Friendly func_tanks? Created 6 months ago2019-12-29 22:05:11 UTC by AK47NATOR AK47NATOR

Created 6 months ago2019-12-29 22:05:11 UTC by AK47NATOR AK47NATOR

Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 22:05:11 UTC Post #343532
Is it possible to be created a func_tank, which instead of shooting the player (and allies probably), it shoots the enemies. Is it possible? With the usage of team masters and master stuff (yeah, I don't use these at all) maybe? I might need to learn how the Team masters and such of kind work. But the main question is about the friendly func_tanks. Can it happen?
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Posted 6 months ago2020-01-01 01:36:56 UTC Post #343544
Not without changing the code I think - CFuncTank::FindTarget takes a player parameter (which is the player that is in the tank's line of sight) and returns that player.
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-03 08:43:28 UTC Post #343549
Spirit of Half-life has friendly func_tanks if you are interested.
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-04 15:54:52 UTC Post #343553
Yeah, but there isn't really much resources about Spirit. It is hard to learn how it all works that way. I remember that I tried to make a small map, but I couldn't find how to make Barney and Scientist being Before Disaster flagged. It is just a bit messy.
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