half-life still updating with necessary features Created 9 months ago2019-11-05 20:05:42 UTC by hfc hfc

Created 9 months ago2019-11-05 20:05:42 UTC by hfc hfc

Posted 9 months ago2019-11-05 20:05:42 UTC Post #343311
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-05 21:35:17 UTC Post #343312
Woot! Great update!
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-05 21:55:43 UTC Post #343313
Yes Indeed! Especially "cl_autowepswitch", "Fixed progress bar for individual files in resource download always showing at 100%", and "Fixed inability to reload a partially empty weapon after reloading a save game". These things always bothered me!

We hear a lot of people complaining about Valve, sometimes for right reasons, but what they're doing here is just great! :)
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-06 09:53:42 UTC Post #343319
Do they update source code as well?
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-06 10:29:27 UTC Post #343321
^ Huh, why wouldn't they?

Also nice :)
LOZ98 LOZ98Insert Creative "Custom Title Text" here
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-07 13:15:24 UTC Post #343325
They are planning to update the SDK at some point, yes.
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-09 14:45:31 UTC Post #343331
They'd better update it by adding source code of the GameUI.dll or something like that. Because it's no the engine itself and this library is located in the mod's folder, so it's supposed to be edited by the community.
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-09 18:50:08 UTC Post #343333
An update for Hammer :hammer: would be exceptional to fix the countless bugs and development gaps. The GoldSrc engine also needs a lot of revisions, despite its age. There are many many things we could list, we need a thread for that –do we have one? The auto death with gauss gun when shooting a solid is one.
MrMystery MrMysteryBanned
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-09 21:11:00 UTC Post #343334
By all appearances the amount of development time Valve is willing to put into improving Half-Life and GoldSrc is very limited. It's great and unexpected that they're even doing anything at all after all these years. Since Hammer has good alternatives in Jack and Sledge I think it would be a waste of that precious developer time for them to work on Hammer.
Oskar Potatis Oskar PotatisIt's never too late to give up. Happily lazy
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-10 13:02:37 UTC Post #343335
lol, that auto death with gauss aka selfgauss is intentional and has been a critical part of hl deathmatch since the beginning of time and most of the time its very predictable, depending on the thickness of the brush being shot at. I think they should leave hl alone and just release the code so people can do whatever they want without messing up hl itself
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-10 13:54:37 UTC Post #343337
It has been a critical part of HL death match to the 0.5% of players who take the game very seriously. To the rest of us, it's an annoying bug.
Oskar Potatis Oskar PotatisIt's never too late to give up. Happily lazy
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 01:09:58 UTC Post #343340
I have never understood people defending that bug
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 03:23:54 UTC Post #343341
Same with bunnyhopping, the hardcore HLDM players have chosen it as the hill to die on and keep attacking the BMS devs for not re-implementing it after Valve patched it in the engine.
Notewell NotewellCall 141.12
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 07:24:57 UTC Post #343342
But bunnyhopping makes some sense, given that it potentially gives the players more mobility. What exactly does getting seemingly randomly killed by one of the weapons every now and then add?
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 09:40:52 UTC Post #343343
Since its predictable it can be argued that the weapon has a learning curve associated with it. The better you are with it the less you will "shoot yourself in the foot"
I always thought of it as a "feature" and since its been around it can stay.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 12:07:32 UTC Post #343345
It is not random. If maps are well made, as in not enclosed in a skybox so the ground doesn't have a thickness and the player takes his time to make sure there are no rooms below it, it can be almost fully avoided. HLDM is taken seriously enough and was taken even more seriously back in the day before Valve ruined it's netcode in favor of CS. And rufee is absolutely correct. One classic scenario is a battle between two players armed with gauss in an area prone to that self-gaussing. The player better at taking the aforementioned considerations will have an advantage. Hundreds of maps are built on these assumptions. Thankfully the server-client model should prevent all the weepers and noobs from undermining all the good work and all the fun.
Posted 9 months ago2019-11-11 15:11:07 UTC Post #343346
Agree it's a feature, not a bug.
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 10:16:20 UTC Post #343349
When will they add this?

-Support for background menu maps.
-ed_alloc crash fix increasing number of entities.
-Full GPU rendering posibilities.

Many Xash3D users will return to Goldsource...
Yet I know this is merely wishful thinking...
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 12:56:28 UTC Post #343350
-Support for background menu maps.
-Full GPU rendering posibilities.
Ehm, Source?
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 13:10:38 UTC Post #343351
Yes, you are right, but for Goldsource modders will help them to publish very demanding mods onn Steam, because I think Xash is not very welcome there. ;)

I don't care about bump mapping or other fancy things, with just the GPU part and the ed_alloc fix will be more than enough.
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 14:07:09 UTC Post #343352
Just ask valve to remove HL altogether from it's library, there's no point to reinvent the Source engine, it already exists. God...
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 17:08:23 UTC Post #343353
-Support for background menu maps.
-ed_alloc crash fix increasing number of entities.
-Full GPU rendering posibilities.
That´s no reinventing at all!!

It´s just:

Add a better background for Half-Life mods
Avoid frustrating crashes pushing you to reduce entities that you need
Avoid using the whole CPU horsepower for rendering the map and models

That´s no reinventing, it´s just updating!! erase the background map if you wish, but the other two things must have been done ages ago. Period.
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 18:35:24 UTC Post #343355
I can understand the entity limit and maybe rendering to certain degree. However for the life of me I can't see any need for more HW accel, you really need a machine from the 2000's to not be able to run HL, but I digress.
BG maps is a full fledged feature only a dozen mods would really take advantage of and is way beyond the scope of "quality of life" updates HL should be/is getting.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 8 months ago2019-11-12 20:15:48 UTC Post #343356
BG maps is a full fledged feature only a dozen mods would really take advantage of
I love how they look on my mod :(
I think this...
v 2.0 menuv 2.0 menu
Look far better than this...
v1.1 menuv1.1 menu
The background map has moving APUs patrolling the bridges, trolleys running here and there carrying ammo boxes, and the Neb hovercraft flying around. :)

And that map, the playable map, needs HW acceleration for all the models it has (VERY-high-poly models i´m afraid :( ) overall when it is full of npcs flying around and 32 bots and 8 turrets are firing their guns with the addition of all the tracers, explosions, debris, etc. you can imagine. :(
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