe Polisher
[12:51] <jaardsi> (tm)
[12:51] <ZombieLoffe> Then you must DIE!
[12:51] * ZombieLoffe slays jaardsi
[12:51] * jaardsi screams in agony
[12:51] <BrattyLord> You kill your own peasant?
[12:51] <BrattyLord> that is not honor!
[12:51] * BrattyLord grabs jaardsi up on his horse and drops him off far away
[12:52] <BrattyLord> flee peasant!
[12:52] * jaardsi lays on the ground, silent.
[12:52] <ZombieLoffe> Honour is for the weak
[12:52] <ZombieLoffe> Power for the strong
[12:52] * ZombieLoffe laughs evily
[12:53] <BrattyLord> Power comes from Honour, foolish sir Loffe
[12:53] <BrattyLord> for I am neither strong nor weak
[12:53] <BrattyLord> I am
[12:53] <ZombieLoffe> Powers flows from the flow of death
[12:54] * ZombieLoffe raises 405 skeleton warriors and a clown
[12:54] <BrattyLord> Though art a magician, not a sire?
[12:54] <BrattyLord> for though art a worthey foe
[12:54] <BrattyLord> but this is not your time
[12:55] <BrattyLord> Now, I must bid you farewell
[12:55] <BrattyLord> AWAY


Part 2

[16:40] <BrattyLord> For I, Lord Bratty have returned! Where is that who they call High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III?

