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Posted 13 years ago2007-06-18 18:03:16 UTC Post #225602
Who here has actually bought a copy of Vista or a new computer with Vista and used it for some time? I'm wondering if I should stick with Windows XP for 2 more years or make the jump right now [along with a computer up to the task]. Honest reviews only please.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-18 18:16:57 UTC Post #225603
I'd say get a new computer without any OS and download acquire it yourself. Not worth putting money into it, no matter what OS you decide for.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-18 18:18:04 UTC Post #225604
I can assure you that nobody here has actually bought Vista...

And also, you won't get any honest reviews. You know how people here feel about Vista.

@Zombie: Davespamnumbers is never going to pirate anything, I assure you. He thinks that's for bad people.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-19 21:18:50 UTC Post #225748
I have a copy of vista ( cracked ) ...
I dont think u should get it right now.. i have lots of problems with it..
Some say that there is a "hammer" u can use in vista now.. but i dont think so..
And vista take lots of RAM and CPU, so u really need a lot of that if u wanna play the big games like HL2 and like that..

I wish i havent upgraded my own pc.. :(

( Just a little thing - i loved vista before.. and i still dont hate it.. :) )
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-20 03:38:14 UTC Post #225771
Vista works really well for me at work.

But I wouldn't have it at home. Not for the forseeable future anyway.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-20 08:29:11 UTC Post #225802
Well for me I'll be getting a new PC sometime and I am sure from every comment I have read that I will not get Vista but surely that means I can't use DX LVL 10? I want the best PC up to this date and I don't want to be limited to the programs I use because of a stupid OS...

Is there a slight chance Vista will improve someday? Because everyone seems to make me think it is the worst thing to ever exist...
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Posted 13 years ago2007-06-20 15:23:53 UTC Post #225857
I have a new computer with Vista on it.
I got the computer as a gift and Vista was included and pre-installed.
So I thought I'd try it out. And I kinda like it actualy!

It has some really usefull features that I missed in XP, all this desktop thingies that makes a lot of thing easier, browsing and handeling files are muc easier, looking at pictures and storing them are easier, organizing stuff is easier and it sure as hell looks a lot better. I can play all the games that I like and all that. I haven't installed FL studio or Hammer yet, so if those two works Im sticking with Vista, if they don't I MIGHT change back to XP. You see, I have XP on my laptop so it seems rather useless to change back just for those two programs, but well see.

I'll give you a full review when I tried everything I need to try!
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-20 17:26:17 UTC Post #225869
Get a Mac.

Amirite, Ant?
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-20 17:47:41 UTC Post #225872
Right you are, seventh!
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-21 22:24:17 UTC Post #226038
You're not Ant.

My father just bought a new laptop with Vista on it. Peel back all the gimmicky effects and it's nothing more than cheap additions, really. I can see some use for it in the future when it's stripped back and patched beyond recognition, though.
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Posted 13 years ago2007-06-21 22:57:51 UTC Post #226040
It's just a reason to spend money to get some glimmer and features that OSX has had for years.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-22 05:50:43 UTC Post #226074
Hey, come on! It's Microsoft we are talking about! We gotta give em a little credit, they are like the Special Olympics for computers! So sure, the good new things that Vista has have alredy existed on OSX for quite some time now, but we gotta give em a little pad on the back for finaly realizing that those things are wanted in an OS! :) And for the bad thing, they are retarded assholes.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-22 05:56:15 UTC Post #226075
Don't get it now, wait until they fix it all up (which will be a bloody long time)
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Posted 13 years ago2007-06-23 21:19:15 UTC Post #226332
I recently got an computer with Vista pre-installed, and I have to say I sort of like it.

It's not as bad as people say it is. As for me, I have had no compatibility issues- as a matter of fact I was able to play all the XP games I installed just fine. (Even Battlefield Vietnam worked.)

Also, may I point out people said the same things about XP when it was first released? People just need to get used to it, thats all.

