Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Created 1 year ago2017-12-21 06:19:38 UTC by PikaCommando PikaCommando

Created 1 year ago2017-12-21 06:19:38 UTC by PikaCommando PikaCommando

Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 06:19:38 UTC Post #338449
Anyone know of other HL1/CS mapping tutorial websites from 1998-2004?
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 07:12:49 UTC Post #338450
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 18:35:53 UTC Post #338457
I mean, outside here and VERC? Or just old HL1 mapping fansites in general. I remember one called The Rust or something like that.
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 19:06:39 UTC Post #338460
The Snarkpit. Of course it goes without saying that the people there are not as clever or good looking as your average TWHLer.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 03:25:14 UTC Post #338467
snarkpit is still around?

I know the biggest back inthe day was planethalflife, and hangar 16, Good times.
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 05:08:43 UTC Post #338468
I don’t think 69th Vlatitude exists anymore.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 05:17:44 UTC Post #338469
Yeah, Vladitude has been gone for a while, which is a shame because it had a lot of good resources on it.
I wonder if we could use the wayback machine to salvage some of it's info the way the VERC archive has.
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 09:13:53 UTC Post #338470
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 12:34:47 UTC Post #338471
Vlatitude used php to load pages.

Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 12:49:01 UTC Post #338472
I remember there was a site that hosted a metric shitload of prefabs and such that I'd actually burned onto a ( now broken ) disc years ago, I think they had tutorials as well but they had an absolute wealth of interesting content. Can't really remember their name, think it was gamedesign or something, might be worth checking
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 13:50:19 UTC Post #338473
Counter-Map is a good resource for CS specific stuff: http://countermap2.com/

I think that may be a mirror though.
Posted 1 year ago2017-12-23 15:07:16 UTC Post #338480
Chatbear was loaded with Gold Source Engine mapping discussions.
Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-19 12:04:01 UTC Post #338676
http://articles.thewavelength.net/ still has good stuff (pretty good VGUI tutorial there too from memory).
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-19 13:58:33 UTC Post #338678
go play with archive.org, crazy amount of old hl editing pages can be found

it seems like someone did a great job of putting many of them together here: http://www.sourcemodding.com/tutorials/goldsrc/
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-19 21:04:52 UTC Post #338680
Ooh nice - that's a good one.
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