[16:41] <BrattyLord> Answer me foolish Tyrants of the Hoard!! Or feel my blade!
Enter Unbreakable
[16:41] <Unbreakable> hello
[16:41] <Unbreakable> There are new brethren Amongst us every hour.
[16:41] <BrattyLord> Bow to me foolish peasant!
Enter Trapmap
[16:42] <BrattyLord> has another of though tyrants joined again?
[16:42] <BrattyLord> Fear my blade!
[16:42] <BrattyLord> Where is that who they call High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III?
[16:43] <BrattyLord> Speak Peasant!
[16:43] * BrattyLord kicks Peasants
[16:43] <trapmap> me?
[16:43] <Unbreakable> I know not what is happening?
Enter Dajuppi
[16:47] <dajuppi> foul brat!
[16:47] <trapmap> lol
[16:47] <dajuppi> Marvin !
[16:47] <dajuppi> We need your leg!
[16:47] <dajuppi> A fool is present, and speaks without end
[16:47] <BrattyLord> Fool! knows not the buisness he speaks
[16:48] <Unbreakable> your words are numberious
[16:48] <BrattyLord> Tis but a script
[16:48] <trapmap> haha
[16:48] <Unbreakable> he is like the withered beast, unable to speak
[16:49] <BrattyLord> For now my quest will rize!! Where, I SAY, IS High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III!! His hour is now!
[16:50] <BrattyLord> Peasants!! Answer me or feel my blade!
[16:50] <trapmap> blink blink
[16:50] * BrattyLord draws sword
[16:50] * Unbreakable takes my lords side.
[16:50] <dajuppi> Foolish Brat, must he talk so?
[16:50] <BrattyLord> Don't tempt me peasants!
[16:50] <Unbreakable> Thou shall fall at my masters blade.
[16:50] <dajuppi>
[16:51] * BrattyLord stabs dajuppi
[16:51] <BrattyLord> Answer me now, or more shall perisH!
[16:51] * trapmap shoots himself
[16:52] <BrattyLord> With an arrow you have ended your life so not to give information.
[16:52] <trapmap> your name and messafe where in italiv
[16:52] <trapmap> *message
[16:52] <trapmap> *italic
[16:53] <BrattyLord> A fool at words I see
[16:53] <trapmap> im dead, remember?
[16:53] <BrattyLord> For the wizard sir Loffe has risen him! Show yourself sir Loffe
[16:53] <BrattyLord> Or more shall persih
[16:53] <trapmap> lol
[16:54] <BrattyLord> you laugh in the face of danger?
[16:54] <BrattyLord> Your honor is great, but your mind is small
[16:54] <trapmap> i dont care, remember? ill kill myself, or let you do it.
[16:54] * BrattyLord stabs trapmap
[16:54] <BrattyLord> but I cannot let one as him live
Enter Slasher_101
[16:54] <BrattyLord> Who goes there?
[16:55] <BrattyLord> tis another peasant?
[16:55] * Slasher_101 does
[16:55] <BrattyLord> Sir Slasher, what is your status?
[16:55] <BrattyLord> are you a lord of the court?
[16:55] <BrattyLord> Are you merely a peasant in the field?
[16:56] <Slasher_101> I am merely a whore in the brothel, BrattyLord
[16:56] <BrattyLord> bah, you have drunken too much.
[16:56] <BrattyLord> Tis a whore? You surely shalt not live in harmony
[16:56] <BrattyLord> Where, I ask, is High-Councellor Seventh-MonkeyIII?
[16:58] <Slasher_101> surely you jest !
[16:58] <BrattyLord> For you are but a whore
[16:58] <BrattyLord> I have no buisness with you, BEGONE!
[16:58] <BrattyLord> These Villagers do not answer me, why shall they not comply?
[16:58] <trapmap> im dead.
[16:59] <Slasher_101> im a whore
[16:59] <BrattyLord> If not one answers me, one more shall die
[16:59] <BrattyLord> where I ask is High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III?
[16:59] <Slasher_101> he's here, in the brothel
[17:00] <BrattyLord> Make him show his face, for his hour is now!
[17:00] <BrattyLord> Hes gone out the back, fithy coward!
[17:00] <BrattyLord> Your day will come!
[17:01] <BrattyLord> For not here is me, so I have no busniess here in the ally
[17:01] <BrattyLord> AWAY!
[17:02] <Slasher_101> 7th monkey... you can come out now, he's gone.
Enter Seventh-Monkey
[17:02] <Marvin> Hail Seventh-Monkey, channel operator. Trolls beware.
[17:03] <BrattyLord> AHA!! you show your face!!
[17:03] <Unbreakable> uh oh... this isnt good... with the mood Lord Bratty is in...
[17:03] <BrattyLord> your hour has come!
[17:03] <Seventh-Monkey> I've hidden my toils far too long.
[17:03] <BrattyLord> you shall die by my blade!
[17:03] <BrattyLord> on guard!
[17:03] * BrattyLord draws sword
[17:04] <Seventh-Monkey> I have but rather fare more depressing news.
[17:04] <BrattyLord> what is that you speak of?
[17:04] <Seventh-Monkey> I am but a donkey!
[17:05] <Unbreakable> how anticlimatic...
[17:05] <BrattyLord> Bah!! tis not High-Councellor Seventh-Monkey III, tis a jester in a mask!
[17:05] <Unbreakable> Your words are foolish in mannor.
[17:05] <BrattyLord> Shutup foolish peasant, your hour is not now
[17:06] <Seventh-Monkey> You shall die at my hand..
[17:06] <BrattyLord> Hand?
[17:06] <BrattyLord> You shall fight by fist?
[17:06] * Seventh-Monkey pulls out a sword, and thrashes it forward.
[17:06] * BrattyLord blocked and jumps back
[17:06] <BrattyLord> you are a worthy foe
[17:06] <BrattyLord> but not enough
[17:07] * BrattyLord stabs at Seventh-Monkey
[17:07] * Seventh-Monkey the imposter, reveals himself behind the mask. It is not seventh. It tis his brother.
[17:07] <BrattyLord> I have killed... his brother?
[17:07] <BrattyLord> Why must though decieve me dying man?
[17:07] <Seventh-Monkey> I die at your feet.
[17:07] <Seventh-Monkey> but surely.
[17:07] <Seventh-Monkey> My brother will seek out his revenge
[17:08] <BrattyLord> For you were brave in battle, your time has come, but not when expected
[17:08] <BrattyLord> your brother shall not have his revenge, for I shall find him, and have his head
[17:08] <BrattyLord> I no longer must linger here amonst the dead, for I must leave
[17:08] <BrattyLord> Away!
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Luke LukeLuke
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 11:33:01 UTC Post #224993
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 11:34:45 UTC Post #224995
[16:48] <BrattyLord> Tis but a script
Best part. =D
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 11:42:16 UTC Post #224996
Haha, this is awesome. I can't remember any of it. When's it from?
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 12:26:28 UTC Post #225003
hah, I looked at the file, and it was created February of 2005!
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 12:38:25 UTC Post #225007
Good times.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 21:49:17 UTC Post #225038
Old school.
Trapt Traptlegend
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-12 22:52:10 UTC Post #225041
That was fucking awesome. :D
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-13 06:59:26 UTC Post #225066
Oh Jesus. I laughed so hard my eye came out .(
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-13 14:26:50 UTC Post #225127
haha, twas worth the read =]
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-13 21:47:47 UTC Post #225175
[16:53] <BrattyLord> A fool at words I see
[16:53] <trapmap> im dead, remember?

That's awesome. :D
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
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I don't remember any of this :).
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-14 06:32:04 UTC Post #225192
Of course you don't. Somebody's brother had to do all the dirty work, while that someone hid in the brothel.
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-14 08:32:02 UTC Post #225199
[16:58] <BrattyLord> These Villagers do not answer me, why shall they not comply?
[16:58] <trapmap> im dead.
[16:59] <Slasher_101> im a whore
Hahahah. Awsome.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-14 08:34:52 UTC Post #225201
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