Also, it should be noted some stuff in OSX was actualy first in Vista before it was released, Microsoft isn't the only company that steals ideas and such.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-23 22:59:27 UTC Post #226337
Also, it should be noted that everything in any retail OS was actualy first in a Linux distro before it was released, Microsoft isn't the only company that steals ideas and such.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-23 23:15:18 UTC Post #226338
I've used Vista (the laptop has it) and except that we're running on 512 MB ram, i haven't found anything wrong with it, and I too, kinda like it.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-23 23:16:08 UTC Post #226339
The thing is, I feel no sympathy for Linux developers. Isn't open-source all about taking and contributing stuff?

To be more specific, Instant Search has been developed by Microsoft since 2004, before Apple started on Spotlight. Since Microsoft took so long to release Vista, Apple got an opportunity to use the "M$ aren't innovators, they just copy lolz" angle during keynotes. Now Google is contemplating an anti-trust lawsuit because Instant Search now pwns Desktop Google because it's right there. Irony.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 01:46:04 UTC Post #226342
Windows XP Professional serves me well.

I see no reason to upgrade.

None at all, at least for now.
satchmo satchmoWhat you can do today should have been done yesterday.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 05:40:48 UTC Post #226345
I see no reason to upgrade.
Oh I agree with you in principal.

But the powers that be, are already trying to force people to upgrade.

Soon there will be games which are Vista only. And their number will only grow.

Two that spring to mind are Halo 3 and Alan Wake.

I don't like Halo so that doesn't bother me. But I want to play Alan Wake - and to do that requires either Vista or an Xbox360.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 05:47:44 UTC Post #226346
i'd rather the 360 ;)
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 09:29:37 UTC Post #226347
Soon there will be games which are Vista only. And their number will only grow.
"Soon" is probably more than 6 months away. No reason to upgrade now, and even when DX10-only games start coming out, there'll probably be standalone DX10 releases for XP.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 09:45:09 UTC Post #226348
Vista is crap
It won't let you use USB sticks. "Sorry , this is not compatible with windows vista"

As they say-
Nothing works in Vista , Not even Windows
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 11:01:04 UTC Post #226349
i'd rather the 360
I'm tempted myself. But I'm firmly a mouse-and-keyboard man.

I've never had any problems with USB sticks in Vista. In fact I'd say that's one of the things it is best at.

I've literally used hundreds of different USB sticks in my Vista PC at work, without any extra drivers. Whenever a student wants to test one, or when one is handed in lost, or whenever I have to work on files handed to me on them. I'd say I encounter at least one new random stick every single working day.

No problems yet.

So, Mr. Good map, you either have the worst USB sticks ever made, or you're talking out of your arse.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 11:46:02 UTC Post #226351
Exactly, USB sticks work fine...

I'd rather the 360 too... but as of now, $75 dollars wont get me one.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 12:06:06 UTC Post #226353
I got Vista LEGALLY, from my school.
And Half life 2 Runs BETTER on vista than it did on XP for me.
I love it and the only problems i had with it were easily fixed via google or good old microsoft website.
Stop bitching about vista you're gonna have to get it sooner or later.
USB drives work perfectly. Obviously your computer is retarded.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 13:42:12 UTC Post #226356
Indeed, nothing wrong with usb sticks. They work just fine.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 15:27:56 UTC Post #226360
Tetsu0, I thought you were the one who couldn't get the 3D textured view in Hammer 3.5 to work, and wanted to switch back because it didn't have sufficiant OpenGL support?
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 15:42:10 UTC Post #226361
The OpenGL thing is really annoying.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-24 16:32:08 UTC Post #226362
You could always load XP and Vista onto your system, but I must admit that it's sort of rediculous that you would need two different versions of the same OS just to do everything you want. :
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 15:01:17 UTC Post #226494
Actually, Vista is really great is your computer can handle it. I've tried it some on a laptop and I see nothing wrong whatsoever.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 15:15:16 UTC Post #226498
I know I've bashed Vista in the past, but I'm using it for the first time right now and I can't immediately see anything worth complaining about, tbh.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 20:38:22 UTC Post #226519
Meh, just get a Mac. Full of gimmicky stuff that's actually useful. I mean, 3D windows is utterly useless, and it's a complete ripoff of something OS X has had for ages.
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 20:56:20 UTC Post #226521
Fuck OSX, just get Linux if you want something that can't play games or do anything else properly.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 20:56:30 UTC Post #226522
Ant, what do you do when you want to:
  • Play Half-Life and other games?
  • Build your own computer/ buy one at a reasonable price?
  • Change the look of the GUI?
  • Install 99% of software on the market?
  • Upgrade?
  • Right-click?
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 21:17:12 UTC Post #226525
i can use the 3-d view textured, but if a map gets too complicated i have to switch to flat mode. Which now that i've used it more and more i've gotten used to either 1) visgrouping almost everything
2) switching back and forth between textured and flat mode..

