Locking a .BSP file? Created 2 months ago2019-06-16 18:08:07 UTC by MrMystery MrMystery

Created 2 months ago2019-06-16 18:08:07 UTC by MrMystery MrMystery

Posted 2 months ago2019-06-16 18:08:07 UTC Post #342740
Is it possible to lock a map, preventing any tool from decompiling it?
Posted 2 months ago2019-06-16 18:11:53 UTC Post #342741
Entities are even written in text when you load a bsp file into an text editor.
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Posted 2 months ago2019-06-16 18:34:46 UTC Post #342742
Another question: Are there any way to lock a map in Source Engine?
Posted 2 months ago2019-06-16 19:09:59 UTC Post #342744
Yes, but no.
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Posted 2 months ago2019-06-16 19:39:00 UTC Post #342745
Decompiling will still yield subpar results at least on GS, it takes a while to clean everything up, usually ppl just give up way before.
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Posted 2 months ago2019-06-17 10:02:40 UTC Post #342746
Yeah, if someone really wants to replicate your stuff, they'll do it one way or another. Generally people don't, though, so I wouldn't worry about it that much. Heck, I'm for including .vmfs.
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Posted 2 months ago2019-06-17 11:36:02 UTC Post #342747
Decompiling a Source map is the same as GoldSrc. It's possible but it won't produce a 1:1 replica and it might end up with errors.

As others mentioned, give some time to another mapper and he'll fix the decompiled stuff and/or recreate it from scratch.
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Posted 2 months ago2019-06-18 00:21:24 UTC Post #342749
There are some things that can cause a decompile process to fail completely, such as wack complex geometry, but nothing is impossible for an proficient to senior mapper, let alone an expert, in terms of recreation from ground up. Usually an recreation ends up being better than the original in some way.
But it would be nice to ask the person who made it for sharing their source data and for an mapper about to quit his hobby to share his projects sources to enrich the community with those valuable resources. - Just like Skals shared his projects sources with me when he quit Gold Source.
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