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Posted 2 years ago2017-05-22 20:16:00 UTC Post #335010
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UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-23 02:15:52 UTC Post #335011
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-23 06:01:12 UTC Post #335014
Get your hands off
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Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-30 21:57:39 UTC Post #335171
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Playing through Crysis 2 again. Still looking pretty. I've finished the first Crysis (2007) and Crysis Warhead last week.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-30 22:05:35 UTC Post #335172
Crysis 2 really is a great game, I recently replayed it on hard mode. The only downside to the game is that it's really easy to sneak past every encounter using the cloak.

Shame that the series' story is a bit trash.
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-31 14:20:01 UTC Post #335183
As far as I know Crysis 1 (the only game in the series I played) had really inovative graphics for it's time. I read somewhere that Crysis 2 wasn't more than just a mediocre sequel, but you say it's great. So should I play it?
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-31 21:16:39 UTC Post #335193
Definitely. It's not as unique as Crysis 1, but it's still a damn good shooter. Also unlike Crysis 1, it's a quality game throughout and its plot is pretty good.
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 2 years ago2017-06-02 22:21:04 UTC Post #335223
Played X-COM UFO Defense recently. Got wiped out on the first terror mission. It's the only game that I love and hate at once. You have so many possibilities in that game. Research whatever you want, equip your soldiers as you want, place your bases wherever you want. The possibilities are endless. But the game is so difficult it makes me ragequit on every terror mission. Newer games are more newbie-friendly, but they don't offer you such freedom in your actions.
Posted 2 years ago2017-06-03 09:58:04 UTC Post #335228
After discussing in the Shoutbox recently I decided to re-install.
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Anna made fun of my coat and sunglasses and Herman told me off for not rescuing him from being held hostage. (Dunno why screen looks a bit dark for some reason)

Posted 2 years ago2017-06-03 21:20:23 UTC Post #335246
I hadn't. I tried it. I didn't enjoy it.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-06-06 11:54:54 UTC Post #335282
PUBG continues to be the best game.

The. Best. Game.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 years ago2017-06-06 18:17:00 UTC Post #335283
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This guy probably doesn't think so. Ha. Nah, he probably just jumped to the lobby and started a new game.

Archie is correct.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-06-18 18:46:45 UTC Post #335577
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Blade of Agony went and released Chapter 2 while I wasn't looking - If you want something to scratch that old-school mechanics itch or need your fix of shooting Nazis before The Colossal Order and CoD:WW2 come out, I highly recommend it. Plus, the current release is a standalone using FreeDOOM so you don't even need DOOM or DOOM2 to run it. (Though if you don't have DOOM or DOOM2 what are you waiting for - they're dirt cheap, modern source ports like GZDoom and Chocolate Doom are a great way to play without going through DOSBox, and you get access to decades worth of mods!)

One word of warning - some antivirus software might flag Blade of Agony's launcher as a Trojan - this is a false positive, but if you don't wanna risk running it or your antivirus flat out won't let you, you can just drag the .pk3 onto the GZDoom .exe - it'll do the same thing as running the launcher would.
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 10:52:08 UTC Post #335880
I've recently completed Call Of Duty (the first one).
I'll just post some funny stuff I found during my playthrough:

The first thing in the game I noticed and found it funny.
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Lol. One is leaning on one side, the second one is looking at the other side. xD

(I noticed the Pvt. Bell sign at the training, but when I tried to complete CoD again, lol)
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How on Earth did I manage to throw a grenade there? :P
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I'm just so sad that this guy died later in the game. :(
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HAHAHAHAHA, like a fox which is hunting mice in the snow. XD
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What are you looking at? >:(

Lastly, it seems that Pvt. Bell still made it alive, despite not having followed his orders in the training:
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Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 11:23:07 UTC Post #335881
Played original Deus Ex the first time in my life. Was listening to the main menu theme for about 30 mins. Lol.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 12:36:48 UTC Post #335882
@Admer456: I once made it my personal mission to get Pvt. Elder through Brecourt alive.

His health went into the red, but he lived to the end of the mission! Success!

