Another Half-Rats Mod? Created 1 year ago2018-11-11 00:53:56 UTC by Half-Rats Half-Rats

Created 1 year ago2018-11-11 00:53:56 UTC by Half-Rats Half-Rats

Posted 1 year ago2018-11-11 00:53:56 UTC Post #341227
Hey, guys, it's been a while! Life's been a roller-coaster ride for these past years...I know I said I wouldn't be getting into G-sauce again, but I feel the itch. The Half-Rats mod series doesn't feel complete. I think one last entry should do it, though, and I've got the whole thing planned out. Thing is, I'm going to need some help here and there with some model rigging/hacking. With my various Unreal projects, and full-time job, I won't have the time that I used to have, so if you're up for a bit of fun, read on!

Things I need rigged up:

Revamped HRAFD monster models. (Teddyman, Child of Hell, Behemoth, Hell Legion)

Replacements for the Opfor friendly human grunts, effectively turning them into late 19th-cuntury American soldiers.

Replacements for the not-so-friendly human grunts from Half-Life.

Thanks in advance!
Posted 1 year ago2018-11-11 23:11:17 UTC Post #341231
While I am in no position to help, I am happy to hear that we may be getting third entry into the Goldsource Half-Rats series! :D
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