I avoided using multisource because of it's unusual mechanics compared to other entities. I realized multisource can save huge entity counts in some complex entity setups when used instead of trigger_changetarget. Here are some things I learned about multisource by testing and researching:
  • Multisource ignores explicit triggertype, it always toggles. (Sparks from Sven Co-op Discord)
  • Trigger_relay and multi_manager enables it and makes it trigger it's target on first trigger, disables it on second trigger.
  • Func_button without toggle flag makes it trigger it's target when pressed and keeps it enabled until the button resets.
  • Func_button with toggle flag triggers multisource strangely. First trigger enables it and makes it trigger it's target, second trigger makes it trigger it's target again, third trigger disables it without making it trigger it's target. It's enabled on fifth trigger again.
  • Trigger, master and global state master can be used together. Multisource will be enabled when both it's activators and global state is on. It will trigger it's target when it's triggered after it's global state master turns on.
My mistake was thinking it will trigger it's target every time I triggered it. It must be triggered two times to re-trigger it's target again.