but... maps still run in software mode

oh well
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 21:19:23 UTC Post #226526
So then it isn't good. :|

[quote]Ant, what do you do when you want to:
  • Play Half-Life and other games?
  • Build your own computer/ buy one at a reasonable price?
  • Change the look of the GUI?
  • Install 99% of software on the market?
  • Upgrade?
  • Right-click?[/quote]
I dislike Macs myself, but I have to say that they can do everything on that list except points two and four.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 22:26:14 UTC Post #226531
Yeah you can run windows on a mac.
But windows users dont need OSX.

Point. Case.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-26 22:47:58 UTC Post #226537
You can have windows pre-installed on any mac you buy now. And the price thing is simply becuase except for the Mini and the Imacs, Mac only makes high end computers.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-28 14:15:35 UTC Post #226681
Is there still a registry in Vista? I heard that the registry got replaced with "Microsoft XML" files.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-28 14:48:01 UTC Post #226683
Yeah. There's still a registry

(At least i think there is. I just ran regedit and it came up and i was looking around so i presume that a registry exists.)

Otherwise how would i have installed starcraft?
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-29 18:41:25 UTC Post #226843
You can't just get rid of the registry, seeing as how almost every non-trivial Windoze app since Win95 uses it.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-29 21:36:53 UTC Post #226848
I've been using Vista for about a month now (It came with my new comp) and the only problem I've had so far is navagating the new interface. All my games work, hammer runs fine,it doesn't hurt performance any, and it looks much nicer than XP.

Of course 2GB of RAM probably helps. :biggrin:
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-29 22:35:34 UTC Post #226852
Nobody except Dave would even think of buying a Vista computer without 2GB of RAM. You'd be crazy to settle for anything less.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-29 23:13:57 UTC Post #226854
I'm thinking about 3GB. $2000 for a laptop is ok if it runs everything well for 5 years.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-30 15:14:08 UTC Post #226931
srry, my computer has 1GB RAM and Vista home premium, it runs really great. If you don't have a computer with Vista on it you really can't have an honest opinion. But I do have that Hammer problem, the "can't click in 3D view". So I use my laptop for mapping.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-30 15:30:32 UTC Post #226933
I think his point was "buying a new computer with less than 2GB ram is stupid", not "vista needs 2GB ram".
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-30 15:53:09 UTC Post #226940
You just made is post pointless? If Vista doesn't need 2GB RAM, then why would you be stupid if you bought a computer without it?

It doesn't make much sence?
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-30 16:01:08 UTC Post #226943
In 4 months, it really doesn't matter what you buy because something new and better will be out by then.

The hammer for source works perfectly on vista. But anyone who wants to run good old hammer 3.4 or 3.5 is out of luck i guess.

As i recently explained to Tosse, i upgraded to Vista from Xp and when one does this, it doesnt completley rid your system of Xp. So in my C drive, i have a folder called "windows.old" And within that folder, all my old program files, and even the windows system files (most of the obsolete ones anyway) reside within those.

So if there's a way to get the necessary windows files to run hammer into the windows.old folder (maybe even the OpenGL drivers or whathaveyou) one might be able to select items within the 3-D window.

Personally, i have no problems with 3-D selections, but this is the only thing i can think of to make it work for others who cant select.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-30 16:45:41 UTC Post #226948
I'm with Satchmo.
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 13 years ago2007-07-01 08:39:22 UTC Post #226985
I got Windows Vista Ultimate cracked at a lan. Its shit. It basicly like XP with a new theme, except its slower and has tons of useless features.
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