However, he is just a generic grunt on the field at that point of the story, so he got swapped out for another random dude in the following mission.

ANYWHO, my weekend consisted of me buying Quake on steam and playing through the whole thing. Well, as far as E4M5 - Hell's Atrium. So I'm in the final stretch!

I also played Torchlight 2 with a couple of mates. Pretty good fun, and despite it having a cartoony style it gets pretty gorey and has very very dark lore in places.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 12:46:19 UTC Post #335883
I also bought Quake, because one day I should probably finish it. What's the right way to play it these days? Because something that old, I assume playing it straight up vanilla from steam is not it these days.
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 12:55:46 UTC Post #335884
I've been using ezquake

Word of advise: If you load a saved game and cannot shoot your weapons, open and close the console...

I kept closing the game and relaunching for a while. If I hadn't done that through Friday and Saturday, I might have finished by now. :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-03 17:15:34 UTC Post #335886
I use DarkPlaces and DirectQ. DirectQ for the lagless, DirectX 9 experience (my GPU hates dynamic lights in OpenGL), and DarkPlaces for mapping, lol.

I completed Quake 1 in DarkPlaces, therefore, I'm assuming 20% of my playtime was below 10fps (3fps a couple of times). DirectQ gave me problems when I was making my map 4Way: the teleports didn't work. :P
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-04 20:05:06 UTC Post #335903
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Having completed CoD 1, I went ahead and deleted it (because approx. 1.5GB is just too much space for a game I'll probably never play again), and installed CoD 2. And, just like CoD, I completed CoD 2 in 2 days. I let my cousin (who is a console gamer, but he got used to the keyboard, somehow) play a few missions, too.

Funnily enough, a few of the funny moments from CoD 1 actually appeared in CoD 2. :biggrin:

Such as:
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Another fox hunting mice in the snow. :3
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What are you lookin' at? >:/

Meanwhile, this guy, even though I shot him, looks like everything is just OK:
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Lol, he showed me a raised thumb, and he looks like he's trying to tell me "Alles ist gut!". XD

Also, I think this guy was praying or something:
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(I managed to stroke F12 fast enough to make it appear like 10fps)

User posted image
Lol. :D

I saw it in CoD 1, and I expected it here. I wonder if they added it in the latter Call Of Duty games.

These old Call Of Duty games are so fun, I don't understand why nobody plays them (assuming they don't). :/
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-04 23:24:44 UTC Post #335909
Played original Deus Ex the first time in my life
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-05 07:12:44 UTC Post #335911
Considering that GTA:SA always crashes on my laptop, I think it's a good time that I retry Deus Ex. :P

(wow, I haven't seen the word "retry" for years, literally)
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-05 11:29:24 UTC Post #335912
Played about 5 rounds of PUBG today... About 4 of those rounds were those annoying matches where you don't see anyone for like most of the match and then get sniped out of no where. Equally frustrating as it is fun.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-06 12:09:24 UTC Post #335921
I find in those games the tension just builds and builds to the point where you cannot stand it any longer.

Then you get your head blown off and you straight up shit your pants.

Still somehow enjoyable, if not a little bit of a pain in terms of the cost of replacing underwear all the time.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-09 12:11:25 UTC Post #335945
My last comeback to CoD for now:
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Yes, we start with our meme Pvt. Bell, who didn't follow his damn orders.
I assume this is WW2 Pvt. Bell's grandson.

This was my favourite mission:
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Guess what I did. I just ran around with the machine-gun (and the P90 when I ran out of ammo for the machine-gun) and jumped around so they couldn't hit me. What an amazing hip-fire experience, lol.

At some point, I turned on the specular maps:
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But the game was too laggy, so I turned them off.

The same thing goes for shadows and dynamic lights:
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They're beautiful, but they halve my fps.

I'm just so sorry because of these cute, little dogs:
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Ow... :(
User posted image
Heavy would be proud, lol.

Anyway... I managed to complete All Ghillied Up. :D

The hardest part was this:
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I failed it countless times. Then I realised I had to move a bit to the side, lol.

