Does someone knows where is it? (Texture "silo2_wet2") Created 3 months ago2020-05-31 00:57:54 UTC by robben_33 robben_33

Created 3 months ago2020-05-31 00:57:54 UTC by robben_33 robben_33

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The image above seems to be a collection of a photo reference collection for some textures used in Half-Life.

The image at the bottom right seems to be the source used to make the texture named "silo2_wet2":

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I know this question seems..."strange", I may have some type of OCD, but I hardly can contain my curiosity to find out where is this place.

I spend a lot of time, years to be precise, making maps for cs 1.6 and used this texture a lot in my projects.
I don't know, I like to visit the places I see on movies or games. The last example was Casares, Spain. Because this city was used as a background of the level "Wet Dry World" of Super Mario 64.

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Stojke StojkeUnReal
Posted 3 months ago2020-05-31 12:14:24 UTC Post #344342
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Assuming they took the images themselves, you're likely looking at a harbour in Bellevue, WA where Valve is based. There's no way to know for sure though.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
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i have seen this before, but i dont remember where probably on one of the half-life wikias, but they also dont citated where there is.
you could try something like this and for god sake inform us if you found where there is.

EDIT: i saw here
valvetime facebook account 31th july 2017valvetime facebook account 31th july 2017
Where did you found other textures though?

There was also some post on somewhere about how Gunman Chronicles' textures was made

i have found this seattle salmon bay ballard locki have found this seattle salmon bay ballard lock
open gates are where textures takenopen gates are where textures taken
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Faith in humanity = Restored.

@hfc, Thank you very much. I believe the place is this one you have mentioned. I found this image here:

According to that, that image was posted here in twhl.

/"Found on
Appears to be the real reference photos they used when making the Half-Life textures. Was posted along with the text
"I have them, and nobody else in the whole world has them."
He never released them"/
@UrbaNebula, Your guess seems to be right. Valve's HQ is located not to far from "the ballard locks" in Seattle
That's a hobby of mine. For some unknown reason I like to visit places I've seen in movies and games. This texture, for example, I try to imagine the very moment that photo was taken, how the photographer had the idea to do that in the first place. I love abandoned places as well, when I see one I try to image how this place was in the old days etc etc etc

When I think about it, I realize how strange this is.
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I don't think that's strange to be fair. One reason that the Half-Life games are so popular is that Valve really nailed that strange sense of beauty that old abandoned industrial buildings have to them.

It's actually also one reason I fell in love with Portal originally. It wasn't the portal gun or the puzzles, it was the threatening and strange atmosphere of the Aperture Science labs.

Black Mesa evokes this sort of dated fifties decay and yet at the same time cutting edge sci-fi progress. The huge concrete silos and reactors are both impressive in their scale and use of technology and also starkly cold and run-down.

HL2's City 17 is a combination of classical European architecture and industrial decay, mixed with brutalistic alien tech. Again, neat.

Seeing these locales in real life to me evokes the same kind of feelings I had playing through those great games and it's kinda cool.
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