It is possible to exclude texture that I'm not using ? Created 5 months ago2018-11-26 22:11:39 UTC by Milchka Milchka

Created 5 months ago2018-11-26 22:11:39 UTC by Milchka Milchka

Posted 5 months ago2018-11-26 22:11:39 UTC Post #341331
Hello ! I'm trying to make a mod, and I would like to know how can I exclude all texture that I'm not using on a .WAD
I use about 10 WAD, and I'm using multiple texture.
I don't really want to leave 10 .wad on my mod folder, ( I also notice that goldsrc mod doesn't have a lot of .wad).
Thanks ! :D
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-27 03:01:44 UTC Post #341333
Make a new wad using only the textures you're using from all of the other wads.
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-27 19:50:33 UTC Post #341336
So I have to open all of my vmf , and tick "only show used texture" and make a list and create a wad right ?
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-30 16:13:57 UTC Post #341359
Someone ?
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-30 17:00:24 UTC Post #341360
I assume you mean jmf, not vmf since that's Source?

There is no easy way to merge WADs based on used textures as far as i know, so you'll have to do it manually.
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-30 19:10:06 UTC Post #341362
If you just want to merge some wads, use Wally. Its as simple as opening a few wad's and dragging the textures you need into the new wad.
Or compile your textures into the bsp with -nowadtextures?
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 5 months ago2018-11-30 23:07:38 UTC Post #341363
Thanks, I will do it manually then. :)
Posted 5 months ago2018-12-01 20:22:07 UTC Post #341371
as rufee said -nowadtextures compile parameter would include only used textures into .bsp but if you share them among maps it's better to manually make a .wad
Posted 5 months ago2018-12-10 16:35:02 UTC Post #341419
WADClean v1.2:

The program is analizing appointed BSP-files & creates 1 WAD-file with only textures used in those maps. It works via command line (BAT-file) with such parameters:
wadclean [-d] source1.bsp [source2.bsp...]
Where source*.bsp is a file path/name or a file search mask, for example:
wadclean -d maps/*.bsp

Additional parameter -d makes the program to create a list of skipped textures (wadname_stripped.txt).

The program have to be placed in the same folder where WAD-files are located.
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