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I felt like it was high time to follow up on that one Top 5s thread and that other Top 5s thread! We'll keep it a little more freeform this time, because there was always not enough to fill a top 5, or far too much to cram into one! Basically this is just a place to shout out whatever you want in a category.
We'll kick off with Top Video Game Weapons! What weapons do you like to use in a game, and why? I intend to come back to this because I didn't want to spend hours reaping gifs of every weapon I like, but here's a couple to get us started.
Goliath's cannon (Unreal Tournament 2004)
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Weapons that feel like have more raw impact than the Goliath are few and far between. The sound, the shake and the spray of debris that fly out from where it hits all contribute to the punch of the shot, not to mention just how effective it is when you get a clear shot.
Gauss Gun (or Tau Cannon if you prefer) (Half-Life)
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It's not my favourite weapon in Half-Life, but Gauss sure is up there. Besides being probably a little too powerful, it's also a very good way of getting from point A to point B very quickly in multiplayer. Personally, I find it invaluable as a method of getting to places you're probably not supposed to be, which might well be my favourite thing to do in games, full stop.
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I shall flesh this out later

The one weapon that comes to mind is the bolt action hunting rifle from new vegas. I enjoyed it so much I made a video about it 8 years ago. I preferred to use it without a scope, even though the ironsights on the model weren't lined up correctly. Made me feel more badass about my long range headshots.
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I'll probably take the time to make some gifs later (I'm writing this in between school and band practice)...

In no particular order (for now):

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Serval AMR-7
Pretty much MGS5's Barrett M82 equivalent and it kicks some serious ass. I unlocked the customizing stuff as soon as the option was available and with a silencer and bigger mag added, this bad boy kills just about everything. Course it doesn't live up to its real-life counterpart as far as range is concerned, but this thing lets me snipe a gunship out of the air over some 400m, blow up tanks, it's just awesome. And few things are as satisfying as blowing heavy infantry - the bane of my existence, before - to bits with it.

Contract Wars

OTs-33 Pernach
This is probably a bit of an obscure one.... ages ago, teenage-me played a by now defunct online F2P shooter called "Contract Wars". It had the usual P2W going on, with real-world currency money buying premium coins that wiped the floor with the non-premium stuff, etc. And of course to get you addicted, they gave you small bits of premium currency when you started out. Now on one of my accounts, I saved all that stuff and bought a premium weapon - the OTs-33 Pernach. And that thing was awesome. Ammo somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 rounds per mag and just my favourite sidearm ever. It just had it all - felt good, recoil-wise, pretty good stats, very useable iron sights and a horribly satisfying sound.

Out of all the incarnations of double barrel shotguns throughout several games, I think this was my favourite. Super loud, super fast ("Jakobs: fires as fast as you can pull the trigger"), almost instant reload speed. This was the one tier 1 non-premium gun you kept seeing people use, no matter their level. That thing was my default weapon for deathmatches and it may as well have been named Onekill-43 instead. I'm not a shotgun person, usually, but this one is the exception to prove the rule.

Garry's Mod or rather, TTT

Nuff said. Awful weapon for people who are too incompetend to use it (me), loud, recoil, headshots, boom.
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Great topic. I've got a lot to choose from, but here's two favourites to start with:
User posted image

Rocket Launcher (Quake 3)

While Unreal Tournament's rocket launcher might have a fun little gimmick behind it, I personally think it's impossible to beat Quake 3's. There's nothing fancy here. It's simply a dependable workhorse. The very essence of a video game rocket launcher. There's just something very pleasing about it's tubular design, sound effects, speed and generous hit box that makes me love this thing. Bouncing enemies around the arena, and landing a gibbing blow on them while airborne is gaming perfection.
User posted image

Shotgun (Doom)

Yep, I've picked this over Doom 2's mighty super shotgun. The super shotty might shred people up close (some might even call it overpowered) but the basic shotgun is the bread and butter of Doom. It's wide horizontal spread, and no vertical spread, make it the perfect tool for Doom's undead hordes, easily wiping out clusters of Zombiemen, or dispatching Imps with one well-aimed shot. And in the 25 or so years since Doom's release, I haven't heard a shotgun sound as satisfying as this one's.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-13 17:02:33 UTC Post #342458
of course best and most fun weapon is HLDM Xbow :) <3 <3 just seen like here. i post a thread about this before

Some people hate dying with xbow but i rather hate dying to pro gauss players. damn pro gauss players :)

and one of my funnest weapons team fortress 2 sniper rifle (yeah it has similar gameplay like hldm xbow :) )(and yeah i like annoying guns for my victims :) )

i guess my most favorite thing in shooting games is instanteneous aiming, instantenous hitting, instantenous killing, and accurate guns. but not necessarily sniper weapons.

and i really hate awp from counter strike. because its not accurate as my standarts. its cumbersome to aim effectively.
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While I enjoy sniping in videogames, for multiplayer I much prefer a higher skill requirement. One thing that is annoying about the crossbow in HLDM is the complete lack of travel time, despite it existing in singleplayer, and the ability to kill players with a single body shot. Therefore it requires very little skill needed to kill players with it. It's just "click on enemy player to win." It's almost as bad as the egon gun and I basically consider it a troll weapon, going as far as inconveniencing a player greatly in my maps, having it spawn far from any ample sniping positions.

It's the same reason I dislike the AWP. Counter Strike has even less mobility compared to HLDM, and you don't even have to score a headshot to get the kill.

Games such as Battlefield require you to lead your target based on distance and their movement, and you have to score a headshot for a one shot kill. Same with even arcade shooters like Unreal Tournament. The sniper rifle was an instant hit, but you had to hit them in the head for a quick kill, otherwise it required three body shots.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-16 16:54:29 UTC Post #342477
i havent played many games, i know shame on me but i agree gauss/tau is the coolest weapon i have seen in any game. Shooting through walls adds a new layer of tactics. The noise it makes while charging also signals the victim to hide or to be quiet to not be noticed. It's ability to assist movement is also very interesting. You can initiate bunny hopping with it or jump somewhere high or even dodge an rpg at the last moment. At the risk of accidentally killing yourself. I doubt Valve foreseen all this when they created the weapon and thats funny as well.
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The sniper rifle was an instant hit, but you had to hit them in the head for a quick kill
If only the head hitboxes in UT weren't so ridiculously big. AFAIK sniper rifle and ASMD are the only viable weapons there in MP.
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