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Everyone should watch this film, if you haven't already.

Live long and prosper.
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I'm highly skeptical about a documentary that has "vegan" in its title. I would like to try a vegan diet at some point just for the sake of the experiment, because I like doing experiments. But skipping through the video at some point a person says that the casein protein in the milk is responsible for autism and other childhood illnesses. What a load of bullshit. When I was a kid I was drinking milk every day, and some days I'd have sheep milk and I ate a lot of cheese made from sheep milk. I don't remember having any problems from it, albeit I recognize that I'm statistically insignificant in this case.

Recently watched some speech by Neil Tyson where he used as an example a spelling competition where one kid says "Cat"(right), another says Kat(wrong), and another XGB or what(wrong). The thing is that Kat and XGB are both equally judged wrong, even if Kat is, well, less wrong. Such is with the way of most of our thinking, since we're human beings and it just gets over our heads to integrate a lot of information. My point is that one needs to inform oneself from lots of sources, without completely accepting the information as the ultimate truth and have a holistic approach on things like how to live healthy. What if I say go on and have an eskimo diet because they have low probability of having heart problems due to their omega 3&6 intake - and this by eating mostly only meat and animal fat. But there's a catch: their genetic code is different and have adapted their bodies to this diet.

In my opinion, our western lifestyle problem lies in the high doses of highly refined carbohydrates(and the worst - added sugar) combined with a sedentary lifestyle. If we're able to solve just this problem, I think we can eradicate a lot of illnesses.

Veganism is a non-satisfactory alternative for now. We don't understand enough of how our bodies work to say that veganism is the answer. I'm actually interested if we have any data about veganism over sufficient long periods at all to draw some conclusions - as is with the eskimo diet, mediteranean diet etc.
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I'm sceptical because of the way the documentary is cut - there's no way of knowing if the things his interview subjects say are taken out of context. There are a lot of articles on the web criticising this documentary and they make some good points. That's not to say there aren't health benefits to a vegan diet (I wouldn't really know). And I would encourage any- and everyone to eat less meat and dairy products. They're terrible for the environment and farm animals are rarely treated very well. There is a lot of good vegan or vegetarian food - but it can take some effort to find the things you like.

Thanks for caring about our health, Dr. Leslie :)
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I like meat :(
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 09:23:44 UTC Post #338437
Yep. I love eating my plants and animals.
I just have to be more active and drink less beer haha.
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humans survived through wars and plagues, sure some nasty food wont kill them. If you like eating food thats bleached, genetically modified, full of toxic waste, bacteria, parasites, pesticides and cruelty for that matter... there are definitely better ways to maintain your body
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I'm an omnivore, plain and simple. Got the teeth to prove it.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 14:29:25 UTC Post #338440
I find it hard to believe that meat is a toxin, considering we've been eating it for millennia without becoming extinct. Heavily processed meats, I'll concede, have a lot of stuff in them that probably shouldn't be in our bodies, at least not at the levels they are, but again, we haven't had a mass die-out in the 50 or so years since they started being consumed. To each their own, but I'm not going anywhere near vegan until synthetic meats become economical and widely available.

Even then, with the water system in my town being the way it is, I think I'll stick to drinking milk over water.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 22:14:59 UTC Post #338445
Now, the future of meat-eating is an interesting area. I could definitely see a hypothetical future where, once they figure out how to do it, cloned/created meats become prolific and accepted as the norm due to the improved ethics (since nothing is being killed for it). As it becomes established, traditional meat farming becomes shunned, maybe even banned. If cloning/creating is a more expensive process (which seems likely), meats could become a premium product, and vegan/vegetarian diets actually turn into more standard diets, with meats being a delicacy.
I do wonder what happens to the farmed animals in this scenario. Either they work through what animals they already have, drastically reducing the populations of any farmed animals, or they release everything and who knows what an influx of that number of animals does to any given environment.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 23:55:34 UTC Post #338446
I think more cattle should be free range. It takes a lot of land, and is therefore expensive, but it's so much better for EVERYTHING.

Lab grown meat? Idk it reminds me of Better off Ted I'll certainly try it though.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 03:18:45 UTC Post #338448
^ thats right, in regards to free range, just don't eat super processed meat and shes all good. But thats the case with all foods... super processed food isn't very good for you anyway, you're better growing or sourcing your own stuff locally (well, where I live anyway), animal products or otherwise.
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meat is definitely less healthy than vegan diet. However I dont want a documentary to dictate my lifestyle. I generally dont' like it when people impose their beliefs/ideas/lifestyles/habits on others. And I know how public health is like which is all about doing that. And I got sick of it.
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Processed meat is bad for you. So is processed vegetation of any kind.
Chemicals used in the process of making these nutrients last beyond their natural time period is what is plentifully unhealthy.

Meat is unhealthy if you, as the old saying says, eat bread over bread, that is, if you eat more meat, more energy and nutrients it gives, than you actually need.

In the balkans region there are many small home business that raise stock with only healthy "Organic" nutrients (Such as naturally grown from unaltered seeds crops) and sell their stock products on local city and village markets. These products are of grade A++ and there is no way eating more of this food will make you sick.
I will even go so far as to say we here eat some of the best foods when it comes to terms of quality over the entire globe.

The trick is in spending more energy than you inject and injecting only as much as you need, be it trash or food.
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