User posted image
Wow, this part really reminds me of one of the parts at my elementary school. The stairs and the fences on the stairs are just like that.
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Wow, looks like Zakhaev was really given some priority in terms of rendering.
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This guy got killed:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Good night, gospodin Zakhaev. See you in hell. >:)
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Well, there you go, no more CoD stuff from me.
My laptop won't run WaW nor any of the latter ones at a framerate greater than 0.5fps. CoD 4 ran at 5 to 10fps most of the time, but I'm used to it, so I managed to complete it, lol.

Ah, one last thing:
I was so disappointed that they didn't put "No cows were harmed in the making of this game" at the end. Though, I did get one thing after the credits:
User posted image
Yay. :P
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-09 14:31:14 UTC Post #335953
Xenonauts is the best TBS I ever played. When the sales start I swear I'll buy it on Steam.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-12 12:08:22 UTC Post #335995
I took the plunge and bought Mass Effect Andromeda on the cheap and... I gotta say, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. This game simply doesn't deserve all the flak that it's been getting.

It's by no means amazing and I am playing the patch 1.08 version, but seriously. I wouldn't have paid full price for it simply because EA Games, but for £23.99 this really isn't a bad game.

Rough around the edges maybe, but not BAD
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-12 12:27:37 UTC Post #335996
Finished it in 55 hours, by far the longest time it took me to finish any game and its still not a 100% :)

Got to agree with Urby here, it's not as bad as all the media painted it to be. There are minor quirks, but for the most part it plays good.

The important thing is not to try to compare it to the original trilogy, this was a different approach with the focus of open worlds as opposed to missions like it was on ME2/3.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-12 23:03:03 UTC Post #336004
"the longest time it took me to finish any game"

It took me 8 years to complete what I completed in Far Cry 1, yet I'm still not that close to finishing it. XD
I did complete Crashday in 4 hours once, as a kid. :P
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 04:36:26 UTC Post #336007
I was mentioning real gameplay time, the amount spent actually playing the game. Those 55 hours span over 3 months in real time (since release to be exact)
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 06:43:31 UTC Post #336008
I think I realised that when it was too late. xd
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 12:20:33 UTC Post #336011
55 hours is pretty tame by my standards. I've clocked upwards of 10 full days of gameplay in Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

I don't mean combined either. Ten days each. I have spent over a month living in Bethesda's worlds. Haha
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 14:12:55 UTC Post #336013
Morrowind is the best game in the elderscrolls series.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 18:16:03 UTC Post #336014
Morrowind seems boring to me. Maybe that's because I'm more an RTS player. The only RPG games I liked are "Knights of the Old Republic" games.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 18:19:15 UTC Post #336015
Agreed on Morrowind.

Daggerfall was lots of fun too. Those Vampire Ancients had their charm that was kinda shocking, and when you've met Ancient Liches it got hot as if someone sent a few nukes...

Now that I think about it, I might get another run in Daggerfall...
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 22:44:01 UTC Post #336018
I've played a lot of Morrowind, but have never finished it. I don't think that's saying anything though, because it's also true of Skyrim and New Vegas.

I don't think I'm going to play any of those Beth games anymore, because the more I try to play them again, the less interested I am.
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 00:17:15 UTC Post #336019
I beat Skyrim once, restarted it a bunch of times but never managed to finish the main quest after that.
I own Oblivion but never got very far in it and since I bought a retail copy I dunno if I'll ever even get it running again unless I purchase a second copy on Steam.
Fallout 3 and NV I've played through more times than I can count and finished around 2/3 of those playthroughs.
Fallout 4, despite me being disappointed in it at launch, has had some of the issues buffed out by mods (thought not the lack of roleplaying options - :aggrieved: ) and I've got IIRC around the hours in that that I have on my Steam counter for NV - though it's important to note that due to my historical lack of internet, that counter is nowhere near the amount of hours I've actually sunk into Obsidian's Fallout.

