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Since Covid-19 has absolutely buggered all of my travel for the upcoming months, I thought it was a good time to reflect on some of my favourite trips over the years.
If you don't know, anyone with a location-enabled phone probably has a storied location history stored on Google maps. Every time your phone makes a handshake with a location, Google logs it. Terrifying privacy implications aside, it does create a very cool, very accurate timeline of your travel.

So post your timelines and let us know what your highlights have been, and where you're looking to visit next!

Mine is fairly accurate from around 2012 onwards. Sadly lacks my trips to the north of Scotland and Ireland as a kid.
I feel like over the last few years I've done a huge amount of travel, and yet looking at this there is still so much world still to see.
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Biggest highlight for me has probably been my two months in Tokyo. What an incredibly warm and welcoming people the Japanese are.
Also absolutely adored my recent trip to Sydney. It felt a lot like my home of Glasgow, albeit with a lot more sun.

Next on the list for me is a toss-up between Thailand, New Zealand and South Africa. I've got a great friend in Johannesburg who keeps inviting me to crash on their couch, Thailand is mainly because I love the cuisine and NZL is because every Kiwi I meet is a bloody legend.
Also definitely need to hit up Argentina some time soon.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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I'm a big fan of: Home
I'm also quite partial to visiting: Work
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
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I uh... always disable location on my phone. :v

But let's imagine I did. It'd look something like this if we zoomed in:
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Been to Montenegro once, but I mostly stick around in Stolac and Mostar, sometimes but sometimes Sarajevo if I really gotta go there. ;)
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I think we need to get Urby to step outside
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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Have you SEEN what's going on out there? F that.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
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I am a fan of home, work, dentist and inaccurate location data

Normally I would have it turned off, but iirc I turned it on last year for reasons and never got around to turning it back off again.

If I had it on for all of the parts of my life I could remember, it might look like this.
TJB TJBaka Alabastor_Twob
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If I had it on for all of the parts of my life I could remember, it might look like this.
How ridiculously great is Mauritius?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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Beautiful place, I learned to scuba dive there so it's also the beautiful in my mind in a way that most places aren't.
TJB TJBaka Alabastor_Twob
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Had to add a few places and remove Seoul where I only changed planes, though I hope to be able to go there some day.
Biggest highlight for me has probably been my two months in Tokyo. What an incredibly warm and welcoming people the Japanese are.
That's my experience too, kind of. Once you get to know them, yeah, they're wonderful. But they're so shy and polite before they open up. Even worse than Swedes :P

Kyoto in Japan is probably the favourite place I've been to and I'll probably go back a third time since my best friend moved there years ago. It's a very beautiful city. What surprised me is how much it feels like home. Much more so than cities in continental Europe. The best times I've had travelling were in Gibraltar and Edinburgh, but those were study trips and I was only there for a few days. I hope to see more of Scotland.
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Hah, I've disabled that t long time ago (although thinking how intrusive are apps these days they certainly have some history about my location somewhere).
Wow some of you guys are really prolific travelers. I can't imagine myself going to so far-away countries like Japan. I'm more of a stay at home do personal projects guy, and there's like an internal tension meter that goes up and up and I have to reset it by doing some sort of trip. Usually these come unplanned.

Last year I've visited Austria with a camper van (basically just pure luck to be invited by some friends and I'm grateful for that). The landscapes were stunning. We went with a steam train up to the top of Schafberg from where you can see multiple lakes. There are lots of bird nests on those cliffs so you always get to see flocks. We decided to go back on foot. While going down the mountain a storm caught us. I could hear thunders extremely close, some of them crackling. There were a few near strikes. There was nowhere to hide, the only thing you could do is continue. The wind was blowing furiously and you could sort of see that all this mist was actually clouds hitting on the side of the mountain. I've always had this weird fear of entering a cloud. In conclusion, I've never been so close to shitting my pants in my life.

This winter I've picked up a new "passion": snowboarding. I went to a one week snowboard camp. I've got almost all equipment besides boots and the board which I plan on buying next season (I said it's better to rent to try out different boards while learning). So this gives me the reason to go around in the country and visit different ski resorts, and once I have more experience I'll probably want to go to the Alps at some point.
But man, it was not easy. My butt and knees were killing me the first few times. And I still fall a lot. I'm afraid I'll forget everything by next season though :(.

I too want to visit Scotland at some point. Preferably by motorcycle for which I don't have yet a permit, and the pandemic surely shit on my plans of getting one in the next few months.
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