How to add spectator option to existing mod Created 2 weeks ago2020-03-19 15:41:50 UTC by Niborius2 Niborius2

Created 2 weeks ago2020-03-19 15:41:50 UTC by Niborius2 Niborius2

Posted 2 weeks ago2020-03-19 15:41:50 UTC Post #343929

So I can imagine the title is a bit vague but I'll try to explain. Basically I have a multiplayer mod installed for Half-Life 1, but it appears there is no option to be a spectator in that mod. Console commands like Allow_spectators and Spectate are non existent. I learned that the game gets its console commands from the DLL file.

The mod in question is Jumbot. Would it be do-able to mod it in myself? Or is that near impossible when I'm not the creator of the mod.

Also tried to run HLTV and make a demo from here, but when I want to Play the demo file using Viewdemo or Playdemo the client crashes with no error message at all.

Thanks in advance!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-29 07:15:30 UTC Post #343989
I think it is possible - Jumbot is I assume a server only mod (if not this probably won't work).
If you use it with an up to date client.dll, you should be able to write a plugin that loads and passes through to the Jumbot .dll, but in your plugin capture the spectator commands and copy their logic from hl.dll

Hopefully that makes sense.
Posted 6 days ago2020-04-01 13:10:23 UTC Post #343998
Get the jumbot source and put the spectator mode in there using a tutorial. I am sure there's one because I have used it for my mod.
Posted 2 days ago2020-04-05 05:33:08 UTC Post #344015
Jumbot is closed source (and I think I emailed the author many years ago - he no longer has the source).

Fun fact - the bots in Wanted! are based off Jumbot.
Posted 2 days ago2020-04-05 15:13:03 UTC Post #344021
Did not check the files, but the site says:
Code is cleaner and marked well for easy porting to mods/other code bases.
Maybe the SDK is there... :)
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