I'm probably gonna give the next TES game a skip since I can't seem to get into Tamriel as much as the Wastes, and I'm gonna hold off on getting the next Fallout on launch unless there are early reviews demonstrating that they've gone back to making a roleplaying shooter instead of a shooter with minor RPG elements, but for all their flaws I suppose I have to say I enjoy Bethesda's games.
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 04:25:31 UTC Post #336021
I'm not an RPG type of guy, I always have the urge to just blast through the game and be done with it, so 50 hours is a LOT for me. I'm completely a linear story guy. Depends on the game really, Fallout 3 for me ended when I left the starting vault :D
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 09:23:08 UTC Post #336024
Quake 2 Ground zero... if you want to desperate, try it, it is the worst planned game I have ever played (even compared with "Codename:Outbreak"!!)in terms of npc placement; the creators mistaken difficulty (needs coding) with absurd npc locations, and absurd amount of npcs in a tiny level. Their concept of gameplay design it´s like a continuous "surprise!!, don´t know why and how it have reached this place but, hey!!, here´s a grunt!!".
In the first two levels it piss you off and gives you some challenge, but after one hour of playing you know where those "brilliant" level designers have think and decided to put the enemy and the game becomes reeeeeeally boring.

Also I am re-playing Firefight, a ship´s game made in isometric perspective. Quite fun... if you´ve got a W98 PC because it does not work on systems over that OS. :/
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 10:29:49 UTC Post #336027
Only in Knights of the old Republic II you can make a Jedi Master that destroys his enemies with force lightning and uses two blaster pistols instead of a lightsaber. I love that game. Best RPG I ever played.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 11:26:44 UTC Post #336030
I grew up playing Quake 2 and since I started playing CTF before I even touched SP it never really was anything more than a Doom style "kill everything" type of game for me, textures and levels look good tho :)

I love the idea of RPG's I just hate playing them, unless its a series a really like.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 11:50:35 UTC Post #336031
User posted image
Quake with bots, because they're the only ones I can play with without getting killed every 5 seconds.

It was really fun, actually. One bot had a rocket launcher, and I did too. We met on the starting part of the map and shot each other with a few rockets. His rocket hit me, mine hit him. LOL. We died at the same time.

Also, 120fps. Man, I love DirectQ. <3
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-14 12:13:22 UTC Post #336033
"I love the idea of RPG's I just hate playing them, unless its a series a really like."
Totally agree with you.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 09:21:21 UTC Post #336052
Admer, Quake 1 and its oficial expansions are to the gaming history like the Quixote is for the literature history. I always play Quake 1 at least 1 time each year... :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 09:37:13 UTC Post #336055
Well, I... uh... I played Quake 1 for the first time in 2016 and I was stuck on the second part of the first level. And this year I wrecked the hell out of that bi*** (I mean Shub-Niggurath, that's her name, right? xd).

Did you know I actually completed Quake 2 first, and then Quake 1? :D
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 11:18:40 UTC Post #336063
Haha, then you noticed how GOOD is Quake1 in comparison. Maybe it has not OpenGL render natively applied, but the atmosphere and the monsters are scarier and challenging than Quake2´s. :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 11:35:28 UTC Post #336064
I used DarkPlaces for Quake 1. It has OpenGL. And my GPU hates OpenGL, so I spent 10% of my total playtime at 3fps, because of dynamic lights.

I actually like Quake 2 more than Quake 1. Mostly because of its theme and art-style. Its engine, idTech 2, is also more improved than Quake 1's idTech 2.
Sorry, I simply like Quake 2 more. :P
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 11:36:18 UTC Post #336065
You could turn the dynLights off, just as I did.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 11:38:33 UTC Post #336066
But how? I typed r_dynamic 0 but it only disabled the lights from rockets, explosions etc.

Anyway, that's why I have DirectQ. It's basically DirectX for Quake 1 and it gives me an epic framerate most of the time. Epic by my standards, lol.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-15 12:04:43 UTC Post #336069
You could simply use the "Options" menu:
User posted image
With RT lighting enabled I was getting 50-40 fps, so I had to leave the projectile dynamic lights only. But to make the playthrough more authentic, I turned them off too.
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