Half-Life J.A.C.K. editor, is there a way to add custom models without collision? Created 2 years ago2018-06-16 11:11:43 UTC by snark567 snark567

Created 2 years ago2018-06-16 11:11:43 UTC by snark567 snark567

Posted 2 years ago2018-06-16 11:11:43 UTC Post #339921
So I've looked around to see if it is possible to add custom models trough Hammer/Jackhammer, one guide showed how to spawn the model by writing code so that the model can be its own entity. However I am using Opposing Force and the SDK isn't available so modifying game code isn't an option.

Then I found out about the "Cycler" feature, which lets me point to a model and add it to the map, however the model spawns with a huge collision box which isn't helpful if I want to add tiny details like gibs for instance because the player would constantly get stuck on them. The Cycler shows that I can import custom models however, is there a way to import them in the map but without the collision box?

Right now the only way I can think of doing this is by using the dead hgrunt entity because it doesn't have a collision, I can probably use bodygroups to change the way the model looks, however since I want to change the appearance of the model completely each time, it would mean that instead of doing a bodygroup for something simple like the head, I'd have to bodygroup every single model which will probably make the size of the model skyrocket.

As far as I remember, when playing the original campaign I used to see tiny details like skulls, skeletons and gibs lying around the ground and I could walk over them easilly. However I can't find a way to spawn even those standard models, there must be a way other than the cycler.

Any suggestions?
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I usually use the cycler_sprite entity for placing models in the map. Despite being intended to be used with sprites, it works just as well with models and have no collision box. You'll probably have to edit the fgd slightly so that the cycler_sprite entity uses studiomodels instead of sprites in the editor, otherwise the editor may crash when selecting a model to use.
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Other options are: monster_generic with the Not Solid flag checked and env_sprite although you'll have to fiddle with the angles to get it upright.
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Thanks guys, Monster_furniture also seems to do the trick.
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