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Posted 5 months ago2018-06-18 13:26:55 UTC Post #339948
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It still wasn't the fastest solution.

Oh yeah, Opus Magnum is great, by the way.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 3 months ago2018-08-07 14:03:39 UTC Post #340443
I've been playing some classic Half-Life mods.

They good.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 3 months ago2018-08-07 20:22:57 UTC Post #340445
why stop there? there are hundreds of mods, some even more unique than mcpoker, very exciting
Posted 2 months ago2018-08-28 03:47:41 UTC Post #340703
Been sinking my teeth into Monster Hunter World. I got into the Monster Hunter series several games ago, so I'm no stranger to their tendencies towards somewhat arcane, obscure or opaque systems. And as much as I enjoyed those games despite that (and I enjoyed them a whole lot), the ways in which World strips down just about every system from those games down to their core and rebuilt them into more sensible, enjoyable forms... World is really good. If the series has repelled you in the past, World seems like a really good opportunity to give it another try. And if you haven't tried them at all before, now is a good time!
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 2 months ago2018-08-28 13:15:59 UTC Post #340710
I would love to get into Monster Hunter World, but there are two things that are putting me off getting it. First is the price of the game on Steam, and the other is justifying said price with the amount of time I will be able to invest it, especially with Fallout 76 on the horizon.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 1 month ago2018-10-20 15:24:25 UTC Post #341054
Following the recent announcement of a possible remaster, I've fired up the very first Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn):
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The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 1 month ago2018-10-21 08:51:29 UTC Post #341055
Following the recent announcement of a possible remaster
Uh-oh. If that's being made by EA then it'll be a shit show, like literally everything else they touch.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 1 month ago2018-10-21 08:56:08 UTC Post #341056
Posted 1 month ago2018-10-21 09:35:29 UTC Post #341058
If they truly deliver proper remasters then I'll buy it, but I'll remain sceptical until we can actually be sure they haven't ruined it. EA has a tendency to do that.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 1 month ago2018-10-21 15:13:32 UTC Post #341059
On the bright side, there's some really cool stuff coming out of new studios that fix what EA breaks. Two Point Hospital and Cities Skylines to name a couple. Maybe we'll see a new RTS series inspired by C&C when this one releases. Hahaha
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-11-06 14:33:25 UTC Post #341207
Me again, bumping this thread. After a couple of goes on the Fallout 76 BETA, I have asked Bethesda for my money back. I was willing to look past the lack of everything that makes Fallout a good series (that hadn't already been stripped out with Fallout 4) and play it with an open mind. However, the PC port was a joke. Not a good one either. (What are the ideal keys to move left and right in a menu? Z and C! badum tish)

In light of that, I've started to pick up some of my older games that I've never finished or even tried in some cases. I've decided to dive into Guild Wars 2 which I downloaded over two years ago and never played. So far, I have to say that I'm enjoying it. While every other MMORPG I tried just felt like a WoW clone, (WoW being a game I got bored with after six months) GW2 seems to have a little more variety in it's quests and offers a branching personal story as well, away from any main questline. I reckon I'll stick with it for a bit until I get bored or something better comes out. Being Free to Play helps too.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 1 week ago2018-11-12 09:30:46 UTC Post #341232

Most of my friends started to play Runescape on mobile phones :D
Posted 1 week ago2018-11-12 13:00:13 UTC Post #341233
F.E.A.R Extraction Point
Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Dark Souls Remastered

I feel like a weird person who enjoys games people no longer seem to talk about :P but I don't care as long as I'm having fun.
LOZ98 LOZ98Oh crap, what do I put here now.
Posted 6 days ago2018-11-16 09:48:20 UTC Post #341252
Titanfall 2
Doom 4
Black Ops 2 Multiplay with Bots (funny!!)
Posted 2 days ago2018-11-19 14:57:48 UTC Post #341277
Fallout 4 - Gone back to my first ever save from 10th of November, 2015. Playing with my first character again from scratch but with a heavily modded game with all DLC installed.

Fallout New Vegas - Because sometimes it's nice to actually play a GOOD Fallout game.

I've also sorted my Steam Library a little. It now consists of the following groups:

My all time favourite games that I can pick up and play any time. Some completed. Some online. All installed. Ridiculous number of hours.
Notable games: Half-Life, Fallout New Vegas, Hollow Knight, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny

Games that I have played from start to finish or online titles that have exhausted their entertainment value. Uninstalled. A large number of hours.
Notable games: Mass Effect series, Max Payne series, DayZ

Games that just appeared in my library (special editions/remasters) or are generally a bit shit but cannot be refunded. Uninstalled. Very few hours.
Notable games: Some moba knock-offs, games people thought I might like, extra crap from bundles with better games in?

Games that I am currently working through or have not yet started. A mix of installed and not yet installed. Very few hours.
Notable games: Metal Gear Solid V, Tomb Raider, A Hat in Time, The Witcher 3
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 2 days ago2018-11-20 08:24:41 UTC Post #341287
That's more or less how mine is set up. I've got:
  • Favourites: What I'm currently playing (or what I leave there optimistically in the vain hope that it will will me to play more of it, like NieR)
  • Backlog: What I want to play at some point in the future but am not currently playing due to lack of present interest or early access titles, etc.
  • Completed: Games that I feel I've gotten as much out of them as I'm going to, and am not likely to play again
  • Gldsrc/Source: A clustering of all those games so I don't have to hunt for them mid-stream every time
  • Gldsrc/Source Mods: As above, but custom mods
  • Local Multiplayer: All the games that I know have local multiplayer for when they are required
  • Meh: Games that I have no interest in, betas, or games that are rendered redundant by another game (Eg. Skyrim by the special edition)
  • Games: Everything else
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 23 hours ago2018-11-21 11:17:27 UTC Post #341288
Played a cool WAD for Doom recently - Ashes 2063. Very cool retro scifi post apoc
Posted 21 hours ago2018-11-21 12:54:55 UTC Post #341289
I played Ashes recently too, it's really good! It's Doom meets Mad Max with a little STALKER in the mix, hard not to like that. Can't wait for the next episode.

I decided I'm going to start going through all the old PlayStation games I never played back in the day, and started with some Dino Crisis:
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It's pretty good. If you like Resident Evil, it's that with raptors and a great big scary T-Rex. It changes up the formula here and there. Some of it works, some doesn't. Ammo's a lot more scarce, but there's a bevy of health items you can mix into all sorts of useful combinations, eventually working your way up to almighty one-shot poison darts. It's a shame this franchise kicked the bucket, it would have been amazing to see this get the same treatment as Resident Evil's (in my mind near-perfect) remake.
Strider StriderTuned to a dead channel.
Posted 20 hours ago2018-11-21 14:15:41 UTC Post #341293
I loved Dino Crisis 2, but it was pretty much an action oriented game and I think that put a lot of people off. I couldn't get into the original. Nice to see it pop up again though. :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
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